Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Grand Finale 1

Right, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS tonight. It is the Grand Finale of this year’s X Factor. I know they’ll be shouting it out repeatedly about 200,000 applicants, and it’s now down to 3. They do that every week, don’t they. But no one can ignore the fact that X Factor has become so hugely popular and almost like an integral part of modern day pop culture. It is insanely popular in the States and everywhere else. But hey, let’s stop talking about the show, and concentrate on the three acts – Olly, Stacey and Joe. Now, that is some Finale we are looking forward to.

Last week, we bid goodbye to one of the best vocalists on the show this year – Danyl. It wasn’t a shocker for me, provided the extreme divided public opinion about Danyl. There are people who love, and there are those who hate him. And there is no grey area. This is not a good sign when it comes to competitions like these where to survive you gotta please ’em all. But then, we can’t say much about it since Jedward and Lloyd had a long innings on the competition – much longer than Rachel and Jamie.

Back to the competition, the format has been changed to have a shocker final tonight. The shocker is that out of the 3 finalists performing tonight, only two will go forward to the Final showdown tomorrow, and one will be eliminated on the show tonight. As per Orange’s X Factor blog, Olly is set to perform with Robbie Williams, Joe with George Michael and Stacey with Michael Buble. Oh, it’s going to be some Finale!

Join us for the liveblog right here at 7:30 pm London time. Cheerio!!

Right on. We are here. Just minutes away from the “TV Event of the year” (they call it). The Final of the X Factor begins tonight. And here are tonight’s songs:

Wonderful World

Dance With My Father



Stacey AND Michael Buble
Feeling Good

Joe AND George Michael
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Olly AND Robbie Williams


Who Wants To Live Forever

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Fool In Love

So by the looks of it, this is a very well thought out playlist. Audition song, a star accompanied duet, and finally a song from the series. It is wonderful. So here we are – the show has started.

A quick recap of where it all started, and what we went through – all the horrors, the terrible songs, the wonderful performances and now left with the final 3. Audition – Bootcamp and then weekly elimination – down to – Joe, Olly and Stacey. They are singing three songs – a very tough one.

Simon sees Olly as a complete performer – singing, dancing and all that. Eh! His singing isn’t as strong, and his dancing is silly.

Stacey is awesome. But I can’t see her giving big dance hits [ and that’s where the money is].

As for Joe, he has the best vocals no doubt, but he is stuck in my head as a West End singer.

But enough of me, we are Live from the studio [ not physically present there]. Told ya they’d mention that 200,000 number eh! Wow, Dagenham’s crowd support  and Joe’s Southshield support is incredible. Not so much for Olly. Hmm!! Clear message there – Olly is going home tonight. The judges are here. And so are the finalists. One of them will be going home tonight, and only two will be battling out in the Finals tomorrow.

Right, time for Round 1 – Songs from Auditions.

Stacey singing Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World.

Whilst they do that video montage before her performance, let me just tell you, that the first time I heard her sing that song, I was in complete awe. Let us see if she can recreate the magic. Clearly, entire Dagenham and Essex is supporting her. Bless! She deserves it, all of it.

Over to her performance. Aww, she’s on a chair. Divine is the word, if there is one – for her voice. She’s brilliant. That rendition of that song is brilliant. It has the potential of being the next best selling single, right now. That is perfect. I need not exaggerate any more by adding adjectives. It is just bloody damn perfect. I have no other words to say. Loved every bit of it. Just amazing!!!!

Judges verdict:

Louis: What a transformation. I love everything about you. You’re great.

Cheryl: You look comfortable and you’re just lovely.

Simon: It takes me back to the first time we met. You surprised me then and you continue to surprise me.

Danny: I am very very proud of you! Well done!

Bless, she still has that golden personality. Love love love her!! And Dagenham is going crazy.

People vote vote vote for her. Her code: 01

After the break, Olly Murs performs. C u in a bit!


Back to the show now. Olly Murs singing – Superstition.

I am sure he’s gonna do that silly dance all over again. But you know what, that song and his rendition was quite good. Let’s see what happens. And then, the popstar moment is here. Thronged by fans, explosions and Robbie Williams -Let Me Entertain You playing in the background. He surely has his following. But don’t count me in that club.

Over to the performance. I can hear his nerves in his vocals. It is a lovely lovely groovy song. His lower notes are very shaky. But the song is just way too good not to like. The routine is sexy – MJ meets Chicago. And the sliding under the ladies -hmm! I don’t know exactly what to say about it. Good job though!

