Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Live Results 8

So this week, they call it – the week when the singing got noticed. So, X Factor is finally back to being a Singing competition. Hmm. Err, I’d say not so fast. Not until Lloyd is still here in the competition. Last night, we got to hear him twice and both of his performances were horrendous. Absolutely awful. But enough of Lloyd. We saw Danyl dance, Stacey gave two smashing performances and Olly singing a classy ballad. And to top it all, Joe nailed his performance – twice. His performance of “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” was absolutely intense and heartfelt.

As far as my predictions for the night:

Bottom 2: Lloyd Daniels and Danyl Johnson

I choose Danyl over Olly because there are still a lot of people who get really annoyed with Danyl (no matter how hard he tries to be likeable).

Eliminated: (Please God) Lloyd Daniels.

As usual, the liveblog goes live at 8pm London Time. See you there.

We are here live with the Quarter Final Results Liveblog. Just to remind you that Joe was sensational. And Cheryl reminded Louis that he’s got no one standing in the competition 😛 . Tonight, the four semi-finalists will be revealed. And Alicia Keys and Rihanna perform. And yes, even Louis feels that lot of people are under pressure,coz the competition is getting serious NOW 😛

Voting Lines are still open. The judges have now entered the studio. And surprisingly tonight Danny is sporting a Jedward hairdo. Or may be a Rachel. Now for the ensemble performance of the finalists. They are singing – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters. Everyone is singing in falsetto. And lemme tell you this – that is SO MIMED. And if you see the dance, I like Olly’s performance on the whole. I know I am self-contradicting myself. Or am I? That ensemble was quite enjoyable, although I know it for sure it wasn’t live.

A quick recap of last night:

Danyl:Round 1:I feel quite awkward seeing that performance. Sorry Rojhat.

Lloyd: Round1: Pfffft!! If he doesn’t go tonight, it’ll be absolute injustice.

Olly:Round1: He sang, and it was good. And what does Danny mean by the sparkle in the eye?

Joe:Round1: Round 1 goes to Joe 🙂

Stacey:Round1: Boy, that was Diva stuff.

Lloyd:Round2: Ugh!!

Dany: Round 2: That was better than Round 1.

Olly:Round2: Back in the game. Knock Out!

Joe:Round2: Round2 also goes to Joe.

Stacey: Round2: And she HAS to be in the Final!! And I disagree with Simon. Stacey is actually a singer like Leona or Alexandra.

Judges choices for the Finals:

Simon: Stacey, Joe, Olly, Danyl

Danny: Olly smashed the second song. Joe and Stacey smashed them both

Cheryl: Olly

Louis: Joe, Stacey and Danyl in that order.

Time for a break. After the break – Alicia Keys performs.


And we are back from the break. And it’s time for Alicia Keys, one of the most influential R&B artistes of today. She’s singing- a mashup of Empire State of Mind and Doesn’t Mean Anything. I love it. She’s good, but she’s not Top3 :P. Kiddin! Love this song, and she is actually one of those few female artistes whose music I really follow. And she’s added No One in the end too. The new single – Doesn’t Mean Anything releases tomorrow, and the album releases Dec 14. And Alicia thinks the only woman in the competition is dope 😛

Time for another break. The lines close after this, and Rihanna performs. Be right back!


Back from the break. Voting Lines are closed. And tonight, no power of the judges. They don’t decide anything, and it is upto the audience vote totally. And the majority of the judges (Simon, Louis) think that Lloyd will go home tonight.

Over to Rihanna’s new single performance – Russian Roulette. Its a slow ass song. I don’t like it period. And she’s aping Rachel now 😛 I wonder what Simon and Louis would have to say about her performance.  Its actually a boring song. I don’t see myself or any of the friends buying it. Will you be buying this one? Eh! The judges have to oblige her performance/appearance and they have given her a standing ovation.

Anywho!! The wait is almost over. After the break, the act with the fewest votes goes home. Be right there in your seat. We’ll be back soon.


Right, we are back with the X Factor Live results. It’s going to be revealed in just a matter of few minutes. Here we go. The results of who will make it to the Semi-Finals of the X Factor:

The judges and their respective contestants are on the stage. ROFL. Simon was about to trip. It would be hilarious and embarrassing to see Simon fall down onstage on National Television – Live 😛

Anywho, the acts who are through, in no particular order:

Stacey Solomon. YESSSSSS!!!

Joe McElderry. YESSSSS!!!

Danyl Johnson. YESS.. [Lesser SS’]

Last one to go through. Olly vs. Lloyd.

The last act through to Semi-Final: Olly. Phew!!!

So finally, Lloyd goes home. And next week we will be seeing one helluva show – Imagine – Olly vs. Stacey vs. Danyl vs, Joe. And one will go home. And next week will be Michael Jackson week, and Janet Jackson mentoring. What an awesome week to look forward to.

And they are making Lloyd sing again – Oh please! An encore of last night’s performance – Million Love Songs.

Anyway, coming back to next week’s show – it’s gonna be awesome. Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson perform next week. We will be liveblogging it, fo sho! So do not forget to join us. And for now, shout out in the comments section what you felt about the show.

And we won’t be doing the Xtra Factor Liveblog. Good night people. Cheerio


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3 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Live Results 8”

  1. Finally lol, Btw I do feel akward with Danyl's first performance too. I didn't like the dancing neither blame it on Brian ! But about the 'Hatin Danyl' it's just something written on the papers and if u guys are believing that then ur just one of those peeps who believe everything they read. The only person who's giving him a bad name is Cheryl. And I think she is just trying to play the game to get him out.
    Anyway i'm glad he's trough xD. I'm sure next week Olly will be in the bottom 2 again which I actually do not like to see ;(
    Thanks for blogging again cheeerrrrssss <3

    Danyl & Olly !!!


  2. I don't HATE Danyl. Hehe. Relax. We don't hate him. It's just a matter of liking an artist or not. But now, there is nothing that the judges can do. It's all upto the judges now.

    Be back for next week 🙂 And thanks for commenting again.


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