Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 3 -Top 10

We are 2 live performance nights in already. Rikki Loney was eliminated last Sunday following a horrendous song choice – RESPECT. The Top 10 acts will be performing tonight to keep themselves in the competition. So far, one each from Cheryl and Louis’ clans have been eliminated. Simon and Danny’s clans are safe so far, and IMO Simon’s Over 25’s is the strongest, and the winner of this season could be easily from this clan. However, we cannot ignore Stacey Solomon.

Coming back to the competition, it is Big Band Week this time. And the song choices are out.Just a couple of hours away from the live shows, we all are waiting with bated breathes for the explosive show. We’ll witness Louis’ Groups, Simon’s Over 25’s, Cheryl’s Boys and Danny’s Girls singing off the Big Band Songs with the tracks given below.

After the Jump—> The entire playlist of this week’s song choices, and the Liveblog of the X Factor Live Show 3 with the Top 10 [goes Live at 8 pm London Time]

This week’s song choices are:

Proud Mary – Beyonce version

When You Wish Upon A Star – From Disney’s Pinnochio

My Funny Valentine – Ella Fitzgerald

Sway – Michael Buble version

Lloyd – Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Feeling Good – Muse version

Angel Of Harlem – U2

Bewitched – Steve Lawrence

John and Edward
She Bangs – Ricky Martin

Miss Frank
That’s Life – Frank sinatra

The twins need to be eliminated this week for Heaven’s sake! And they have chosen a Ricky Martin club hit for a Big Band week. That’s..err…them. I am very much looking forward to see Jamie perform a U2 song and Olly and Danyl. Joe is going to take on a Michael Buble song which is very interesting , given his flawless vocals. The pressure is certainly on. See you guys with the liveblog at 8 pm, London time.


Live from London, here we are with the Top 10 acts on Big Band Week on the X Factor.

Last weekend, Simon being more bitchy about his fellow judges more than the contestants. The song choices were a huge let down to be frank. Danny promises the girls are going to shine tonight. So does Cheryl, who is a bit disheartened to lose one of her guys. IMO Cheryl, Rikki’s song choice was a bummer, but Lloyd’s performance was the bummer. Louis is back from his holiday. Simon intends to keep his acts intact in the show. And we welcome the host to the soundtrack of the Beatles – Live and Let Die. This is one of the big weeks that X Factor looks forward to every year – The Big Band Week, think glamour, grandeur, big band, strings and think Vegas. The judges have entered the arena, and great to see Louis back. Dermot welcomes him by calling him Louis Balboa Walsh 😛

Kicking the show is Simon’s Olly Murs. The mentor this week is Michael Buble. Let’s see if he can prove Simon right, or will Danny’s predictions of Simon’s smugness or good luck running out tonight is gonna come true.
He’s performing Bewitched by Steve Lawrence. The thing is this is a jazz, swing number, and Olly has the charm and suave star quality to carry it off. He is confident and he certainly has the showmanship to complete the routine with the right amount of vocals and choreography. The crowd loves him and so do we.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You are the dark horse of the competition. You’re very very likeable.

Danny: That was one, classy, big band performance.

Cheryl: I’m gonna thoroughly enjoy your journey through this competition.

Simon: I know how it’s like dancing with two witches. Joke! 😛

His code:01. Definitely a great performance. Vote for him!!!! Coming up next Lloyd and Miss Frank after the break. Back in a bit!


Back from the break. Up next is from Cheryl Cole’s lads – Lloyd and he’s singing a Sinatra Number – Fly Me to the Moon. Holy Moly!  Talk about song choice! Cheryl’s confident of it. Let’s see if she is indeed.

He looks nervous. His low notes are terrible, and actually inaudible. His vocals are being enveloped by the band’s trumpets and saxaphones. And what was that in the name of choreography. His singing is all pitchy and all over the place. Looking at Cheryl makes me feel like a mum happy to see her kid perform live on stage ata Christmas party or something. The young girls certainly love him. No booing. It was whack.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You need to be in a band, not a solo artist.

Danny: Totally disagree. Up until the half point of the song, you were looking confused.

Simon: It was quite obvious at the start of the song that you were confused. You gotta sort your head out coz you’re better than that.

Cheryl: I thought it was beautiful.

His code:02. This was again a very weak performance from Lloyd. I didn’t like it period.

