Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 6 -Top 7- Queen Night

Apologies for not liveblogging the event but just updating at once of the show tonight. And big thanks for still joining the discussion. I am on a holiday in the South of England, and it was a big deal for me to get a Wi-Fi connection. This made it impossible for me to liveblog it, so we are instead just posting the show update of sorts. [ In a way, I am liveblogging it whilst watching the show, but posting it at once] Now that I have established how I am blogging it, let’s get on with the show.

Last week’s Movie week turned out to be a very controversial week with Simon’s consecutive second chickening out decision which resulted in sending Lucie . But moving on, tonight is the night – the contestants are taking on songs of one of the best bands in Rock History – Queen. I love and worship Queen. I worship Freddie Mercury and Brian May and Roger Taylor’s backing vocals. I even love Queen performing with Paul Rodgers. And let’s hope Simon does not chicken out this week and steps up as a man. The show is just about to start. The liveblog is live after the jump. Cheerio!

Okay, the show has begun. I think, this season, after having watched the last two shows, I am getting more annoyed by Simon than Jedward. But moving on, tonight is going to be a big fight about song choice. Coz seriously, song choice tonight will make or break an act. Louis promises Jedward has every chance to win this week. Seriously, they do have the chance to win the show now. The public might mock vote them just to make a mockery of the whole show. Jedward wins the show– and then they sell only 20 copies in total. Anywho, Dermot has entered the stage with One Vision playing in the background. I love love this track. And here are the Killer Queens – Simon, Cheryl, Danny and Louis.

A quick AV tribute to the best British band of all time – Queen. God knows I want to break free, and All we need is Radio Gaga. Not to forget – We Are the Champions. Let’s begin the show. Simon Cowell to begin the show – he’s being received with lotsa boos. And hello Simon, Susan Boyle wasn’t on X Factor. Simon is promising that he trusts the public and has never played tactics. Hmmm. He’s trying to heal the wounds. Back to the show, first up – Jamie Archer. It’s lovely to see them getting mentored by the Rock Gods – Roger Taylor and Brian May. Over to the performance:

Jamie Archer: He’s singing- Radio Gaga.
He needs to hold back his vibrato. He is overdoing it. But clearly Simon likes it. But it is such a powerful song not to dislike it. The song is working wonders. But the song is better than him. I love the song, not sure about the act. The song is just way too powerful and anthemic that I want so much more. And I am left asking for more. Does not mean I am not enjoying it. It is a very intelligent song choice. Sounded a bit weird, not a karaoke version, but not too original either.

Judges verdict:
Danny:- In some ways it was a brilliant song choice. But did not show off your vocal abilities.
Louis:- Crowd pleasing choice. But you are out of your debt tonight. Pfft. Louis, have a look in the mirror.
Cheryl:- I don’t like your hair. But you definitely started off the show well.
Simon:- You got an incredible reaction from the crowd.

Jamie carries himself well. And he definitely has pleased the crowd by singing a crowd pleasing song and then also reassuring that only and only the public counts. So basically, up yours Louis.
Jamie’s code: 01. Vote Vote Vote!!


Back to the show:

Lloyd Daniels. He needs to go home. Him performing a Queen song is going to be atrocious. It is just wrong that he gets to meet Queen, and I don’t πŸ™
So he is singing – Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Let’s see how it goes.

All dramatic opening. What has he done with the lyrics? I like the song. I have sung it πŸ™‚ But Lloyd singing this song doesn’t appear to me as confident. But it is a better performance than last week’s. But then he ended it with a terrible terrible verbal exercise.

Judges verdict:
Danny – Best performance from you.
Louis – You have to perform better next week.
Simon – You are like a puppy taking part in Grand National. But you are having a good time.
Cheryl – This is what I am talking about. [ Whaaaa? Are we watching the same performance. ]

His code 02. Not appealing enough to me. And after the break – Olly Murs performing.

Now back from the break. Performing next is – Olly Murs. He’s been one of the most consistent performers. But let’s see what he does with a Queen song. This week he is singing – Don’t Stop Me Now. This is a full on vocally challenging Freddie song. Let’s see how he does it.

It’s an awful start. The lower notes are rushed, the falsetto is just awful. He sounds like he is totally out of breath. Way too big song for him. Sounds like Olly needs singing lessons. The choreography is good, but I hate hate hate to see him dancing. He has a good voice, but I just don’t like his performance tonight. Simon loves it. Singing wise – that was shit.

Judges verdict:
Danny – I think you are the best performer in the show by far. The song musically swallowed up your vocals.
Louis – That was an electrifying performance. You remind me of Robbie, Gary Barlow.
Cheryl – You are one of the performers that I look forward to every week.
Simon – For once I agree with Louis, you remind me of Robbie. Coz you have the ability to entertain.

Olly is a good performer, I give him that. But tonight, singing – Don’t Stop Me Now, that was just not right. And that reaction from the crowd is just not justified. Well, the public is voting, not me.
His code: 03. Vote for Olly!!

Next up: Joe McElderry. I wish he sings – Somebody to Love, Coz he has the voice to carry off that song. Let’s see.

And yes he is singing – Somebody to Love. I love love love the choir arrangement. I love love this voice. Now we are talking. Brilliant song choice. But a weak note in the first Chorus. C’mon Joe. He is oozing personality tonight. And yes, this song has given him ample opportunity to showcase what he’s got. And he is taking each and every chance. Lovely falsetto in the end. Spot ON. Well done!!! That was FLAWLESS. You can’t say that was OK. That was so not OK. That was Bloody Brilliant. One to beat.