Judges verdict:

Louis: The silly dance we all love. You definitely have the X Factor.

Danny: What a fantastic performance. Spectacular.

Cheryl: You’re an entertainer, and you thoroughly deserve your place.

Simon: On the biggest night of your life, you pulled out the performance of your life.

Over to Essex, Colchester – teeny cheerleaders and all that. Olly – good job! But I still love Stacey more, now and always 🙂 His code: 02 . Joe performs after the break. Be there.


We are back to the show. Its time for Joe McElderry singing Dance With My Father.

Chants of “We Want Joe” everywhere. The entire family gathering was very heartfelt and God Bless Joe’s Nann. She’s so lovely. He’s got it. He just needs to do it all over again.

Over to the performance: I think Round 1 goes to Stacey. But Joe is definitely not far behind. His vocals are spot on as usual. I have not heard him sing out of tune at all, ever. Awesome!!!

Judges verdict:

Louis: You’ve got better & better & better.

Danny: You’ve got an amazing voice, and what an adorable young man.

Simon: You deserve credit for everything you’ve done over the last few weeks.

Cheryl: This is the moment. Joe, I pray that are in the final tomorrow night.

Aww, Cheryl’s getting emotional. That’s cute. And South Shields is pouring down people. Go Joe!! Vote Joe!!

His code 03.

Right, Round 1 done. Phone lines are now open until later in the show. The act with the least votes by the end of the show goes home. Now, a quick recap of Round 1.

Stacey: Lovely.

Olly: Sexy routine. Awesome song. Olly was ok.

Joe: Awesome.

Time for another break. Round 2 continues, with star studded duets. C u then!


Round 2:

Time for the Duets now. Stacey now performs with Michael Buble. And the song is – Feeling Good. Oh, a bit shaky vocals. But as soon as the music kicked in, she is gaining confidence. She looks stunning in red. I am more excited to see Mr.Buble sing on this one. It kinda covers the initial little flaws. Good thing this. I love love this song. I would totally pay to see this live in a concert. Awesome Awesome. I am watching this on repeat. And aww, she hugged him!! Woohooo!! That was explosive stuff.

Stacey’s code: 01. Stacey is leading as of now. And no judges verdict for this one. I’d like to see Louis and Simon judge Mr. Buble 😛

2nd finalist – Olly Murs – singing Angels – with who else but Robbie Williams. He should suit up more often, rather than wearing those extremely tight trousers, and start singing more. And Robbie is in the house now, singing with Olly. They look like brothers in suits – hmm, not like Blues Brothers – more like Reservoir Dogs 😛 No, just kidding. This has more flares than the previous song, but the performance of the previous one was much better. Oooh, Robbie is rooting for Olly.

Vote for Olly – His code is 02.

Finally, Joe’s here next singing Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me with wait for it- George Michael. And people, Sauron’s eye is back!! And OMG, it is for real – George Michael is here. I’m a big fan of George Michael. He is one of the best vocalists ever. But this performance is going a bit lacklustre compared the previous ones. No, just kidding again! I really can’t believe this – George Michael performing with Joe. Phew! That’s huge stuff. *Bows and Standing Ovation to George Michael*

Vote for Joe everyone. His code :03

Time for another break. The last round – Judges favourite song of the series. C u in a bit!


Time for Round 3:

Stacey sings Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever. Massive song. And I loved it the first time. And this is very big stage Diva or should I say, Beyonce and Leona-esque. Very grand. This song has been a rock classic and now it’s being sung by a X Factor winner in the making. I love this version too. The backing vocals are well arranged, and the whole grand stadium rock has not been toned down at all. After all it was a signature Freddie Mercury song. And Stacey has definitely nailed it. Amazing. Truly amazing. She couldn’t have done better.

Judges verdict:

Louis: Very few people can sing Freddie Mercury.

Cheryl: You look incredible, you sound incredible.

Simon: You smashed it.

Danny: I’m happy for you, I’m proud of you.

Phew, that was an awesome one. It was just awesome. People, make her win.

Next Olly Murs singing – Fool in Love. Olly just enjoys doing such big choreographed routines. And we enjoy being entertained. He’s a true entertainer, no doubt. Very intelligent song choice Simon. This was actually one of Olly’s strongest performance. And he’s doing it now all over again. That was great!

Judges verdict:

Louis: That was my favourite song of you throughout this season. You’ve got the X Factor.

Danny: So good to see that again.

Cheryl: That was amazing to see.

Simon: Thanks the 3 stars – Buble, George Michael and Robbie. And then he says – I’m so proud of you Olly.

