Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 Live Results 3

Only9 acts will remain standing after tonight’s Results show. Big Band Week showcased a lot of the performer’s strengths and also highlighted the weakness of some. While some were just mere average. Danyl Johnson, Miss Frank and Jamie Archer were my favourite performers of the night. Their performances were in a completely different league than the others. And I’d like to include Stacey Solomon to that list as well. Rachel Adedeji and Joe McElderry did receive a lot of positive comments from the judges, but their performances did lack personality. As for Lucie Jones, her performance was a bit boring IMO. And Lloyd Daniels registers himself as one of the weakest performers of the show. Let’s not talk about John & Edward.

Last night, we also saw Louis Walsh coming back to the show. We missed you Louis. But as soon as he arrived, he went a bit mental over Jamie singing a U2 song – Angels of Harlem, which is not a Big Band song. I’m sure that it is not right, and if Cheryl or Danny tried to do the same, it would have been completely nailed down by both Louis and Simon. BUT, Louis cannot certainly point this out, when his own boys – John & Edward were singing a Ricky Martin song. As I said before, what would this show be without all the drama.

Anywho. Michael Buble is performing tonight, and so are – Westlife. Not a fan of either of them, so don’t expect me to comment on them. My predictions for tonight’s results:

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and John&Edward.

Eliminated: Lloyd Daniels.

We’ll find out the results at 8 pm Live, London Time. Do join us for the Liveblog. Until then, discuss in the comments section. Cheerio!

And we are here, live from London with the results. The final 10 acts sang the Big Band songs. The Top 10 will become 9 tonight. And Westlife and Michael Buble perform. I love that the band is playing Led Zeppelin ‘Kashmir’. The judges have taken their seats. The drill is the same – Bottom 2 acts with least votes will sing off before the audience and the judges. And the judges will decide who stays and who gets eliminated.

On now for the ensemble performance of the Top 10. I have no idea what song is that, but it does sound a bit Disney to me [ may be that’s the reason why I don’t know it ]. I get to hear a lot of Fascination in the song. Can’t stand the sight of the twins. It’s actually the first time I have heard the twins in tune. But I still ain’t liking them. Off to a recap of what happened last night.

Olly Murs: Very classy performance which was praised by all judges. And Simon’s comment on : I know how’s it working with two witches.

Lloyd Daniels: Mediocre. Backflip. Weak

Miss Frank: Killer performance. Lotsa personality. They have arrived as a group.

Rachel Adedeji: It was a good performance, but why was she sooo hyper after the good comments. She needs to calm down.

Jamie Archer: Wonderful performance. Bitching by Louis Walsh. Backed by Simon.

Stacey Solomon: Our Diva from Dagenham. She was flawless.

Danyl Johnson: Probably the best we’ve seen from him. Loved the hair style, the suit and the showmanship.

Joe McElderry: Flawless vocals as always. But merely a cutsie performance.

Lucie Jones: Screechy, pitchy high notes. But well, Cheryl calls it stunning.

John & Edward: Pffft. As horrendous as it can be. Atrocious is the word.

Time now for Britain’s best selling band. Performing their newest single – What About Now – it’s WestLife.

Here’s the thing. I am not a big fan of WestLife. The only stuff that I’ve heard them sing is “Swear It All Over Again” which was a good song. And the next single I heard them sing was a cover version of Uptown Girl. This single – What About Now – has all the ingredients of becoming the Christmas #1 single. But it just not my type. [ Update: This is a cover of Chris Daughtry’s single]. As my mate suggests, “Oh I like the laser work”. I couldn’t care less about the significance of the lyrics. And I really couldn’t care less about the song. Just a repetitive chorus and verse. But for fans, the single is available for download right now.

[Update: I got this tweet from @robots_ RT @EmmaK67: Westlife look like a bunch of estate agents at a kareoke night > THIS.

Time for a break now. After the break, the voting lines close, and Michael Buble performs. C u in a bit.


Back with the show now. The Voting lines are now CLOSED. Alexandra Burke is no.1 on the charts. Cheryl is fast catching up. Louis was grumpy last night. But for now, Michael Buble. Not a fan of him either. I have only heard him singing the Jazz band version of ‘Spiderman’ soundtrack.  He is currently no.1 in the US of A. But I can certainly say, that I like his performance. He’s got really smooth vocals, and he’s showing off how it is done. The single is called “Cry me a river”. It could be certainly included in a James Bond soundtrack. Man, his closing vocals can be best described as GRAND…very GRAND. Loved it. Terrific performance.

