Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 2- Top 11

Following the elimination of Kandy Rain on last Sunday’s result show, we are now left with the Top 11 to perform on tonight’s Live Show no.2 of the X Factor. The 11 acts will battle out in front of the live audience and the millions watching on telly to the theme of the night – delicious divas. Just a couple of hours away from the live shows, we all are waiting with bated breathes for the explosive show.

We’ll witness Louis’ Groups, Simon’s Over 25’s, Cheryl’s Boys and Danny’s Girls singing off the Diva night with the tracks given below.

If I Were A Boy – Beyonce

At Last – Beyonce version

How Will I Know- Whitney Houston

Where Do Broken Hearts Go- Whitney Houston

R.E.S.P.E.C.T- Aretha Franklin

Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Whitney Houston

Hurt – Christina Aguilera

Fool in love – Tamyra Gray from American Idol version

John and Edward
Oops I Did It Again- Britney Spears

Miss Frank
All The Man That I Need- Whitney Houston

What do you think about the song choices? Danyl has chosen Whitney and Jamie has chosen Christina. Interesting it will be. We’ll be there at London time 8 pm to liveblog all the excitement and the action as it happens. Until then we are gonna watch some Harry Hill action on You’ve been framed and  the 2nd episode of this season’s Harry Hill TV Burps. C U at 8 for the liveblog.


Here it is. We are here for the Live Show no.2 with the Top 11 – Live from London. A quick recap of the performances of last week. The act with the fewest votes – Kandy Rain left us.  Amongst all controversies with Danny’s comments about Danyl’s sexuality etc, we also were hit by the tragic news of Stephen Gately’s passing away. Louis Walsh is not here tonight on the show. Cheryl puts it right : I cannot wait for tonight. Live from London, it’s the X Factor Diva Night. The X Factor Weekend begins here.

The judges have entered the judging arena – Danny, Cheryl and Simon. Louis is missing. Yes, the night is all Divas – Whitney, Tina Turner, Christina, Britney. It is indeed a bit of unfair for the guys. But yes, tomorrow night, Whitney and Cheryl are performing. Also, Clive Davis is in the crowd – the guy who discovered Whitney Houston. Kicking off the night is the Danny’s girls. The first to go is : Lucie Jones.

She’s singing ‘How Will I Know’- Whitney Houston. Cheryl’s concerns are very genuine – hitting all the high notes and dancing simultaneously, pressure’s on. But here we go. Here voice is so subdued in the whole arrangement. It is not a powerful voice which shines through in a dance number. This is certainly not her comfort zone. And I can hear the chorus more than her own vocals. She gets breathless in the high notes and cuts them short. I bet Rachel or Miss Frank would absolutely belt it out. Let’s see what the judges say about it.

Judges verdict:

Cheryl: Well done, a great track to open the show. You did a great job, but there is still something not connecting yet.

Simon: You are looking like a popstar. I was quite impressed.

Danny: Amazing opening to the show. [ What’s with Danny’s hair?]

Her code: 01. I doubt she’ll be one of the favourites after this performance. It was not a very strong one compared to her previous ones.  Vote Vote Vote!!! Up next are Olly and Miss Frank, after the break.


We’re back with the Talent. It’s Olly Murs next. He’s singing Fool in love – Tina Turner. Such a huge diva song. Not quite a strong start. He’s surrounded by many Beyonces, and the song is very likeable to not take notice. He has totally made this song his own, and made the song sound more like Blues and a bit of Soul. Love the rendition. Not a big fan of his vocals, but the performance was certainly very good. Over to the judges.

Judges verdict:

Danny: I love the dance, do that thing with your legs.

Cheryl: That was the best performance you’ve ever done. You absolutely smashed it.

Simon: It was fun, it was different and it was original. And this is why all the contestants want to be mentored by me. [Cheeky!]

His code:02. Great performance. Vote for him I say.

Next up are one of the two groups left on the show. Miss Frank performing: All The Man That I Need- Whitney Houston. They need to act and sing like a group. For Louis they say. Let’s see. The microphone levels are a bit dodgy. Pitchy vocals to begin with. But with the entry of the third vocals, this performance actually takes shape. But I am still struggling to like this performance. I don’t want them to screw up coz I want those twins to go home. The harmonies at the higher notes are good, but again, the vocals to close the performance weren’t strong enough.

