Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 : Live Results 6

We started with the top 12. And tonight, we will be reduced to the final 6.  But before anything, I am back with the liveblog 🙂 I received a lot of mails and tweets asking me why I wasn’t liveblogging yesterday’s show. To answer that question – I was off on a holiday [ sometime I am allowed to]. And I just got back home. But I am here liveblogging the results show tonight. It’s a big night tonight, and not just because of X Factor. There’s the Doctor Who episode – Water of Mars which I have been waiting for so long. But coming back to the show, we saw performances from the acts to the songs of Queen. While some absolutely shined through, some crumbled in front of the sheer size of the compositions. And its decision time tonight.

My predictions for the night.

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and Jamie Archer

Elimination: Lloyd Daniels

The liveblog hits off at 8 pm London time. Join us then. [ Watching Doctor Who rt now :)]

After the jump – Liveblog continues.

Right, the liveblog is now Live from London. The judges and the host are in the studio. Another One Bites the Dust playing in the background. Love love love the song. Queen’s highest selling single it was.  Lines are still open. An ensemble performance of Bohemian Rhapsody. The intro chorus is so mimed. That is just studio perfect. I am wondering if Jedward are allowed to sing in the ensemble 😛 May be the Scaramouche portions 😛 Oh yea, and Gallileo. Hehehe. Lloyd says that he is just poor boy, nobody loves him . Very true Lloyd. This performance is totally on the choir. Not a single bit goes to the performers.  OMFG. Brian May and Roger Taylor. BOWS…BOWS..

Danyl and Jamie go out and rock out…So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye. Wooohoooo. High High High on Queen right now 🙂  Love to see Brian May and Roger Taylor. I hope they perform some more tonight. Hail Queen!!! Best Band ever.. [ well Aerosmith and Metallica too].

Wow…that was all worth it just because of Queen. Ooh..Brian loves Stacey. Roger Taylor goes the safe route and says he loves them all.


A quick recap of last night.

Jamie – Radio Gaga – Was just average IMO. And someone please shut up Louis.

Lloyd  – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Shut up and go home.

Olly – Don’t Stop Me Now – Out of Breathe…but still safe. Still amazed why the judges can’t hear it.

Joe – Somebody to Love – Best of the Night. Love love love it.

Jedward – Under Pressure/ Ice Ice – Guilty pleasure. Surprisingly entertaining. In an amusement park show kinda way.

Stacey – Who Wants To Live Forever – HUGE VOCALS. Singing wise, she was brilliant.

Danyl – Off at most places. High notes – always a winner from Danyl. Louis calls him Final 3 stuff. Hmm!!

And now off to the first performance of the night – Shakira.


I like some of her numbers. But her latest single  – ‘Did It Again’ from ‘She Wolf’ album is not my cup of  tea. I loved her ‘ Hips Don’t Lie’, ‘Underneath Your Clothes’, and ‘Objection Tango’. But this one is just way too much overdone breathing and no melody. But who listens to what Sujoy says. People are buying her single as we speak on iTunes. And then she jiggles her belly some more and the selling figures go higher. I am not complaining – just saying. Anywho. Shakira advises the finalists not to be afraid of Simon in the competition.

Anywho, time for a break. And after the break, the voting lines close.


Back from the break. And welcome to the results. The Voting lines are NOW closed. Time now for the Charity song of X Factor performed by X Factor finalists. This year, the charity is going to be donated to Great Ormond Street Cancer Research Foundation.The single is – You’re Not Alone [ By Michael Jackson ]. Oh it is all 12 finalists. Not just the ones remaining. So we have Lucie, Rachel and Rikki and oh..Miss Frank too.. all dressed in white.  BUY BUY BUY…DONATE DONATE people.  And oh I forgot about Kandy Rain.  Loving the lightworks more than the song. Am I being cynical? Maybe a bit. But I would buy the single just for the sake of the cause. Applause..Applause!

Where do you get to download it?

Time for another break. After the break – 7 acts – 5 acts will be safe, 2 acts will be in the Bottom 2. C u in a bit!


Okie dokie. Time to face the results. The contestants and judges are on the stage now. Time to reveal the Top 5.

