Liveblogging:The X Factor 2009-Live Show 7-Wham Week

It’s Wham Week tonight on The X Factor. Woohoo. After the shocker elimination of Jamie Archer last week, only 6 remain to perform tonight to the immortal Wham tracks. George Michael included ie. I am sick and tired of the Deadlock situation which has been happening on the last 3 results nights. And I want Lloyd to go home. It is bloody high time. Yes, I want to drive him away from the X Factor, even more than the twins. Coz he is just crap!

And as far as the  best performances are concerned – Stacey and Joe just nailed their performances. Just top notch. Anywho, enough of living in the past, let’s focus on tonight’s show.

The song choices are out. Continue reading after the jump to see who’s singing what tonight.

The Liveblog goes live at 8pm London time as usual. Join us for the liveblog and discussion.

The song choices of this week are:

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Careless Whisper

Fast Love

John and Edward
I’m Your Man

See you guys at 8pm London time for the liveblog.


We are live with the liveblog people. Welcome all. It’s Wham night tonight. I want Lloyd to run out of his luck soooo bad. Him singing Faith – ugh. Pffft to the judges with the big promises and all. To be honest, after Jamie’s elimination last week, the show has lost all Mojo. Anywho, back to the show. Dermot has entered the studio and so  has the four judges – Louis, Danny, Cheryl and Simon. What use are they if they keep on leaving the acts to be judged by the Deadlocked – Tween girls audience. And btw, Cheryl is looking absolute LOL stuff.

Stepping into the spotlight first- from Cheryl’s boys, it’s Lloyd Daniels singing – Faith. The X Factor charity single has been released, and a bit of HMV promotion to go with that. And Lloyd finds singing Faith tough. Really? It’s one of the easiest George Michael songs to sing. Oh for Christ sake.

He’s got a new haircut. Simon is about to throw up. I still hate the vocals and he cannot deliver even such a vocally non-challenging song. He’s really tune-deaf. The song is a very safe choice. Coz the song carries itself. Nothing to do for Lloyd. Now, if Twilight can earn the biggest single day grosser ever, Lloyd can certainly win the X Factor. Ugh

Judges verdict:

Danny: You just need to bring the Wow moment.

Louis: I love everything except for the voice.

Simon: Actually, Lloy, that surprised me, that wasn’t bad at all ( And the girls cheer, ugh!)

Cheryl: You look adorable, and your most comfortable performance.

Louis spoke something very true. There are better singers in the competition. But again, Louis is saying that – the mentor of the twins 😛

His code: 01. Time for a break; C u in a bit


Back to the show. Up next – Danny introduces the only girl in the competition- Stacey Solomon.

I just love hearing her talk, sing, perform. She’s such a nice girl. She is singing – I Can’t Make You Love Me. Seeing her worried face actually raises her cuteness factor. Ok, over to the performance. Her voice is a bit pitchy tonight. I hate to say this, but it is not working. This song is such a wrong song for her. Only Danny seems to recognise this song other than Danny. Stacey’s vocals are falling a bit flat, and although I love her to bits, this is not one of her strongest.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You’ve definitely got the Star Factor. That was an incredible song choice.

Cheryl: That was a great song choice for you . ( Are we watching the same show?)

Simon: You’re one of the genuinely nice person on this show ( We agree!). First part – a bit clumsy. ( Finally, someone agrees)

Danny: You have to believe that your dreams will come true – coz they will. 🙂

Stacey is shaking . Aww bless!! Her code is – 02. She’s not very eloquent. But all she needs to is to sing. And the audience love her. I think Olly has got a tough challenge. Time or another break. Back in a bit.


Back to the show. Dermot is taking the piss of Louis Walsh by referring to him as the Rule Book man.

Anyway, here’s John & Edward. They are performing  – I am Your Man. Enough has been said and talked about them. I have had enough of it. Let’s go straight to the performance shall we?

Choreography-wise they always deliver week after week. Vocaaly – as atrocious as always. And what’s with all that rapping. And hang on – 50% of the track is pre-recorded with the chorus high note falsettos. I’m done.

Judges verdict:

Danny: The singing was in tune (Really? Danny, get your ears checked!)

Cheryl: No matter what happens from here, you should be really proud of yourself.

Simon: Perfect song choice. But Louis is giving you way too much.

