Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 4 – Top 9 – Rock Week

Hello people. I can’t contain the excitement this week. It’s my favourite genre tonight. It’s ROCK WEEK! \m/ The Top 9 acts are performing Rock Numbers tonight on the X Factor and I am really excited to know what Jamie and Danyl will be singing tonight. After a shocking elimination of Miss Frank last week, I am desperate now to get the twins – Jedward to be kicked out of the competition. But Rock Week is going to be a bit tough on Danny’s girls as Diva week was for the boys. All of Simon’s and Danny’s acts are safe so far. Louis’ hopes in the competition are the twins, which fairly translates to – Not this year again Louis. As for the performances I am looking forward to the most are of Danyl, Olly and Jamie.

The song choices for this week have been revealed. Bon Jovi is the mentor of the week and he’ll be performing live on the results show tomorrow.

After the Jump—> The entire playlist of this week’s song choices – Rock week, and the Liveblog of the X Factor Live Show 4 with the Top 9 [goes Live at 8 pm London Time]

One – U2

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns ‘N Roses

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry (Rock version)

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

Get Your Rocks Off – Primal Scream

Come Together – Aerosmith version

John and Edward
We Will Rock You – Five version (From Brits)

The most interesting song choice of the night seems to be Danyl Johnson’s. He is taking on Aerosmith, and with his vocal range, he can do that song good justice. Second best goes to Lucie – Sweet Child O’ Mine. I bet she’s gonna do the Sheryl Crow version to it. Jamie’s choice of Get Your Rocks Off is also very smart. It is a very catchy song and I believe will suit his vocals perfectly. Olly taking on the Beatles will be a delight to watch. And finally Joe singing Don’t Stop Believing..woohoo. It’s an awesome playlist this week.

As for the lame song choices this week – Jedward for the most cliche’d song – We Will Rock You. Ugh!
And secondly, Lloyd singing a Katy Perry song. How bloody lame is that.

We will be updating all the action as and when it happens live on this liveblog. Join us, at 8 pm London time. See you then!


We are here for the Live performance show no.4, The Top 9 live from London. Its Rock Week and after last week’s dramatic elimination of Miss Frank, the top 9 have to outperform each other. Louis seriously thinks that Jedward could win the show…Pffft!!! Live from London, it’s the X Factor -Rock Night and the host Dermot welcomes us all. And oh yes, it is a Scary Halloween special. I love what’s playing on the background monitors. There’s Axl, Steven Tyler, Beatles, Freddie Mercury. The judges have entered the arena and Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire is playing.  Oh please, look at what’s Cheryl is wearing. And now over to the action.

Starting off the show is from Cheryl’s guys – Joe McElderry. He is taking on a proper rock song – Journey’s : Don’t Stop Believing. It is a matter of concern given that his vocals are too smooth for a rock song. But let’s see how he performs.

He’s got good vocals. But he has made a rock song into a pop number here. Feels like the guys from Westlife or Five are just about to enter. I have no complaints whatsoever with his vocals. But having said that, it is NOT rocking. Rock is certainly not Joe’s forte. But this is not a weak performance either. He’ll be safe this week for sure. Over to the judges.

Judges verdict:

Danny: I just have to say that the voice is exceptional.

Louis: You absolutely won me over.

Simon: You are one of the most consistent performers in the show.

Cheryl: I loved it.  [ Simon says: You gotta sit up 🙂 And Cheryl asks : Why? And she adjusts her ..ahem..boobies ]

Awright people. Joe’s code is 01. Vote Vote Vote. Over to Danny’s Girls.

Lucie Jones is up next.

She is singing – Sweet Child O’ Mine. Phew!!!! She’s taking on Axl Rose . That’s something isn’t it. As expected the intro is on the Piano not on the Guitar. It’s more Sheryl Crow than Axl Rose. Oh, she was a bit pitchy. I don’t like it. Me being a GnR fan, it is just doesn’t feel right. The highiieee-aaaaih is so unconvincing.  It needs to be a bit faster. She looks like a mock act of Katie Perry or Taylor Swift. OMG, the ending was horrible horrible. She does not embody rock at all. Did not like it.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You can sing anything. Simon you owe her an apology.

Cheryl: I am very impressed, you can be an Avril Lavigne. [Seriously?]