But c’mon Mr.Buble. Don’t be so politically correct. Say it, whom did you like the most. Oh good, he says he was most impressed with Rachel. Time for another break. And after the break, the results. 8 acts will be safe, and two will battle out to impress the judges. Be back after the break.

[Watching the CompareTheMeerkat Advert. Simples!! I love this advert. ]


Back from the break now. Time to welcome the contestants with their mentors. Simon’s Over 25’s, Cheryl’s guys, Danny’s girls and Louis’ groups. Phew. Time for the results. In no particular order – The Top 8 who are safe are:

Stacey Solomon

Olly Murs

Rachel Adedeji [ Woohoo. She’s so ecstatic. Calm down girl!]

Joe McElderry

Lucie Jones [ All of Danny’s acts are through!]

John & Edward [WTF! Not AGAIN!]

Jamie Archer [ WHOA! Phew ]

Lloyd Daniels [ WTF!!!!!]

Bottom 2 is bloody wrong. It’s a straight fight between Miss Frank and Danyl Johnson.

Yes people, Danyl is in the Bottom 2. And so are Miss Frank. Both were brilliant last night. WTF is happening. And John & Edward are safe. Bullshit.

Time for another break. After the break, is the sing for survival. I don’t want to lose either of them. This is just wrong.


Back from the break. This is the sing off. Louis introduces – Miss Frank. Even he seems upset to see them in the Bottom 2 rather than John & Edward. They were lovely. They are singing – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore by Rose Royce. Lovely song choice. I love Shaniece rapping on this song. The harmonies are good as well. It’s bad on them, that the week they gave their best performance was when they are in the bottom 2. And possibly eliminated.

Next up is from Simon’s Over 25 – Danyl Johnson. He is singing the same song from his audition – With a Little Help From My Friends – by the Beatles [ but of course]. I don’t think it was better than the performance at his audition. But I want them both in the competition.  But its down to the judges.

Louis: I can’t believe that these two are in the bottom 2. The act that I HAVE to send home is – Danyl.

Simon: I think it’s a joke that you are in a position right now. The act that ought to go home is – Miss Frank.

Danny: Based upon the final performance, the act to go home is – Miss Frank.

Cheryl: The act that I send home is – Danyl.

DEADLOCK. Over to public vote. The act with the least votes will be eliminated. So, Miss Frank leaves tonight.


3 soloists, came to audition individually, and grew into a wonderful, killer group. They had personality, and awesome vocals. And they gave one of the best performances of this season. But Miss Frank goes home tonight.

Next week – Bon Jovi and JLS perform. But tonight’s results night has been a big disappointment.

Join us next week people for the big Live performance night with the Top 9. Until then, join the discussion in the comments section below. Cheerio!!!!

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6 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 Live Results 3”

  1. Hi there, I just want to thank you for the live blogging-thing. I'm from the Netherlands and actually stunned by the quality of the voices in UK's X Factor 2009, so I keep an eye close on all of them. From a foreign country it's not possible to view the official website, so I need to watch on YouTube, which takes some time. Thanks again for the quick update.
    And yes, I agree with all your comments.


  2. Absolute shocker innit. It was sooo wrong. Miss Frank, after such a wonderful performance last night had to leave. And John & Edward are still in the show. Seriously, who's voting for them?


  3. Thanks Alxje,

    Great to see people from all over commenting on XFactor. Love the show. But it was such a shocker tonight.

    So sad and frustrating to see Miss Frank go tonight, after they rocked a Frank Sinatra number last night.

    And John & Edward are still in the show. Pfffft.

    Anyway, it's ROCK WEEK next weekend. And I just know that Jamie is gonna belt out his best performance yet.

    Thanks again for your appreciative comments. Cheerio!


  4. Just like with Adam Lambert, blame the judges, specifically Simon. Mouthing off and BIASED. He criticized Adam as too theatrical and mocked him having fog on his big finale performance of MW then this time with his bb Danyl he didn't say a word about the stupid fog he had for Feelin Good. People don't like unfairness and it was likely a spite vote in Danyl's case. Adam's vote was rigged so you can't compare but all along the season Simon got people ticked off with his mouth. I think the new thing on these shows will be joke voting.


  5. There's certainly joke voting going on here in X Factor . Else, how'd someone justify John & Edward still going strong in Week 3 of the show. While we have seen the other 2 groups from Louis's clan go home. And Rikki Loney too. Just unfair.


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