Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 Live Results 4

Tonight’s result show will see one of the 9 acts being eliminated, and only 8 will remain. The top 8 will come back for next week’s performance night. Rock Night posed a lot of challenge for all the acts, and some outperformed others. While Jamie, Olly and Rachel shined through, Danyl gave in to the pressure of being in the bottom 2 last week. As for Stacey and Joe, their performances were likeable. I still utterly hate Jedward although their performance last night was entertaining to be honest. Lucie’s performance was weak but the worst performer of the night goes to Lloyd.
And tonight on the results show, we will see X Factor’s most successful band till date – JLS perform.
Also performing is Jon Bon Jovi.

My predictions for tonight’s results still remains the same

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and John&Edward. [ Although, I think that Danyl could be in the bottom 2 again]

Eliminated: Lloyd Daniels.

We’ll find out the results at 8 pm Live, London Time. Do join us for the Liveblog. Until then, discuss in the comments section. Cheerio!

We are here live with the Liveblog now. The Rock Week results night is live from London. Tonight, 9 will become 8. And JLS and Bon Jovi perform. The recap of last night’s backstage revealed Danyl Johnson in tears saying – I don’t know how much I can take. He seems like he has already given up with being in the bottom 2 just once. All his confidence has crumbled. He needs to get his act together. Because we all know how talented and awesome he is.

The judges have entered the studio. And the background score is Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer.  Thanks to Cheryl for wearing something normal. Now for the contestants group song – Walk This Way by Aerosmith. I actually like Danyl’s performance tonight more than last night’s. And Rachel seems to have rediscovered herself. And Stacey and Lucie are totally into it. It was a fun group song. Time for a recap of what happened last night.

Joe – Rock turned Pop. He is fit for West End, but not Rock. And seriously, what was Cheryl wearing.

Lucie – Too big a song for you girl.

Danyl – Where’s the Mojo dude?

Lloyd – To be honest, that was shit.

Stacey – Loved it  honey.

Jamie – You are the Best.[ And up yours Louis ]

Rachel – Probably she’s one of the best female singers in the competition along with Stacey.

Jedward – As Simon puts it, Night of the Living Dead.

Olly – That was sexy. One great performance.

Now, time for the first performance of the night. They are – Bon Jovi. I’d like to dedicate this post to one of the biggest Bon Jovi fans I knew. Riang Das. He’s no more with us. May his soul rest in peace.

Back to the show. It is the typical Bon Jovi sound. The single is – We Weren’t Born to Follow from their latest album – The Circle, releasing tomorrow. Catchy groove, pop rock feel and the usual vocals. I would like to Richie Sambora do more with his guitars. The song was wrapped up too fast too soon. But anywho, it’s a likeable track.

Time for a break, and JLS will be performing after the break. C u guys in a bit.


Back from the break. The voting lines are now closed. Over to the judges. Simon announces that Cheryl has got the no.1 single and the no.1 album. And he jokingly invites Cheryl to join his record label. And Louis jokes around of being the guy with the rule book. Over to the 2nd performance of the night – JLS with their brand new single – Everybody in Love. Lemme tell you people who don’t know much about them. They are last year’s runners up. And they have a huge following in the UK. They have certainly grown since last year. And their performance in Manchester’s mall was extremely overcrowded with fans.

As for the single, it’s a nice mix of RnB, Pop and Hip-Hop. It is a catchy song and looks like the Christmas no.1 spot is going to be a tough fight. But, I am having the feeling that the chorus is being mimed. The choreography is top notch. The crowd seems to enjoy it fo sho! I actually liked it more than Bon Jovi. And hang on, people. Before you judge me, I am a Rock fan more than anything else.

Simon sez to JLS: You are the reason why we do this show. Great inspiration for all the contestants.

Right time for another break, and the results after it.


Time for the results people. Moment of truth, time to face the results. The drill is the same as every week. Bottom 2 battle it out in front of the judges. The rest are safe. The list of safe contestants are:

Joe McElderry

Olly Murs

Lucie Jones

Jamie Archer

Stacey Solomon

Danyl Johnson [Phew!] All of Simon’s acts are safe.

And Jedward.

So bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels vs. Rachel. Rachel is in a bit of a stunned state. Cmon Girl. You been here. Prove them wrong again.

Time for another break. After the break, the sing off between Rachel and Lloyd. I guess, we know it by now that Lloyd is leaving tonight. C u in a bit.


Back from the break now. Time for the sing off – Singing first for the survival – Rachel Adedeji.

She’s singing Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out. In a word, she’s wonderful. I believe in her performance. As an impromptu performance, she excelled even last night’s performance. It was spot on. Just brilliant. She deserves to stay in this competition.

Next up: Lloyd Daniels singing – Joe Cocker. He is off key. He is out of tune. I don’t get the feeling of him singing. It sounds as if he’s humming lightly. And for Christ sake, that’s a Joe Cocker song. He messed up the performance, and Cheryl is not happy. He gave in to the pressure. Over to the judges for the decision. Whom will they keep in the competition.

Danny: Sending home – Lloyd

Louis: Sending home – Lloyd

Cheryl: Sending home – Rachel

Simon: Sending home – I want to let the public to decide this.

DEADLOCK. Over to public vote.

Least votes —> Rachel. WTF!!!

Rachel goes home tonight. Even after all the awesome performances she has given us, she hasn’t been able to quite make the mark. It’s her third time in the Bottom 2, and now she’s eliminated. She definitely deserves to go places. We’d love to see her in Sister Act at the West End. Bless Rachel!!

That’s it for the show tonight. Next week Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis perform. Join me next week for the liveblog and discussion. Until then, shout it out in the comments section. Peace out!