Simon: You gave it a 100%, well done!

Danny: That’s the comment you want from that end.

I did not like it at all. Her code: 02. She did take on a massive song. I’ll give her that. Anyway, time now for a short break. C u in a bit!


Back from the break. Simon Cowell now introduces – Danyl Johnson. To see him in the Bottom 2 was a shocker. And he’s singing an Aerosmith song. He needs to get his confidence back. He needs to act more humble, play the underdog and with his awesome performances by his side, he could go a long way. Back to the performance – I don’t wanna miss a thing. Is it me or is he singing in a different scale altogether? He seems scared. All his stage showmanship is toned down. WHYYYYY? He has toned down a bloody rocking Aerosmith song. Yes, he can deliver the screaming high notes. I’ll give him that. But it does feel like Danyl is scared this week. C’mon Danyl!!! Get your act together.

Judges verdict:

Danny: It felt like you lost your Mojo. It didn’t feel as it was your natural performance.

Louis: I want people at home to give you a second chance.

Cheryl: You don’t do it for me.

Simon: You are undoubtedly the best vocalist in the competition.

Yes, I know the week was hard for you Danyl. But you need to impress the audience. And all you got to do for that is just perform your ass off. And Rock week was the open invitation for him to showcase his all. It’s a missed opportunity case for Danyl. His code is 03. Please vote for Danyl people. I am sure we are yet to see the Best from him.

Time for another break. BRB!


Back from the break again. Next up from Cheryl’s guys – Lloyd Daniels. One of the weakest performers on the show. And you know what, he’s singing a Katy Perry  – I Kissed A Girl. Simon puts it right – He’s there because he is good looking. True. But Cheryl puts it the other way – He ticks all the boxes. Pfft.

Back to the performance. He’s got eye-liners I think. The vocals are horrendous. And the best thing about the performance are the background singers. I know Zombies come out on Halloween, but his performance is lifeless. I’ve seen coffins that look less wooden. 😛 I know he’s getting the younger teeny girl demographic vote. It is just not enough. I’d be surprised if he isn’t in the bottom 2.

Judges verdict:

Danny: You’re voice was drowned out by the music.

Louis: The theme was Rock, and you sang a Pop song.

Simon: Louis, you are becoming so boring. The song made you relevant. The performance was million times better than last week.

Cheryl: Shut up you two [ to Simon and Louis ]. Everybody loves you.

His code is 04. Next up is Stacey Solomon.

She is performing Keane – Somewhere Only We Know. I really hope she proves Simon wrong with her performance. Her vocals have always been strong. The song choice is spot on for her vocal. We love love love her. It is not a flashy performance. But she delivers completely. She does not look nervous at all. That was lovely.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I am not very crazy about the song choice.

Cheryl: I love that song choice for you.

Simon: It was like an X Factor miracle tonight. I thought it was a good choice of song. It made it relevant.

Danny: I loved your performance. Vote for Stacey.

Her code: 05. Bless her! She says ” I moved!”


Time for another break, and up next is Jamie Archer. C U in a bit.

Jamie is one of the few contestants who are very genuine and naturally talented. Love love his past performances. And rock being his element, tonight is the night when he should shine. He is taking on Get Your Rocks Off – Primal Scream. It’s true that there are high expectations on him. He needs to deliver and not disappoint us. Can anyone shut up Louis? He says that Jamie can only sing Karaoke versions. Ok, back to the performance.

Not a big fan of this song. But I feel like I am in the middle of a concert venue. He’s a natural rocker. I don’t like the swooning skimpily clad women. But one thing’s for sure. I am a big Jamie fan. That’s an awesome performance. He rules the stage. And totally has made this song his own. That’s what you call Rocking. Love love love it. A very confident and excellent performance. You did not disappoint me at all.

Judges verdict:

Danny: You are absolutely in your element. It was a great performance.

Louis: You are like a Lenny Kravitz impersonator.

Cheryl: Most comfortable performer. [ Ok, she points out that Simon has a rocker in the competition, and hence, for the first time X Factor has a Rock Week].

Simon: What else are you supposed to do? Of all the performances tonight, that was the most authentic performance. I promise this, this [ Louis Walsh’s whining about it not being authentic] is just mindgames. He really loves performing. And we know it, that he is the real deal. Vote for him. His code: 06. Time for another break. Up next are: Rachel and Jedward.


