Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 5 – Top 8- Movie Week

Last week’s elimination of Rachel had the whole nation talk about how cowardly Simon Cowell is and how he favours popularity over talent. To answer that, I’d say talent is all about popularity, as far as singing is concerned. I accept that Rachel is indeed one of the best female voices in the competition. But as I said earlier, if her records don’t sell, [ which is a bit clear from her bottom 2 experiences ], she will not go a long way. However, singing can be put into other use. A part in a Broadway or West-End musical can be a good avenue for her singing talent. Coming back to this week’s competition -it’s Movie week tonight on the X Factor. The Top 8 will be singing Movie soundtracks, and Danyl has already sung – I don’t wanna miss a thing. We’ll be updating the playlist for the night as soon as possible.

This is going to be a mixed genre of songs – from pop to hip hop, to retro, disco and even rock. So it all boils down to the song choice for each contestant. Although Rock is Jamie’s forte, I think Simon should explore his range by giving him a pop number and making him sing in a totally new arrangement. An original twist to a very popular number will make him shine through. I believe out of Simon’s three contestants, Jamie hasn’t been praised as much as he should. And lot of it is because of Louis Walsh’s stupid comments. And hey, Simon’s three acts are still in the competition. Whereas – Louis two acts – Miss Frank and Kandy Rain, Cheryl’s – Rikki Loney and Danny’s- Rachel Adedeji have been eliminated.

So far in the competition, the most consistent performer and growing each week has been Olly Murs. I love Stacey but I genuinely think that when it comes to pop performances, Live concerts and tours – she won’t be able to give that level of grand performance. But again, that’s just me.

Nevertheless, we have almost 5 hours to go for the Live show 5. We’ll catch you in a bit with the playlist. But do join us for the Liveblog at 8 pm London time. After the Jump—> The entire playlist of this week’s song choices.

The playlist below are the song choices of the contestants.

Son Of A Preacher Man

This Is Me – Demi Lovato (From Camp Rock)

Circle Of Life – Elton John (From The Lion King)

Stand By Me

Purple Rain

Crying – Roy Orbison

Twist And Shout

John and Edward
Ghostbusters Theme – Ghostbusters

The Live shows begin in a couple of minutes. Join the discussion in the comments. C’mon people!!


Ok people. The show has begun. It was funny to see Dermot make an entry to Moby’s James Bond Theme, and the judges entered the stage to the Star Wars theme. Back to the show. The first to perform is Stacey Solomon. And she is performing – Son Of A Preacher Man from the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

OMG, she is looking stunning in black. Who thought she couldn’t be sexy! Its a very seductive performance without being provocative or slutty. Just the right amount of sexy 🙂 I love love her vocals. Tonight we see the confident performer in Stacey. That was something.

Judges verdict:

Louis: A great start to the show. I love the sexy look on you.

Cheryl: I thought that was the most confident looking performance you’ve done so far.

Simon: I’d call that a typical talent show competition. That was a lazy song choice.

Danny: That just shows how out of touch Simon Cowell is.

Simon thinks she might be vulnerable this week. Seriously Simon? Her code is 01. She was lovely. And the audience cheer was the loudest. Coming back after the break, Olly and Lloyd. BRB!


Back from the break. Up next is from Simon’s Over 25 – Olly Murs. He is singing Twist and Shout from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off soundtrack. Let’s see how he performs.

Like always, he fits in the charming guy-centre stage performer. This is the perfect song choice for him. It’s a fun performance, and the choreography is ..ahng on… they did the Thriller there. He definitely gets all the points for showmanship. And he’s got likeable vocals. He’s already a popstar I think.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I wasn’t crazy about the singing. I think Simon picked a silly song for a great singer.

Danny: You sang beautifully, you performed well. Why the Thriller routine?

Cheryl: The audience is not letting her speak properly. The audience loves him…the girls especially.

Simon: Couldn’t make out what Simon is speaking, coz the audience went on – Olly Olly!! All I could make out was – That was fantastic.

That was a good performance. His code :02.

Next up: from Cheryl’s boys – Lloyd Daniels. He was in the bottom 2 last week. And he couldn’t sing properly because of his sore throat. But Cheryl assures us that he is better. I am annoyed by the in-the-face promotion of Disney’s Christmas Carol. Anywho, he is singing – Stand By Me.

Cheryl and Simon are not listening to him singing. They seem involved in some discussion. I have never been a fan of his vocals. And as usual, Lloyd disappoints us all with his lacklustre vocals. It is all over the place. Rushed at some places and pitchy everywhere. Why is he walking to the judges…oh..ok, he means Cheryl to ..”Stand By Me”. Cheeky!

Judges verdict:

Louis: It’s better than last week. But I don’t think you are good enough.

Danny: You’re very cute. It was a nice performance [ She’s trying to be nice].