Judges verdict:

Danny: You did Louis proud. Keep it together, react with each other.

Cheryl: Tonight you proved yourself as a band. Good job.

Simon: I thought it was mainly terrible. You were out of tune [ Yes, they were].

Oh, Simon vs. Cheryl yet again.  Anywho, what would this show be without all the drama. Their code: 03 . Simon predicts trouble for them. But if the twins don’t get voted off tomorrow, there is no justice in this world. Time for another break. See u in a bit.


Back with the show. Next up is : Rachel Adedeji. She was in the bottom 2 last week and nearly escaped elimination. I wish that she doesn not get in the same position. She is singing If I Were A Boy – Beyonce. Lovely. Contemporary. She’ll definitely take control of that song. She starts by lying on the floor. There is something wrong with the mike volume control. Takes some time to adjust. But once she’s in the song, the vocals have taken off. She looks great and I just love her vocals. She almost looks like a young Whitney. Change of pitch, a bit screechy, but she’s under control. Lovely performance. She’s deffo safe for next week, and the audience loves it. Over to the judges.

Judges verdict:

Cheryl: You came out fighting tonight, girl. Loved it.

Simon: I liked it, didn’t love it. Danny isn’t getting out your personality.

Simon: That was a fantastic performance. You’ve arrived. Whoa, the heels she’s wearing. Her code: 04. I am sure that she’ll be safe this week.

Okies, up next Joe McElderry. He’s singing Where Do Broken Hearts Go- Whitney Houston. That’s a signature Whitney and how is he going to make it his own? He’s got a lovely voice and the audience is clapping along. He has got the best start so far. He’s got absolute pitch perfect vocals at the right places. The arrangement is very tricky and he is spot on and look, Simon is singing along. But Joe is simply nailing it. The others on the X Factor  should be scared. Awesome.

Judges verdict:

Danny: You’ve nailed it.

Simon: It actually pains me to say this, but that was note perfect. [Exactly]. Simon promises he has a huge future ahead.

Cheryl: That was absolutely beautiful.

And a double thumbs up from Clive Davis His code: 05. Time for yet another break. C u in a bit.

Whoa, the heels she’s wearing. Her code: 04. I am sure that she’ll be safe this week.


Next up – The extremely talented Danyl Johnson. He was surrounded by controversy last week and all the three judges besides his mentor scolded him for being cockyness. He is singing a new Whitney song: I Didn’t Know My Own Strength . Let’s see if he betters last week’s killer performance. He is a power performer, and his confidence shines through his strong and pitch perfect vocals. Simon was right, the other mentors feel threatened by him. This song hasn’t been released, and so there is not years of listening that went into the preparation. The risk was that he did a song that no one has heard. But judging by the huge notes that he did, the risk paid off.

Judges verdict:

Danny: That was flawless.

Cheryl: You delivered.

Simon: Once again, an incredible performance.

I liked the performance. But I am not too sure about the song. His code:06. Surely, he’s safe. Time for another break. BRB.


Welcome back to the X-Factor. Next up is Little Lloyd singing Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis. Hmmm…Leona’s biggest hit. Simon puts it right – This could be a disaster. Acoustic arrangement. The girls just love him, but his vocals are so jerky and jittery. But I like the innovative arrangement. Gives a Carribean feel to it. He looks really nervous. And although I like the arrangement, the melody of the original song has been extremely distorted and subdued. Let’s see what the judges say.

Judges verdict:

Danny: There is more to your voice and you need to push it.

Simon: You’re very lucky that you are cute. It was almost like a mouse trying to climb up a mountain. [ He blames Cheryl for it]

Cheryl: I hope I haven’t let you down. She’s breaking down. Hugs Lloyd, and she takes full responsibility for the song choice.

His code: 07. I am sure that Simon kissing Cheryl is surely gonna fire the sympathy votes for Lloyd. And next up are the Twin Twats – John & Edward.