Back to the show. It’s Rachel Adedeji next.

She has been in the bottom 2 for 2 weeks. And then, she was safe last week. This week, on Rock Week she’s singing a Ballad. She’s singing One by U2. She looks like a Rihanna impersonator. Will it be enough?

Back to the performance. I love it. I love her vocals. And actually, she is the underdog of the competition. Her vocals are transforming this song into something completely different. And that is a good thing. God, she can nail those high notes. She’s brilliant. Kudos to Danny for that song choice. She was brilliant. She’s got power and range. Excellent combination.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You made that song your own.

Cheryl: You got to show the soul in your voice. And you delivered.

Simon: I liked the last third of the song. I felt that the whole look turned the first third into a cabaret.

Danny. That was amazing.

Yes, I agree with Danny. It was absolutely amazing. It is just about her voice. It was brilliant. Forget the hair. If we were to consider hair, Jedward would win innit. Her code is: 07. Vote vote.

Next up: Welcomed by boos from all over, it’s John & Edward. Did I tell you, I hate them?

The lesser I talk about them, the better. They are singing – We Will Rock You. And they are on with eye-liners. And they are rapping ..Oh right. That’s the Five version of the Queen classic. Simon is headbanging…actually. They look like My Chemical Romance. I will give them full points for the performance. The guitar solo and the groupie plunge. It is arguably, their ‘best’ performance ever. And it is still shit. I don’t know how Freddie Mercury would’ve felt about it.

Judges verdict:

Danny: It is Halloween, and that was scary.

Cheryl: You are definitely dressed for the occasion.

Simon: It was Night of the Living Dead singing Queen out of tune. I will credit with tenacity. However, you cannot defend that singing Louis.

Louis: I don’t get what Louis says at this point. He’s just blabbering to defend his act.

Time for another break. And to end the show – Olly Murs.


Back from the break. And the last performer of the night is from Simon’s Over 25’s – Olly Murs. He has been secretly the consistent strong performer week after week. This week he’s singing a Beatles classic also covered by Aerosmith – Come Together.

I am absolutely looking forward to this performance. Louis is right about him. He is the dark horse of the competition. He has been terrific in every single theme he has got. But this song is going to test him. Danny thinks this song is way too big for him. But I know it for sure that Olly is going to outperform everyone’s expectations.

There’s so much class, flair and originality in his vocals. It’s a Beatles song. And we know it backwards. But Olly Murs’ version is sounding very very sexy. Very believable, and did I say sexy? It reminds me of the Aerosmith cover version more than the Beatles original. And to end it, he’s taken his mentor Simon’s cues – he exposes his hairy chest.

Judges verdict:

Danny: I absolutely adore you. The vocals are consistently brilliant.

Louis: You keep getting better every week. I think you are in the final 3.

Cheryl: You’re coming to your own every week.

Simon: You are progressing better than just about everybody. You did a good job.

His code: 09. Voting Lines are now open.

A quick recap of the performances tonight:


01 – Joe: Pop performance on a rock week. Was too cute.

02-Lucie: She didn’t  perform it well. Was quite nasal.

03-Danyl: Still going strong

04-Lloyd: Bottom 2. Bottom 2. That was just awful.

05-Stacey: Brilliant song choice

06-Jamie: The rocker of the night. Awesome it was.

07-Rachel: One of the strongest tonight.

08-Jedward: Bottom 2. I wish there was a system to vote them off.

09-Olly Murs: Sexy vocals. Definitely going stronger and stronger every week.

Awright people. Rock week performances have ended. But tomorrow – JLS and Bon Jovi perform. And one of the top 9 will be eliminated. We’ll be liveblogging the results live at 8pm London time. Join us for the liveblog tomorrow. Until then..CIAO!!

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5 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 4 – Top 9 – Rock Week”

  1. Jamie was in his total element. He's such a natural performer, innit. I think he's the only one performer [ maybe to some extent Olly] who convinces me enough to make me think of him as a future star. And probably buy his singles, go to his concert etc.

    It was a lovely week. But so sad to see Danyl give up so easily by just one week in the bottom 2. He needs to get his act together too.

    I am praying to God that Lloyd and Jedward be put in the bottom 2 tonight.


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