Next up is from Louis Walsh’s groups – Miss Frank. They need a grand song to make them shine. Coz I know that they can belt it out. They are singing That’s Life – Frank Sinatra. Michael Buble says that they’ve updated a classic. They had performed this at bootcamp. They better show us this week why we all feel that they are the stronger group, and actually a contender.

The vocals are top notch. I love the makeup, the harmonies, the co-ordination and the whole band arrangement. Ad oh yeah!!!! RAP is BACK!! Go Miss Frank Go!! That’s your Forte’. Love love love that performance. Killer baby! I am falling short of words now. Let’s see what the judges have to say.

Judges verdict:

Danny: All I have to say tonight is, back in the race.

Cheryl: This is why we loved you in the first place. This is it.

Simon: This is the first time when I have started believing in you as a group.

Louis: Girls all I can say is that, I am very proud of you.

Their code: 03. Loved loved loved the performance. That is certainly going to be one of my favourite performances in the whole competition. Original and brilliant. Time for another break. BRB!


Back from the break now. Next up is from Danny’s girls: Rachel Adedeji. She has been in the bottom 2 consecutively twice. Her performances have been very good but somehow hasn’t been able to get the audience vote. She is taking on: Proud Mary by Tina Turner. Simon puts it right – She’s gotta stop feeling sorry for herself. Over to her performance now.

She’s sporting a new hairstyle. I have always liked her vocals. This is a loud and big performance number, and she is certainly doing justice to it. The choreography is good, and the arrangement is very Vegas [ which I love].  I can see Louis and Danny totally loving it, and so does the crowd.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I am glad that you got back your confidence.

Cheryl: You are full of personality, but most of all, you can sing girl.

Simon: It’s like seeing a brand new singer. It was a superb performance.

Danny: Rachel, that’s how it is done.

Whoa. Buncha loada appreciative comments from the judges. She’s going crazy onstage and she is thanking her family, friend. Relax Rachel, it ain’t Grammy yet, neither has she won it yet. Her code: 04. Get on the phone and vote for her peeps.

Next up: Jamie Archer and Stacey Solomon, after the break.


We are back from the break. Next up from Simon’s Over 25 – Jamie Archer. He has given two aces in a row. After rehearsing for almost a week, Simon changed his song in the last moment. Now he’s performing Angel of Harlem by U2 with just 24 hours of practice. Its an upbeat rock n roll song. The big band arrangement makes it sound more like a pop song. But I love his vocals. The groove of the song is slowly growing on me. I can’t remember loving this song so much. And he just belted the longest, breathless vocals on this competition. What I love about him is that all his performances are not karaoke. Extremely original and full-on star quality.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I am confused but it wasn’t a big band song. And that was a Karaoke version of U2. [ That wasn’t Karaoke]

Danny: I don’t think it had the magic of the last band. [ Why are the judges going for – Its not a big band song ]

Cheryl: Well done for coming out and singing it in 24 hours.

Simon: For Louis to sit here like someone from a Council saying that you can’t do this and you can’t do that is just not right.

His code: 05. People , go with Fro! He was brilliant and original. And Louis, shut up and sit down. You are complaining that U2 are not a Big Band, but a Rock band. And your justification is that they haven’t performed in Vegas. And then you gave Ricky Martin for the Twins. Who are we kidding? Anywho, moving on!

Next up is Stacey Solomon. I just love her. Michael Buble suggests that she should sing this week’s song – When You Wish Upon A Star to her little kid Zachary at home. Awwww. She’s going to be awesome. I KNOW IT.

She’s dressed up as a Vegas Diva. She’s totally a different personality when she starts singing. When she’s talking, she’s this chirpy, fast-talking charming girl. And once she starts singing, she transforms into this vocal legend. Lovely song choice. Credits to Danny. Loved that performance. Let’s see what the judges say.

Judges verdict:

Louis: Wow! What a transformation. Loved the song choice.

Cheryl: I enjoyed it because I loved you.

Simon: You looked better than you sang.

Danny: I am just so proud of you.

Stacey’s complaining that she can’t breathe at all in that dress and that she can’t even bend 😛

Her code: 06. People vote for her. Go run. Time for another break.


Back from the break. Next up is from Simon’s Over 25 – Danyl Johnson. He has impeccable vocals. But he’s singing Nina Simone – Feeling Good. Boy oh Boy. I have a terrible feeling about it. Let’s see!