Judges verdict:
Danny – You bring it on every week.
Louis – Really big song for a little guy from the North of England. I think the choir helped you little bit.
Simon – You are nitpicking Louis. I think you sang better last week. I think the song slightly overwhelmed you.
Cheryl – It’s irrelevant what they say. Coz the people at home have ears. [ Love Cheryl shutting up Louis and Simon ].

I think this is the best act of the night. Just loved this performance. His code: 04.
Time for another break. But the twins perform next.

Back from the break we are. This is the time where we get to see the twins. Jedward take on a Queen song. Are they going to sing – We Will Rock You again? And is Mr.Rule book – Louis going to allow it? And just forget the pussy that is Simon Cowell for a while and concentrate on the act. OMG, they are singing – Under Pressure.
They are doing a Rap version of this song fusing Ice Ice Baby. I wonder what Mr. Rule book Louis Walsh would have to say about it. Confession time – I am not disliking it. The choreography is good, and I am actually liking it. I am not so mad anymore for keeping them in the show. That was for sure very entertaining and their best performance.

Judges verdict:
Danny – For the rule book, where does Vanilla Ice fit in with Queen. I’m sorry some of the rapping was even out of time.
Cheryl – I am so happy to hear them cheering Jedward for you. Good for you.
Simon – I can’t judge you in the real world anymore. I’d say that was your best performance.
Louis – This was your best performance.

Their code: 05. This was actually an entertaining performance. And I guess, they are here to stay for at least this week. Lemme say this, that there are performers who are much less talented than Jedward who have gone to sell millions of records [ Am I actually backing them now? Hehehehe.] But again, this is a singing competition. Anywho, will I buy a Jedward record? Never.

Time for a break. And Stacey sings next.

Back from the break. The only girl act left in the competition. Stacey Solomon. Brian May and Roger Taylor applauded what Stacey performing their own song. I hope she does well.
She is singing – Who Wants To Live Forever. Grand Diva Entry, and she is dressed to be a Diva. That is an iconic song, and the vocals that needs to go with this song is just way too much to ask for. And Stacey – you go girl. That was pitch perfect. I want this single to be released. I literally mean it. This will surely be the Christmas best seller if it is officially released. That was brilliant.

Judges verdict:
Louis – That was incredible. You looked like a Diva
Cheryl – That was absolutely stunning. You totally sang your socks off.
Simon – That was by mile the best performance of the night. Brilliant.
Danny – That was brilliant.

Simon reminds us of the brilliant song writing of Queen. Wooohooo. *Bows to Queen*
Vote for her people. Her code: 06. Last performance of the night. Danyl performing next.


Time now for the last performance of the night. Closing the night, it’s Danyl Johnson. Brian May recommends Danyl to be himself. Danyl needs to be comfortable being what he is – a performer, and care a damn about the three judges. He is singing – We Are The Champions . It is a cocky song actually. I don’t like the breathing technique that he is doing on the song. But Danyl has got the vocals to pull off the song. Not liking the lower notes. Higher notes are much better. No time for losers – Louis, are you listening? A mixed reaction. Not sure if I love it in total. In parts, yes I did. Simon is proud.

Judges verdict:
Danny – I absolutely think that it was your best performance in the live show.
Louis – Tonight, you have proved that you got it all.
Cheryl – You totally overwhelmed me by the end.
Simon – That was not a karaoke performance. Outstanding.

His code – 07. I mean that was a good performance. But in the real world, that is a tough song to sing. But Danyl fell short in the lower notes.

Voting lines are now OPEN. Time to vote vote.

Quick recap of the acts.

Jamie – Was one of his average performances. I reckon it spells trouble.
Lloyd – Better than last week. But still Bottom 2 stuff
Olly – My least favourite of the night. But he’s still safe.
Joe – My favourite of the night.
Jedward – Addictively entertaining [ I confess ].
Stacey – Diva stuff.
Danyl – Average. That’s it.

Bottom 2 predictions – Lloyd and Jamie. I love Jamie, but I think that was not a good performance that justified his performance. Having said that, Jedward might also be in trouble as a backlash from last week. So who will be going home tomorrow? We’ll find it out in the results tomorrow live at 8pm London time.

And yes, I will be Liveblogging it. Join the liveblog and discussion tomorrow. Thanks for visiting this post. Cheerio!!

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5 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 6 -Top 7- Queen Night”

  1. I am sorry, but I will be replying to the comments tomorrow when I get home. I am on a holiday at the mo, and I had to get out in search of a WiFi spot to update the blog. Such dedication πŸ™‚ You got to send me an award for this πŸ™‚

    But I'll be back liveblogging for the results night 2moro. Cheerio.


  2. OMGoshh I missed this liveblog!
    I waited anxiously yesterday night for utube release of the liveshows, but it's always cut off the best drama πŸ™‚
    For me the man of the night was definitelly Danyl. Maybe his vocals weren't perfect, but he sang his soul out. I loved it. As about Stacy, which I personally admire the most from all competition girls, for the first time I really received breathtaking emotions from her. But during her performance – my personal very best song of Queen – there were moments when I felt it's too big song for her, her voice was weak and she got so out of breath. Then Joe, he's voice was clear as frosty winter sky, but then he is so young and cheerful, and singing adults' songs sometimes make him look like my 3year-old son trying to walk in my husband's shoes. But I really wished to see him in 10/15 years ahead πŸ™‚
    The rest didn't convience me at all, but I must admit Lloyd was better singing than Olly and Jamie. Jedward, go home πŸ™‚


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