They can’t believe that they’re still here. So do we. They are singing – Oops I Did it Again – Britney. Really silly song choice. They are dressed in red leather suits. Ok, we have the musical nightmare of the night which includes the cheesy dialogue scene from the Britney video. The vocal harmonies are all over the place. Does it even matter what I say here? They should go away . Dreadful is the world. But surprisingly the audience is cheering. Seriously. They will still be here next week, I know it.

Judges verdict:

Danny: Double Divas from Dublin.

Cheryl: You are thoroughly entertaining.

Simon: My initial reaction was: What the bloody hell was that. The worst live performance I have ever sat through. Compares their performance to watching the Exorcist. Hehehe.

Their code: 08.  I am sure someone else is going home tomorrow. Jamie Archer is after the break.


Back from the break. Last of the boys – Rikki Loney next.

He is singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by the great Arethra Franklin. Now that’s a diva song. He sounded a bit like Amy Winehouse in the rehearsals. Let’s see how he performs. His vocals are just not working for me. It is totally a wrong song choice for him. Hard for the boys to pull off a diva song. I can still remember Miss Frank’s rendition. But this version is just not working. He’s totally sounding nasal. He pulled off the higher note – but this song choice is totally wrong. He did a grand  job with a totally wrong song.

Judges verdict:

Danny: Vocally, it kicked in towards the end.

Simon: I will give you respect, because the song was far too big for you.  [ Simon is being honest]

Cheryl: I thought you did a fantastic job of it.

Massive song. His code: 09 . Next up – Jamie Archer.

He’s taking on Christina Aguilera – Hurt. I love him. His vocals, his performance. But this one’s tricky. It is not about rocking it out, but the emotions. Pray Pray Pray!

This is the second act so far with the best start. No shivers, no jerks. Pitch perfect vocals. He has made this song completely his. And I love the arrangement [ hear that very subtle strings in the background ]. He has turned Christina Aguilera into a Rock Ballad. I think with this song, Jamie Afro Archer has arrived. Standing ovation stuff. Simon and Jamie – High Five.

Judges verdict:

Danny: You brought a lot of softness to that one. Well done.

Cheryl: You totally made it your own, and it was a great song choice.

Simon: Absolutely fantastic. That works in the real world outside the competition.

Awesome Jamie. Awesome!!!! He’s winning the show so far. His code: 10. After the break, Diva from Degenham hits the stage – Stacey Solomon. C  u in a bit

Closing the show is Stacey Solomon performing: At Last by Etta James. Her last week’s performance was the strongest. She’s such a lovely girl. C’mon Stacey!!! We’re voting for you. This performance is very very diva. She is definitely the strongest act in this show. She has got so much presence. And then, high notes – solid, nailed. And delivered. Lovely. Lovely, yet again.

Judges verdict:

Cheryl: Well done, it was beautiful.

Simon: There was something uncomfortable about the performance tonight. But well done Stacey.

Danny: It was a beautiful performance. You smashed it at the end of the song.

I don’t care what the judges say. She’s such a lovely performer. Brilliant voice and lovely personality. Her code: 11. We are voting. This is it. Voting Lines are open now.

Strongest of the Guys: Jamie  Archer

From the Girls: Stacey Solomon

Bottom 2: Rikki Loney and John & Edward

Cheryl and Whitney perform on the results night. We’ll be back with the results show liveblog tomorrow at 8 pm London time. See ya guys!!!

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6 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 2- Top 11”

  1. Miss Frank have a very contemporary sound to them. I believe their genre is hip hop, RnB and a bit of soul. So SugaBabes will be a good choice for them. And one of them raps too. The song choices given to them has been quite a bummer.

    If Miss Frank had performed RESPECT yesterday, they'd have nailed it.

    P.S. Will we see the twins go home tonight?


  2. LMFAO. I wonder how itchy was Simon's finger to go for the buzzer. 😛
    Seriously, it was all about the dancing and the provocative dress, rather than the vocals.

    Brilliant comment though, must say.


  3. Whitney was a bit high. Her vocals were not as strong. Cheryl's routine was well choreographed.

    But seriously though, we expected so much more from Whitney. What a shame!


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