Simon: Kinda feels like you are giving up.

Cheryl: He is down on his confidence. But I think it was your most comfortable vocals you’ve done so far.

That was still terrible. His code is 03.

Time for another break. C u in a bit. Until then, shout out in the comments people.


Back from the break. Next up is – Jamie Archer. He is a born star. He’s just got it. He is performing Crying by Roy Orbison. He was previously supposed to perform Unchained Melody. But now, is his song change going to help him?

I am a big fan of his vocals and entire performance. But his vocals at the lower notes vibrate a bit too much quite uncomfortably. But having said that, let me tell you this. That out of all the acts, the only performance that I genuinely believe to sell out concerts in stadiums is Jamie. That was an awesome performance.

Judges verdict:

Louis: Great performance. But I don’t know the movie. I think you are cheating.

Danny: It was an emotional performance. It was heartfelt.

Cheryl: I think Simon did you well by changing the song. That was beautiful.

Simon: This is all about you. That was the best performance by a mile.

His code: 04. He was brilliant. He deserves to be in the competition and even win it. Vote Vote!!

Time for another break. And after the break – Lucie Jones and Danyl Johnson. Exciting innit!


Back from the break. Time now for Lucie Jones. After having performed Guns N Roses – Sweet Child last week, she is now taking on a chick rock song – This is Me – from the Camp Rock soundtrack. Let me tell you this, she was fabulous in the audition, but since then, I have completely lost interest in her. She needs to grab mine as well everyone else’s attention.

No background dancers. Why is she nasal? She lifts her nostrils and goes nasal to hit the higher notes. Feels like one of those Miley Cyrus songs which totally disinterests me. She is kinda like following Simon’s instruction manual to be contemporary. That was just ok!

Judges verdict:

Louis: That was a good song choice. You are going to be the last girl standing.

Cheryl: I think you have found your niche.

Simon: This is the first time for me that you’ve made yourself relevant as a pop artist.

Danny: All I can add is that, I’m not the only who loves Lucie.

Her code: 05. I didn’t think that was as good as the judges said.

Next up: Simon says – a new Danyl Johnson.

Okay, he had a bad week last week. And the movie premiere thing is annoying me over and over again. And he is singing Prince’s – Purple Rain. Let’s see if Danyl can kill it.

New hairstyle. He has cropped his hair. Over to the performance – best song choice of the night. 20 seconds into the song  – and we are over to the hook. I think Danyl is certainly back in the competition. He is known for his wide range and instead of going for the obvious high notes, he has given us some good falsettos too. That was great. Simply great.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You came out there, and won over everyone.

Danny: Love the new look. It was a really really good performance.

Cheryl: I really liked your demeanour tonight.

Simon: That was an outstanding vocal.

That was indeed a great performance. Simon is kinda making a pitch for his act. He is a good salesman 😛 His code: 06. Vote Vote Vote !!!

Time for another break. Jedward will be performing next. Booing already!!


Okay, time for the nightmare of the night. John & Edward. They feel Jedward is as cool as Brangelina. That’s like…err..incest. Anywho. Moving on, they are singing – as Louis states – the best soundtrack of all time – Ghostbusters. I am seriously worried that Louis is getting mental. As Simon says, they haven’t sung a single song in tune this whole show.

Over to the performance. It is funny. Very silly. Kinda looks like one of those annual shows in schools – only better props. The forgot the lyrics, awful choreography, and horrible vocals. Audience is cherring and booing. Louis loves them.

Judges verdict:

Danny: I honestly have got no idea. I can’t imagine listening to you on the radio. [ Louis: I can]

Cheryl: You bring fun to this show.

Simon: I think we have established in the last few weeks that you can’t sing. But this was actually the right song for you. This was….err..[hesitates] ..sorta good.

Louis: All I know is, people everywhere are talking about Jedward.

Seriously, we are hearing Jedward is being praised by Simon. Phew! And Louis says that Jedward are a good fun release in a world filled with gloom. So Jedward are now the mascots of the Anti-Recession cheering Club. Pffft!! Their code:07

Okie dokie. Last break of the show. Up next, closing the show is – Joe McElderry.


Back from the break. Time for the not so Average Joe 🙂 He is singing from Lion King – Circle of Life. It is THE fit song for him. This is going to be good.

Love the echo in his voice. The background dancers are a bit distracting. But his vocals are just flawless. I can imagine him singing that at Reading festival. Yes, this is a grand performance. Brilliant. Give it lasers, and proper light works, and this can be one of those performances. Love the vocals, love the performance.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You tick all the boxes.

Danny: You are the best male vocalist in the competition, hands down.

Simon: I thought this was the perfect song for you. I think you are commercial, you are very good.

Cheryl: It is so proud to watch you up there.