The acts who are safe this week and will be singing next week is:

1. Joe McElderry

2. Danyl Johnson

3. Stacey Solomon [ Wooohooooo!!!]

4. Olly Murs [ I knew it].

5.  John and Edward

So my prediction of Bottom 2 – Lloyd vs Jamie was absolutely accurate. After the break, the song for survival. C u in a bit


Back from the break. Given that Jamie is in the bottom 2, so at least we hope that Simon is not going to put it to bloody Deadlock. Anywho – Jamie Archer. He is singing a Queen song – Show Must Go On. Go Go Go Jamie!!!!  Needs more power, needs more punch. Hold back your vibrato Jamie. Why does this arrangement sounding a bit too rushed? Am I complaining too much? But in the real world, he is far better than Lloyd. He CAN Sing. And yes Jamie – The Show Must Go On – No Matter what!! That was a good performance and clearly he gave his all.

Next up – Lloyd Daniels – singing Paolo Nutini – Last Request.

As expected, his vocals are all over the place. He basically hits the notes on the surface, and does not complete a whole note. It is just a bland song, and all the notes are wrong wrong wrong. I don’t think that would have passed through the audition stage if Cheryl was to hear that in the auditions. Clearly, Lloyd should go home. But let’s see what Louis says.

Over to the judges now!

Simon : Artist who I am sending home is – Lloyd

Cheryl: I am sending home – Jamie

Louis: I am sending home is – Jamie [ WTF!!!! Louis is clearly mental]

Danny:  For me it’s about who sang the best – The act I am sending home is – Lloyd.

So, because of a twat called Louis, we are back to DEADLOCK. UGh!!!

So the act with the lowest audience vote is Jamie. So Jamie leaves us tonight. Hmmm. Lloyd is safe yet again.

Off to Jamie’s montage. Jamie singing – Sex On Fire in the audition was stellar. He made Simon lipsync with him. In a way we are happy for what he has achieved so far. And I believe that his future from now on is only going to be brighter. Not a big shocker. Yes Jamie – It is not the end. It is the beginning.

So that is it for the show tonight. Next week – Mariah Carey and Susan Boyle perform. C ya then!!

Shout out in the comments section what you thought of the show. Cheerio!!


UPDATE: This is why Jamie’s departure actually has worked for him.

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8 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 : Live Results 6”

  1. Obviously Louie is mentally unbalanced. Good call there. I just wish ONE person anywhere could explain to me what some of these judges hear when Danyl sings. Yes, I know the females think he's hot — but keep in mind you are vying for someone who only favors your gender around 50%. Nevertheless, the guy can't carry a tune. Has he ever sung a song completely on key? And, when he's not on key, he's shouting. No, I don't think I am better than anyone else when it comes to judging. But I do have a degree in music and teach vocal lessons. I just don't get it. When I follow live blogging almost everyone who is participating says over and over and over again, the guy is off key. The only one who appears to recognize this is Dannii. No, no, no, no, I do not have a thing against Danyl. But this supposed to be about singing. Singing implies carrying a tune. Has Simon gotten so self-centered that he must save face for his “best audition ever” remark and keep this guy in the competition?


  2. I clearly don't get what everyone sees in Danyl. And also wht the fuss is about him being hot and all. Its probably got to do with his controversial sexuality and all. Pffft. How should that affect one's popularity is beyond me.

    Thanks Matt for sharing your views. My favourite in the competition as of now are – Joe and Stacey. But I am having a feeling Olly will be winning this season. But again, that is provided Jedward don't 😛

    And as for Louis – he needs to get himself checked up…or sent to rehab


  3. Aaah…so u r a Nirvana fan r u 🙂 Woohoo. Wud hv been so awesome to see Jamie do Smells Like Teen Spirit or even — Lithium. All those hopes shattered. But I am sure, Jamie will rise much higher and he is surely going to score a good record deal. Go Afro!!


  4. clearlyLloyd should've be sent home already.but again who is not lazy to pick hes or her phone up to actually vote?of course teenage girls with they pink colored dreams about prince looking like lloyd. go figure.He might stay up to top 3.Another thing is Louis obviously voted for Jimmy just to piss off Simon which is succeed.And Simon would avoid this situation week ego.But he wanted to play dirty which is turned against him this week.


  5. Of course that's the whole point. A very well thought out detailed description of the voting demographic for Lloyd. Hehehehe.

    And the whole Louis vs. Simon thing is a huge farce that they do to create drama on telly. Simon did not himself co-ordinate well with Jamie. With song choices, and stuff being cancelled at the eleventh hour. But Jamie will certainly have a brighter future.

    As for Louis, he can say nothing about anyone's singing or breaking any rules when jedward are still around, come on.


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