Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 : Live Results 5

From 8 to 7. The X Factor contestants gave their shot with their performances last night. And although, some performances did stand out, it was an average night over all. Movie week did not turn out to be as grand as I had expected. Louis kept on shouting about him being the judge and also boasted about his limited movie knowledge. Simon kept on nagging about Lloyd’s performance and Cheryl. And actually, in a long time, John & Edward actually evolved into being likeable. Phew! Danyl has emerged from the shadow of being cocky, then broken, and gave a heartfelt Prince performance last night. Stacey shed off her non-mobile skin and took on a sexy image, and Olly felt as comfortable to do the Twist and Shout. As for Lucie, I think Miley Cyrus would give her an intern position, and Joe just seems at home with theatre. But the winner of the night for me was absolutely Jamie Archer. He is born to be wild…I mean..performer 🙂 I can totally see him performing at Wembley or any world class stadium.

Talking of which, I am very very sad today to hear that Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith. And more sad so, coz Joe Perry says that the remaining band is searching for a vocalist to replace him. IMO [ and the millions of Aerosmith lovers ], Steven Tyler is the voice of Aerosmith. No matter how good a song is – if it is not sung by Steven Tyler, it will never be an Aerosmith song. Tyler is the face, the voice of Aerosmith. If there is no voice, there is no music. Period.

Back to the competition. My predictions for the night.

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and Lucie Jones / Jedward

Eliminated: Lloyd Daniels.

We have to find out when the curtains go up as the Live results are announced in just 2 hours from now.

Performers of the night: Black Eyed Peas and ex-X Factor winner – Leona Lewis.

Join us for the Liveblog and discussion of tonight’s result night – Live at 8pm London time. Cheerio!


Live from London, we are here for the Live results. Performing tonight are: Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis. Lines are still open, but only for a few more minutes. The judges have entered the arena – and yes, it is the Superman theme being played. LOL. BTW, they haven’t told us what the judges get if their acts win. Could be like for the judges’ act win, a charity donation could have been arranged.. Donno. Just saying as a suggestion to the X Factor producers.

Back to the act ensemble – They are singing – Katy Perry -Hot n Cold. Was that in a movie? That was well choreographed, and Stacey is really looking hot. Even in the ensemble, Joe’s voice can be clearly heard. But Jedward were very much miming. A quick recap of the performances of last night’s performances.

Stacey from Dagenham – We Love ya!!!

Olly – Always fun to watch him. Olly Olly Olly Oi Oi Oi!!! Cheryl sez: Olly is the one to watch

Lloyd: Pffft. Go Home. Cheryl wishes Louis all the best for Jedward 😛

Jamie: Cryin’ ..That was spot on. Louis go home and rent the movie.

Lucie: Miley Cyrus stuff. Not my kind. That’s SOOOOO Disney

Danyl: Purple Rain, and Danyl is back. Hit the homerun with that one.

Jedward: It’s actually fun to watch them. But Louis is promoting them as an anti-recession depression mascot.

Joe: Musically spot on! Whatever happens, Joe has a bright future at the West End.

But next up, is Black Eyed Peas performing live their latest single – Missing You. I love this band. Their songs. But it’s a bit weak I must admit. The performance is a bit lack lustre. I don’t like the song either. Nothing great in terms of melody or the pyrotechnics. Nothing wow about it, but Fergie has killer vocals though. And wtf was that note at the end. That was a long ass note. But that song – wouldn’t buy it. And no Dermot – that was not fantastic.

BEP gave some tips for the contestants and Fergie thanked Cheryl for letting her borrow her shoe 🙂 Ok, time for the first break. After the break, the voting lines close, and Leona Lewis performs. C u in a bit.


Back from the break. Voting lines are closed. Judges are being questioned about their pick for Bottom 2. No one says a name. Simon picks Lloyd and thinks – one of the girls.

Time now for Leona Lewis’ performance of her latest single – Happy. The new single is live on her website:

The sound is so much generic. Its hard to please me with such a song. I do like Bleeding Love. But this one is just looks like a compromised sub-edited version of that. Nothing great about this. But her vocals are definitely great. She is the greatest Diva from this show so far. 6 acts will be safe, 2 will be in the bottom to sing for their survival – One act goes home- After the break. BRB!


Back from the break. Heart beating. Nerve wrecking. Results time. Judges enter with their respective acts.

The six acts who are safe this week, and for sure singing next week are:-

Joe McElderry

Olly Murs

Stacey Solomon

Lloyd Daniels [ WTF? Simon is worried]


Jamie. [ Phew!]

Bottom 2: Jedward [ finally] and Lucie. So Dermot says – one will stay, and one will go home. Err… two could go home.  So, if it comes down to the judges, Jedward can go home. Or if one of the judges turns out to be a pussy like Simon did last week, Jedward could still be in the competition. Oooh. The drama is definitely building. All of Louis’ acts can be gone tonight. I’ll be so happy to see that. Be back from the break.


So we are back from the break. Lucie takes on John & Edward. Simon promises that he will be judging on the basis of the performance tonight. Louis knows only one word – Fun. Anyway, time for the sing off – Lucie Jones.

Oops she coughed. She is singing Whitney – One Moment in Time. She is definitely in a totally different league from Jedward. She CAN sing. Love her vocals towards the end, but the beginning was a bit dragging. But overall she gave her best to save herself. That was definitely the performance to save herself.

And then Louis says, Jedward will perform – Rock DJ. How lame, how predictable. And the crowd in the audience is booing. Silly choreography. And a repetition. Very weak. Out Out Out..finally!!! And lemme say it for the last time..Booooooooooooo.

And no Dermot. 2 will be going home tonight. Over to the judges.

Louis: You should not be in the bottom 2. But I HAVE to save the boys.

Danny: The act I am sending home is Jedward

Cheryl: Tonight, I’m gonna send Jedward home.

Simon: [ Don’t be a pussy tonight] Tricky one. I am not surprised that you two are in the bottom 2. I don’t think that either of you can win. Who’d I rather see again? – I’d probably see the boys. Booo Simon.. Booo Simon. I’m going to let the public decide. Seriously Simon, after all you said about the boys, now you’d see them again. Efffffffffff you. No, actually FUCK YOU SIMON.

Booooooooo Simon. The act leaving tonight is Lucie Jones. This is WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Simon..what a pussy, hypocrite…deadlock..Lucie is eliminated. Jedward safe. WRONG. Effin WRONG.

Danny wishes all the luck to all the good singers in the competition. Two of her acts eliminated in two weeks.

Next week – Shakira performing.

I will be on a holiday next week. So I am not sure about the liveblog of the performance night as I am not sure of the internet connection. But I think I will be at least able to upload a whole post after the performance show [ not a liveblog]. But I will be back home on Sunday to liveblog the results night.

What happened tonight was just wrong. I am over ITV2 now for XTra Factor. Fuck Simon!! He has lost all credibility.


I am still shocked with Lucie being voted out. Lucie’s Whitney vs. Jedward performing Rock DJ. Simon had promised that he’d pass judgement based on the performance. Seriously Simon, check your effin ears. I am extremely annoyed. Totally unfair. Jedward vs. Lucie is no competition. That was horrible.

Danny: Lucie did a great performance.

Simon: I didn’t put these in the bottom 2. I wasn’t expecting this result.

Maz from Fife says she is very annoyed at Simon. Lucie was the better performer. Simon says – Let the public speak. I think Simon is strategically eliminating the stronger singers for his own benefit.

Tony from Essex asks Louis – Are Jedward the new Ant & Dec? Pfffft!!! Louis is doing his voting face 😛 Someone call Harry Hill for – The Many Faces of Louis Walsh.

I am soooo angry. All of Louis’ acts could have been eliminated. I believe secretly Simon has a secret pact with Louis.

Amanda from Manchester praises Danny for having composed herself professionally. And she says to Simon – You should be ashamed of yourself.

Simon replies – I wasn’t expecting for this result. What can I say?

Amanda- Nothing . ROFL. In yo face Simon!!!

Angela from Shropshire – We still love you Simon. Why do all contestants listen to you above other judges?

Simon: Whoever wins, we will all give them our support. [ Such a smug]

Sarah from Preston – Predictions of the Winner?

Louis is happy for the one he picked. And so Cheryl says, is it one. So it’s not two.

Kim – Dermot vs. Louis – Simon Effin Cowell says – Louis, you cannot upset the nation. Bastard. Anywho, we’re outta here. Catch you next week for the Liveblog. See yaa!!!

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27 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 : Live Results 5”

  1. ha! I knew it. Jedward is like a giant mutant cockroach with two heads on – it shall remain alive even after world wide nuclear catastrophy…
    Louis is an idiot, Simon is THE idiot, brit voters are… well, Katie Jordyn Price is british, isn't she? :>


  2. Yes, they are very much like a mutant cockroach. And they got the correct look for that too. Did someone dress as Jedward this Halloween? Hehehe. And yes, I agree…Simon is THE Idiot.


  3. Simon's an ass hole, theee biggest bitch could he?! he obviously is doing this just to keep his acts in the race by eliminating all the good acts that are not in his category. down with those two chipmunks!!


  4. Abso-effin-lutely. It's all a strategy. He's a manipulative player. It's such a shame that his acts are getting bad reputation because of his acts. I love Danyl, Jamie and Olly. But what Simon is doing is just wrong.

    Down with those two chipmunks – The chipmunks = Simon and Louis.


  5. Hehehehe. Awww …U r so smitten by his charm.

    Simon = Manipulative Hypocrit. He's got double standards. He talks about choosing the better performer and then out of the two – Lucie singing Whitney and Jedward singing Rcok DJ, he picks Jedward.