Oooh..Dermot and Louis had a debate. Louis gets screaming – I am the judge, you are the presenter. Dermot replies – I think the public is the real judge. Phew!

Simon: Louis, you have insulted the Prime Minister, you’ve insulted the audience. I think you should apologize.

Phew!!! All the drama that is on this show.

Joe’s code: 08. Vote Vote!!!

A quick recap of the performances of the night.

Stacey – Sexy, very good.

Olly – You twist, we shout..Olly Olly.

Lloyd – Go home kid!

Jamie – I have my lighters ignited, and I am in crowd at your concert. That was awesome.

Danyl – You are back in the game.

Lucie Jones – Never thought I’d say this to the girl who sang – I will always love you – But she is posing as the next Miley Cyrus. Donno if that’s good.

Jedward – Ghost busting stuff. In a bad way

Joe – Flawless. ‘Nuff said

I predict: Bottom 2 – Lloyd and Jedward. Possibly Jedward goes home 2moro.

Results night is tomorrow. Black Eyed Peas and Leona Lewis perform. And we will be liveblogging the results live at 8pm London time. See ya guys then!! [ Might update for some time more from the XTra Factor. Stay glued]


Inside scoop from The Xtra Factor:

Simon clarifies that the show isn’t scripted. As in he hates the twins for real. And that Louis loves them.

Someone (Andy) from Manchester just asked Louis – If he wasn’t the mentor of Jedward, for real, would he still be supporting them? Hahahaha!! Andy got him by the balls.

Cheryl reveals that Danyl and Jamie were brilliant tonight.

Christie from Wales is complaining about Simon changing Jamie’s song for the second time. Simon replies that he wants him to do well.

Sam from Bracknell – to Cheryl – If Lloyd cannot sing high notes, why make him sing them. Sam also suggested him to sing Chris Brown – Forever. And the judges agree.


We’re outta here now. Join us tomorrow for the Liveblog of the  results – 8pm London time. Night Night!

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13 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 5 – Top 8- Movie Week”

  1. I see Stacey a little bit afraid to perform on her own. when she sings she barely moves, but when it comes to sundays' in-group performing, she is totally different. So that's why i belive she's not the one, however – as a mothe myself, though few years older 🙂 – i keep my fingers crossed for her 🙂
    Still after eliminating my favourite Rachel, I stand for Olly. he's a kind, sincere and funny person, and above that all marvolous performer. I really want him to stay till the end 🙂


  2. Thanks for the blog again. but you forgot to give your opinion about Danyl above 😀
    Cause I mostly agree with what you say. I actually hope Danyl wins the competition he deserves it the most. But the only thing I can't understand about him is the 'free man' in him >_<
    OVER 25's ROCK <3


  3. I did comment on his performance. I said he was good, the song choice was spot on, and he did absolute justice to a Prince song. But IMO, Olly is winning this year.

    Wht about the free man?? I didn't actually get you!


  4. Well I mean not there look under the Judges Verdict.
    Free man or Free spirit -> The Bisexual thing >_<.
    But yeah I think Olly or Danyl are winning this year.
    I like Olly but to be honest Danyl deserves it he got TEH Vocal.


  5. The Look? You want to know my opinion on his new look?

    Not the right guy to ask. Hehehe.
    I want Jamie to win this. As I mentioned, I totally believe his performance and I can see him perform live in a concert stadium. He is THAT brilliant. But donno if the British public would vote for a rocker. Rock, love it or hate it, but is still not very mainstream. Even after Metallica, Guns N Roses, and Green Day


  6. A quick recap of the performances of the night.

    Stacey – Sexy, very good.

    Olly – You twist, we shout..Olly Olly.

    Lloyd – Go home kid!


    Lol not the look I mean over here xD
    I would never ask something like that unless I was a girl 😛
    Meh can't wait for the results !


  7. Aaah..ok..I guess I missed him then. Hmmm. Thanks for noticing that. In reply to that..I should say…

    Danyl: He's back in the game 🙂

    The results will be live in just an hour. See u at the liveblog. Cheerio!


  8. If it comes to Danyl, there is something annoying in this guy… I like his vocal, but he doesn't convince me with his overall conception as an artist. And I simply dont buy this bisexual comming out in public. Just as if who he does would make a differnce how he performs. Yeah, but probably that was measured to play emotions with sexual-discrimination-victim pose.


  9. The whole busexual thing was brought out by the press. The press is always interested in the personal lives. They are contestants with their own lives. And we are no one to judge them on the basis of how they live their lives. As far as music is concerned, yes we can say if we liked their performance or not.

    I don't know how strategic it is to gain sympathy for being someone of a sexual-discrimination-victim. I am even not aware of that.

    Solely on his performance though, he has been good in some weeks. But his audition performance has been the best. I want him to better that , and I know he can.


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