Louis: I want people to vote for you.

Simon adds, you’ve converted a lot of people. You are relentless, like some unstoppable machine. Ugh!!! Imagine them winning Simon. Imagine – Leona, Alexandra …Jedward? Sounds fun innit!!

Their code: 03. Vote, if you want it.

Next up – No frills, no gimmicks, just singing – Danyl Johnson. He’s singing – Careless Whisper. Hmm!

That’s a nice song. And let’s see how he performs it. Let’s hope he doesn’t juggle around with the microphone. It is THE George Michael song to sing. Let’s hope he does it well. Over to the performance.

Like the arrangement. But I am not a fan of his breathing technique. I think I am liking it. I believe this can be the winner’s single this year. This arrangement works wonders for him. Absolute projection of Danyl’s wonderful vocals. No back up, no instruments – just a bass guitar and piano. It’s just BRILLIANT. I think Danyl has topped his audition act. He knows the song through and through, and technically, that was absolutely awesome. Good job.

Judges verdict:

Danny: Very original version of that song. Brilliant.

Louis: I think you tried too hard with that song. Simon is making it very difficult for you.

Cheryl: That was a flat performance. (Really Cheryl, pffft!!!!)

Simon: I think we were listening to two different choices. That was what I call respecting the song.

That was pound for pound, penny for penny, the best cover version of that song. Absolute Stadium Concert stuff. Danyl has got the Phone Vote face now. Hehehehe. I don’t like it – a bit creepy. Anyway vote for him. His code – 04. Back in a bit from the break.


Back to the show. Time for – Olly Murs.

He’s singing  – Fast Love. I like this song, and in a way it fits Olly’s singing style. He went to his office, and sat on his work desk. And well, made all his ex-colleagues burn in envy. Over to the performance.

Nothing wow about the vocals. The choreography is a bit too flashy and all those babes dressed like mosquitoes with pom poms is just funny. Nothing memorable about it. Just seems like a filler performance played during the loo-break of a long concert. Or even an early morning slot in a music fest. He seems out of breathe and dry-mouthed.

Judges verdict:

Danny: Olly, Olly , Olly. You know how to work the audience.

Louis: You have the potential to be the new popstar in the UK.

Cheryl: You’ve got a broad appeal to you.  You always come out and deliver.

Simon: You are turning into a really good fearless entertainer.

He is a good entertainer. But his vocals have faded in the last few weeks. He needs to better that. And that silly dancing of his – just a bit lame. But then, what do I know. I am not a 16 year old teenage girl.

Olly’s code: 05. After the break, the last performance of the night- Joe. C u in a bit.


Back from the break for the closing performance – Joe McElderry. He’s singing – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

Joe loves when Cheryl stands up for him and shuts up the two men – Louis and Simon. Over to the performance.

When it comes to controlled vocals, Joe’s the man. He never disappoints. His voice is so much better than Olly’s. A definite entry into the finals Joe. Lovely vocals. And for Louis – there is no choir this week. Just a funny thing though – the backdrop shows something which resembles like the Dark Matter from – The Fifth Element.

Judges verdict:

Danny:- Missed her comment, sorry.

Louis:- That is the best performance of the night. But that is an Elton John song.

Simon: We are gonna stop you from speaking (to Louis). Yes, Simon is investing in him.

Cheryl: You definitely nailed it.

Lovely performance by Joe. Just brilliant- and THAT’s usual for him. His code -06. Voting lines are NOW open.


A quick recap of the performances coming up.

Lloyd- You’re outta here 2moro.

Stacey- Average. Just average, sorry Stacey.

Jedward – Who was singing that Falsetto?

Danyl – Lovely arrangement!

Olly- I didn’t like it. But he’s safe.

Joe- Best of the night.

Anywho, 6 become 5 tomorrow. Susan Boyle performs live 2moro and Mariah Carey too. We will be liveblogging the Live results show tomorrow. Until then, shout it out in the comments what you thought of the performances. Cheerio!!!

[ Might get back with some snippets from the Xtra Factor in a bit! ]


From Xtra Factor:

Louis is still questioning about Joe singing an Elton John song. And Simon says – Last week was Queen Night, and you did – Vanilla Ice.

Michelle asks Louis – Why don’t you accept criticism for your act without giving childish comments?

Louis says – That’s how I am. I am not perfect. