Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009-Live Results 7

I think the show has lost its Mojo. I am serious about it. I have lost all enthusiasm about the show after Jamie’s elimination last week. And although I do care about Stacey, Joe and Danyl’s performances every week, I am still gutted by the presence of the twins and Lloyd. SO, if either of them is not eliminated this week, I will be extremely disappointed with this show, and trust me, there is going to be a way in which I will show my protest for this show. Which brings us to the result night tonight. It was Wham night last night, and Danyl gave us a performance to remember – Careless Whisper. That performance was amazing. Of course Joe nailed his performance yet again, but Stacey’s vocals fell flat for the first time. And now, I am tired of Olly. As for the remaining two, I’m not even bothered to talk about them.

Anyway, we will be liveblogging the results tonight – live at 8pm London time. See you guys then.

We are live from London for the results of the X Factor. Last night we saw Danyl burn the stage with the scorching rendition of Careless Whisper. And Joe smashed his performance of – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me. Apart from that I can barely remember any of the other performances. Let’s hope that the better performers stay safe, and either of Lloyd or the twins go home. Olly wasn’t good at all last night. Tonight 6 will become 5, and also the star performances of the night – Susan Boyle, and as claimed by the announcer- the world’s most successful female act – Mariah Carey. The voting lines are still open, and they end just before Mariah’s performance.

The X Factor judges have entered the studio. And I am guessing the contestant ensemble will be – Wake me Up, Before You Go Go.

How correct was I! Lloyd is sounding much better than last night. And talking of Wham night, I do think that Jamie would be completely out of place on this week. Love the pairing of Joe and Stacey. And Jedward are pretty much wooden. Olly actually has better vocals than yesterday. And I love Stacey as always.

And just for the sake of some publicity, X-Factor charity single is  No.1, and Leona’s album is no.1 as well.  X Factor finalist tour kicks of next year. Blah Blah! Time for a recap of last night.

Lloyd: Poor Poor Poor. C’mon kid, you can’t sing. Go home.

Stacey: Her high notes were definitely spot-on, but the performance overall was average. But I believe she’s more diva performance than pop idol. I mean, she hasn’t given a contemporary dance number.

Jedward: Let’s move on.

Danyl: Best of the night.

Olly: I think Olly is not safe tonight. That was not good.

Joe: Robots_ tweeted me that Joe was performing in front of the Eye of the Sauron. Hence, his performance was a killer one.

Time for the first Star performance of the night. Susan Boyle

We have all witnessed the transformation of Susan Boyle from an old Scottish maid to become an international music sensation. And she is now this huge performer and it’s lovely to see her become so successful and to have made it not only in the UK, but also in the US.  She is performing – Wild Horses, her new single from her debut album – I Dreamed a Dream – releasing Monday. She looked very beautiful in her black dress and her performance was even more beautiful and heartfelt.

Time for another break, and the lines close after the break. And of course, Mariah Carey performs. C u in a bit.


Welcome back to the liveblog, and the lines are now closed. Time for the judges to choose their best performers:

Danny: Stacey and Joe

Louis: Stacey and Joe

Cheryl: Lloyd and Joe

Simon: Danyl and Joe

Simon’ predicting Jedward and Lloyd to be in the bottom 2. Mariah Carey up next – singing her single – I Wanna Know What Love Is.

The stage is shimmering, and her microphone stand is all covered in diamonds is it? I guess this is the new R&B rendition of Mariah’s single. I have never been a big fan of Mariah, but I won’t change the channel if it was on the radio. It’s good and the chorus is hummable. Sorry, I don’t know this song. The choir works for me. I can see Leona giving a killer performance of this song. Or even Kelly Clarkson.  OMG!!! That falsetto was unbelievable. I haven’t seen anything like that. Sorry, I take it all back. Mariah fraking rocked it. That was BRILLIANT. That falsetto in the end – was BRILLIANT. She has just shown how it’s done. Awesome Mariah. That was awesome.

After the break, the main event, the results will be revealed. Be back!


We are back with the results live now. Lines are closed and time now to reveal the results. Onstage now are the contestants and the judges.  Time to reveal the 4 safe acts who will be singing next week. The safe acts are:

Stacey Solomon. Woohoooo!!!!

Joe McElderry. Awesome!!! So far so good.

Danyl is safe too. Cool!

Final safe act – Lloyd. I knew it.

So bottom 2: Olly Murs and Jedward.

After the break, the bottom2 perform.

Jedward are performing – Boyzone – No Matter What.

Olly is performing – Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight. C u in a bit


Back from the break. Louis says he’s shocked. And so is Simon. Louis’ acts up first-John & Edward. I am sure their performance is going to be totally out of tune.

It is the closest they have come to singing. And it is soooo out of tune. The lyrics actually mean a lot given their situation. Take a closer look at the lyrics. 😛 I know they are just young guys having their shot at fame, but the fact is, that was horrible. If that was even an audition – Louis would reject them.

Next up – Olly Murs.

Something is wrong Olly, or is it me? His vocals aren’t good enough for me. His falsetto was shaky. His high notes weren’t powerful. That was average at best. But it still qualifies as miles better than Jedward. Simon is coughing, or did he whisper something to Cheryl. Decision time for the judges.

Simon: I am gonna miss you boys. But I am gonna send you guys home – John & Edward.

Cheryl: The act I have to send home is John & Edward.

Louis: I can’t believe that Olly is in the bottom 2 and Lloyd is safe. But I will send Olly home.

Danny:  She is confused about wht the frak is this competition. She sends home – John & Edward.

FINALLY, the twins go home tonight.

They have been the centre of attention from the media, and the press has been after them. So much negative press, and even after that, they have given performance after performance. Good for them. So there you go, that was the legend of Jedward.

Next week – Alicia Keys and Rihanna will be performing on results night.  We’ll see you next week for the liveblog. See ya!!

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18 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009-Live Results 7”

  1. Hehehe. Your predictions have come true.

    My comparison was- the dark antimatter of Fifth Element. But the Eye of Sauron is just spot on.

    And as you said, Olly's performance was poor last night. Glad that the twins have gone home now.


  2. I'll bet not only was Louis surprised about Olly but I bet Cheryl was too since both of these judges picked Olly to win the whole competition just this past week. Cheryl really pissed me off by doing that. It made her previous comments, especially about Joe, seem so hypocritical. Definitely shows that the British continue to have class and will vote for who they genuinely would like to see be given a chance. I have nothing against any of the contestants winning (well, maybe Danyl somewhat) but I certainly don't want to be told who to vote for. Simon has constantly said over the various American Idol years, “America got it wrong.” They didn't get it wrong — they made a conscious decision to vote for who appealed to them the most. Nice prediction Annie! So, who is going to win????


  3. Yeah, Simon does that every year on Idol. It's absolutely ridiculous.

    I want Stacey to win. Olly is not a good singer as her. And Joe is a bit too musical theatre for me. But again, Olly has that modern, relevant R&B flavour to him. But all the people (including Olly himself) who think that Olly can dance, is just silly. If you see him dance again on YouTube, I swear you'd throw up.

    I swear he can't dance on tune. It's just some silly break dance moves, almost like my younger uncle trying to break dance on Black or white on a wedding. 😛 Maybe not. But he aint a good dancer.

    So, coming back to the competition, it's now down to I think Olly vs. Stacey or maybe Joe. Danyl will not win, that's for sure.


  4. Actually, I need to approve the comments before they get published. Otherwise my comments get spammed a lot by bloody spammers.

    And yes glad to see Louis to hv run out of his acts. Yayyy


  5. I like Stacey, but I think Joe will win. Third girl winning? Wouldn't it be just boring?

    The problem with the contestants is that none of them has it all. Stacey can sing and she's so cute, but then on stage she bareley moves and sometimes I get this impression, that she's just a mouth opening plastic robot doll.
    On the other hand we have Dannyl. That guy has a voice, looks, so much passion when performing but then his personality is in some way annoying.
    Joe. THE voice. He's defitelly handsome. But as I wrote it somewhere here before, in the end he's a kid. Mature songs are fit to his voice, but not to his overall presence.
    And Olly (I don't consider Lloyd at all). I just think he's got the personality but then e lacks of singing skills. Unfortunatelly :/


  6. Brilliant analysis. And I agree to all your points. But I just love Stacey as a person. She's got such a nice vibe to her that I just want hug her and give her a cup of tea 🙂

    BTW, its my first day at work 2moro. So I better sleep now. Wish me luck. Good night 🙂


  7. Tons of good luck then 🙂
    I'm having a hard night ahead – need to finish my master's. I sincerely hate it. I write about recriutment and selection procedures in one of polish building corporations, which is quite in the circle of my interests, but writing about it just kills me inside.

    C ya sometime 😛


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