    And then he sez..Oooo I wasn't expecting the results would swing tht way. Pfffft. Who r u kidding Simon. SLAP. SLAP!!!


  6. Are people in Warsaw as passionate about X Factor as you? Hehehe.

    Neither was I crazy about Lucie…but she's deffo the better singer. And Simon knows it. And that is why, he eliminated her. Just unfair


  7. I donno if it was simon's fault (it kinda is) buut in all the years xfactor was on ( i watched i think last 3) and i dont there has ever been a mijority vote i think they are told to go to public vote or something…once again i dont really noe just my opinion


  8. Honestly I believe it was very smart move from Simon to leave it to public decision. This way nobody can blame him. Anyway it should be the public who decides who they want to see in the next rounds not the judges. This show is for public and the public should decide who they want to see. If they don't care it is their problem.


  9. I don't really get what you're trying to say here dude. Lotsa typos I guess. You don't know if it was Simon's vote, but in the last 3 years of X Factor wht did you follow?

    It's ok to express your opinion. That's why it is an open discussion forum.


  10. sometimes twins remind me of early pet show boys. my husband would probably divorce me 4 making that comparison 😛
    and what Cheryl said about them isn't true – they are definitely NOT entertaining.

    I'm not from Warsaw, I'm from Sopot 🙂 It's a health resort in 3city aglomeration by the Baltic Sea 🙂 And as far as I'm concerned I'm in Poland there are a lot of ppl interested by british “bcoming a star” shows, like x-factor or B'sGT. I got interested when I saw youtube dannyl performing linked on one of the women's forums.

    Have a nice holiday btw 😀


  11. U mean the Pet Shop Boys.. what Cheryl says, no one cares. I don't like her song even, and the Girls Aloud stuff. So her opinion doesn't really matter. And so does of the mental Louis Walsh.

    I am sorry to have confused your location. Your IP address says that you are located in Warsaw. So got a bit messed up. I would like to visit Poland some day 🙂 And glad to know that British reality talent competition is popular out there.

    And thanks for the holiday wishes. CHeers Annie. See you next week 🙂


  12. I am sorry…bad typos, bad habbit….I was trying to say in the past couple of years that I have been watching Xfactor, from my observations the judges (doesnt matter which judge) always take the decision to public vote…I am wondering if that would be the reason simon has picked the public vote the last two weeks because it is kind of obvious that rachel was better then lloyd and lucie better then john and edward….hopefully this makes a bit more sense in what i am trying to say, because these are my thoughts…and what do you think


  13. I know Idol has that format of totally relying on the audience. But the X Factor format asks for the judges to decide who goes home from the Bottom 2. Simon's decision over the last two weeks has not been well received. There have been complaints being written to ITV over these. And Simon has lost all credibility as a judge.

    He is simply doing this coz he wants the better singers eliminated so that his acts can stay longer in the competition. How lame is that.


  14. Guys u're all a bit wrong about Simon. I like him and he didn't vote Lucie out because she was a good singer and could cause trouble to his acts. NO ! xD She wouldn't never have made it to the top because she couldn't connect with the public either just like Rachel. SO she absolutely couldn't cause any trouble to his acts because she doesn't has the public behind her and Simons acts do have the public so also teh votes. And appearently Jedward have more people than her. And tbh I think we already got alot singer that are like Lucie.


  15. But don't you think it's a little bit awkward that after commening negatively Jedward so many times, Simon when having a chance to shoot them off the competition, he let the audience decide? It rose a question if the judges' votings are at all needed, if almost every week (except ricky/rachel results) it goes to deadlock. it should be left to audience decision without judges' messing up with it. That's my opinion.


  16. Lucie doesn't have the public behind her, coz her performance wasn't good enough on the previous night. But yes, considering that she has the potential to be a good singer, she could've delivered a kick-ass performance in the future, and if Simon's acts did not deliver on that very day – like if Mr.Danyl was in a different state of mind, then of course, Simon's acts wud b endangered. That's the whole strategy. Eliminate all the possible potential singers.


  17. I know, there is a bloody reason to keep that format. Otherwise avoid all bloody confusion, and make it straight to Audience voting numbers. Simon has lost all credibility as a judge. If this continues, the public will start voting erroneously and make Jedward the winner of this season. Consider that Simon – you gonna sign a record contract with them, and they are gonna vanish in a blink.
    This is serious shit…sort it out Simon. He is not a man of his own words. After all those comments on Jedward, he chickens out. Shame !!


  18. Yes I believe it should be only a public vote. This stuff with the judges deciding on a show down is just rubbish..What do they decide? The last 2 weeks.. nothing! Both times they put the best singer out..Its just a farce with each judge siding with their own act. If they are not going to judge on the performance in the showdown, then why go through the charade? Just let the public decide. I didn't like what Simon did, seemed to me like he was more interested in keeping in an act that obviously brings in a lot of telephone votes (revenue), than he was in judging talent. However he didn't put Lucy in last place..The public did..fair enough.


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