Minor update: Someone called Claire from Leicestershire called up #XFactor and spoke straight to Cheryl saying her dress last night was awful 😛

Someone else complained to Simon about his song choice for Danyl.

And Danny just reminded us, that next week will be halfway through.

[ Why am I watching Xtra Factor..still ? 😛 ]

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26 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 Live Results 4”

  1. Yeah they are kinda entertaining but not that entertaining.
    But it's a singing competition so I hope this is their last week 😀
    (Are you guys from the UK?)


  2. Sujoy, thank U for that liveblog. I alway read Ur comments before watching x factor on youtube and I very much agree with what U write.
    Maybe Lloyd and J&E are weaker that the others, but still they are different level from my country's “artists”.
    BTW I luv Rachel, she's so authentic with her singing and emotions put in it every time she's giving performance.


    I'm glad Danyl isn't at the bottom two but they've sended A great Vocalist home Rachel what the bloody hell was Simon thinking of letting the public decide !!
    Lloyd should've gone home !


  4. I found Lucie's performance to be quite weak, considering it was a GnR song. She should've stuck to a mellower version of the song – as in the Sheryl Crow cover. She almost choked on her own vocals


  5. Greetings to the X Factor fans of Poland 🙂

    And hello Annie. Glad to see you at my liveblog. Also glad to hear that you agree with my comments. How kind of you.

    Well, you love Rachel, and she was eliminated tonight 🙁 I know she was brilliant.

    Would love to see you next week on the liveblog. Cheerio!!


  6. Greetings to all X Factor lovers in Belgium, especially you Rojhat. Coz you're cool enuff to follow our liveblog 🙂

    I know, I am so furious with Simon's decision to go for the public vote. He could've easily voted off Lloyd and sent home the inferior performer. Rachel aced her performance. It was brilliant.

    Ugh. But I believe, that Rachel will be under the limelight soon. Imagine seeing her in a Westend show like – The Sister Act. She'll be awesome, fantastic


  7. I'll be following this liveblog every week. Thanks allot for keeping us up to date ur awesome man ! Normally I have to wait like a few days before I can get to know who's out.
    Cheeerrrsssss !
    PS : This Liveblog rocks !


  8. Waiting for the emission to appear on YouTube so I can see it with my own eyes. Glad that (according to your story) Danyl picked himself up again and did not end up in the bottom two. I do think ending up in there once did his caracter good, though…
    Didn't particularly like Rachel, but she was definately better then Lloyd last night, so don't get it. Have to agree with Dipayan, ruining Queen is a crime…
    For now, something fun. Michael Bublé on Jedward (5:55min) :


  9. Greeting to all the fans of X Factor in france, and thanks Alxje for visiting the liveblog.
    As for me, Olly and Jamie for the win. I hope the videos are up soon for you to see.

    I am not a big fan of Danyl's personality. But the guy has got the vocals. The bottom 2 did crush his confidence, and really happy to see him safe.

    Rachel is such a lovely performance. She was definitely the better performer. Lloyd got the popularity vote from the teen girls. And yes, ruining Queen is a criminal offence.

    As for Rachel,I guess she will be in the limelight soon singing at the West End. And I believe that she will shine in Sister Act. It'll be absolutely awesome.

    And that video of Buble on Jedward is hilarious 🙂


  10. (How can you see I'm in France? True, but I am Dutch, you know! ;-P)
    Saw the performances of Lloyd and Rachel now and totally agree with you. I really feel sorry for Lloyd, I can imagine it's hard to keep your nerves at that point. On the other hand, you're dealing with the top of the crops. You need to have that something extra.
    I was wondering about the 'backstage clips' you can find. Are those also on the tv-show, or Xtra Factor, or what is it? Love them! Here's Olly and Jamie being incredibly funny (I'll stop posting links after this one since I always think it's anoying when other people do 😉 LMAO!!!)


  11. Magic I guess, is how I can see 😛

    Well, my comment plugin Disqus shows ur IP address, and which country it belongs to 🙂 Very geeky indeed hehe!

    Yeah, for Lloyd, the nerves got better of him. But he's only 16. I didn't know what to do with my life when I was 16 hehe!

    But yes, this is a talent show, and the better performer should stay. And Rachel going home wasn't fair.

    All the backstage clips that I was reporting are courtesy: Xtra Factor. And thanks for the clip links. I guess someone is very glued to the show. Keep your links coming. 🙂

    And glad to see your comments. Hope to see you for next week's show too.



  12. whats the purpose of putting those four people in front when they do nothing but pass the responsibility to the audience…Simon should be ashamed after what Bon Jovi has said “listen to Simon”…”the man knows”…it was the time for Simon to proved that the show was all about talent and not looks…


  13. Yea, it is annoying. That they make the rules, tht the judges will decide based upon the performance, and then Simon chickens out. How shameful.

    But it is also a fact that looks sell. Probably if Lloyd was in a band like Louis said, he cud sell records, but he's definitely the weakest solo artist in the competition.
    As for Rachel, she hasn't been able to make the public vote for her. That means, no matter how good her vocals are, her career, as a singer, which is dependent on the public buying her records, won't be as successful.

    And that's why I believe that she'll have a much better career at the West End, probably in a musical like Sister Act. I'd pay to see her in Sister Act or even DreamGirls 🙂


  14. No I disagree with that. Just like the Backstreet Boys said ” Even if u have one of the greatest voices, u still need to have a connection with the public or u won't have any succes outside X-Factor” (it was something like that :P)
    Cuz i'm sure she would be voted out the week after. But I do really feel sorry for her.


  15. Absolutel spot on comment Rojhat. Even though Rachel had the talent, I cannot see her winning. She does not appeal to the audience as much period.

    I am sure there are better things lined up for her in the future. Do tune in for the liveblog tomorrow. Cheerio!


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