Why is Dermot saying – could be his last performance on the show. That’s not fair!

Anywho, time for Joe. He’s singing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. And I remember exactly how I felt about it the first time I heard it. It was brilliant. Just in a different league completely. It’s just perfect – perfect song choice, perfect vocals, perfect performance. That was what we call – Smashing it.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You’re  a very natural popstar.

Danny: An absolutely stunning performance.

Simon: I think you’re special. What a great singer you’ve become!

Cheryl: I absolutely adore you.

Vote vote vote!!!  Go Joe,Vote Joe!!!

So there you go, all performances done tonight. And oh btw, it’s British Comedy Awards tonight after the X Factor. I’ll definitely be watching that. Don’t worry, I’ll be liveblogging the XTra Factor too simultaneously.

A quick recap of the performances tonight.

Round 1: Stacey was the winner in this round. Olly was good, but Joe was better. Round 1 was all Stacey for me.

Round 2: Stacey brought Sexy back with Buble, Olly with Robbie was awesome, and Joe with George Michael was amazing. Not a clear winner of Round 2, but I think I liked Stacey and Buble more.

Round 3: Stacey all the way . You can’t top Who Wants To Live Forever.

Hold on, Olly’s performance just notched up another level of Sexy, and then Joe pulled out his ace of spades – Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Hmm. I declare Draw.

So, tallying everything up – Joe and Stacey will be going to the finals tomorrow, and I predict Stacey to win.

Time for a break – Robbie Williams performing live next, and the Voting lines closing after the break. Wooo!!! Pressures rising. See you in a bit!


Right back to the show. 5 minutes before the lines get closed. Here’s Robbie with his latest single. There’s something awesome about Robbie. He’s a complete showman. I love this song, and it is indeed very Christmasy.

Just a quick cheeky thought. Would be lovely to invite Geraldine McQueen [ Peter Kay’s piss take on X Factor] to perform live on the show. Anywho, voting lines frozen [ as in closed for the moment]. Time for a break, and the final 2 will be revealed next. *Biting nails* C u guys. Go to the loo quick and be back!


Let’s face the results now. The finalists and the judges are here on the stage. Phew, I can feel my heartbeat getting faster. Serious.

Ok, the first act through to the X Factor Finals is :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  Olly . OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

It’s going to Stacey vs Joe now.. So who’ll make it. Second act through is ::::::::::::::::: Joe OMG OMG!!!


In my book, all bets are off right now. Anyone can win right now. ANYONE.

Let me tell you this, no matter what, Stacey is gonna have an awesome future. She’s amazing. But I don’t feel as good about X Factor now that Stacey is not here any more in the competition.

So there you go – Joe vs Olly for the Big Final tomorrow night. No double and cheeky hidden meanings, we’re gonna see some man-on-man action tomorrow 😛

Phone Lines are open again. All previous votes for Joe and Olly still count. The Big Final night continues tomorrow night at 7:30 pm London time. You know where to catch all the excitement live – only here!!!

We’ll be liveblogging. For now, jump to the comments and shout out!!

P.S. Not watching XTra Factor. Just too sad. Shall try to cheer up by watching British Comedy Awards. And oh btw, Royal Variety Show is going to be shown on Wednesday – Diversity, Lady Gaga and Alexandra Burke perform. Woohoo. Anywho, good night everyone. See you at the finals tomorrow!

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11 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Grand Finale 1”

  1. Olly deserves to win he's the only contestant who can put up a killer show. Maybe not as great vocally as Joe. But be honest if you go to a concert who would you like to see Olly, Joe or Stacey. Olly ofcourse he would be like the only one who could entertain u and Joe and Stacey are like candles in the middle of the stage.
    Olly for the win !!!!!


  2. Yeah same here, I was only watching it for Danyl Johnson. Dammit the 'only' England may vote rule. Most of his fans are like outside the UK. But Olly was always my second guy in this show. Olly to win!


  3. m just sooo happy, and please England vote for Olly. I love Joe as well but i think in terms of perfoming Olly is a better perfomer…..Olly,Olly,Olly!!!!!!


  4. Speaking just in terms of record sales or concert performing – Olly might be the better bet, Joe is more of the West End guy… but personally, I don't like Olly to be honest


  5. Hahahahaha, it looks like i'm a fan of him but i'm NOT believe me. It's just that I liked Danyl, Olly, Archer and Joe the most and I am glad one of them won (but it should have been Danyl :P). And yeah I like Simon to but me a fan of him Lol hell no :P.


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