Nope, I was wrong. He’s transformed into James Bond tonight. His vocals are spot on. The Big Band arrangement certainly works wonders for Danyl. Love love the arrangement. The best thing about Danyl is that he comfortably hits the high notes without sounding for once that he is screaming. He’s flawless and he has ended it in with a License to Kill signature. Brilliant.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You own the stage. It was the most authentic performance of the night.

Danny: I have a lot of respect for you to have made it your own. It was very good.

Cheryl: You looked the part, you performed the part.

Simon: In my opinion , that was in a completely different league from whatever we have heard so far.

Great performance. His code: 07. I think we can say that Danyl is for sure, a strong contender. Time for another break. BRB.


Back from the break. Loving the show so far. Up next, last of the boys: Cheryl introduces  Joe McElderry. He is the strongest of the guys. He is taking on Sway, and Michael Buble has performed it before. Buble suggests Joe to be sexy. Hmmm!!! How is the performance going to be? Let’s see.

Nothing great so far. The start is pretty average. But hang on, midway he has taken it to another level. He is actually dancing, and he was quite good. And the vocals sound more confident than that at the beginning of the song. Very likeable performance.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You’re gonna be in the competition until the very end.

Danny: You performed it well.

Simon: There’s no question that you are gonna be next week.

Cheryl: I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was good, but not great. He has the vocals going. But as Simon said, he needs to show off as a performing recording artist, not a cutsie performer. And seriously Louis, shut up. His code: 08. Vote vote vote.

Next up is Lucie Jones. She wasn’t so good last week. But tonight she is taking on My Funny Valentine – Ella Fitzgerald. Now we all know slow numbers are her thing. Shut up Cheryl already. Let the music do the talking.

She looks a stunner tonight. It’s a very old fashioned and classy number. And she has combined both falsetto and high notes into this performance. The high notes were just a bit pitchy, but definitely was amazing. What struck me most about this was it did seem like it was an original performance.

Judges verdict:

Louis: It was just you and the voice, and it was brilliant performance.

Cheryl: That was stunning, beautiful.

Simon: [Mentions that Lucie has a petal on her head] It was a good performance, but you sang that like an actress. [ Louis sez: What are you looking for? ]

Danny: That was just sensational. This was amazing. I don’t appreciate Simon’s comments coz, you cannot fault that performance.

And Louis Walsh is still on with Jamie not performing a BIG BAND song. Anywho, her code is : 09. Time for another break. And closing the show are OMG, the Twin Twats – John & Edward.

Lemme just say in case I haven’t said it enough so far. I HATE THEM!

Back from the break. Louis introduces them as – Everyone wants to see them. Yeah, on mute. Even their dad doesn’t look supportive. They are taking on – She Bangs by Ricky Martin. Simon sez: And the Winner of X Factor is John & Edward, I am just leaving the competition. They better not win this.

This song reminds me of the Internet sensation – William Hung on American Idol. If you haven’t seen it, you have been living in a cave. Back to John & Edward. They are dressed in Bright Green and Red suits. Singing – what singing. They are not even singing some portions. The choreography demands a lot you see. Louis has a dry throat thinking of what to say. Louis stands up to clap, and there is a lot of booing.

Judges verdict:

Danny: That was some performance.

Cheryl: You are fast becoming my guilty pleasure.

Simon: I think I can’t do this any more.  This is appalling.

Louis: Simon signed an act called Zig and Zag. They are better.

Whatever Louis. You were saved by Simon for not mentioning that they did not perform a Big Band song. Their code: 10. DON’T VOTE..PLEASE.


A quick recap of the performances tonight.

Olly – Personality, Personality, Personality – Star Quality

Lloyd – One of the weakest of the night.

Miss Frank – One of the strongest. Loved it. Brilliant.

Rachel – People vote for her. She gave all for her performance.

Jamie – ROCK n ROLL

Stacey – LOVED IT

Danyl – Classy. Favourite of the night.

Joe – Loveable performance.

Lucie – Very strong vocally. Loving it in the recap.

John & Edward – Please, don’t vote for them.

My predictions: Bottom 2 — John & Edward / Lloyd Daniels

On results night tomorrow – Michael Buble and Westlife perform. We’ll see you at the Liveblog of the result show tomorrow at 8pm London time. Until then, shout out and discuss tonight’s show in the comments. Cheerio people!

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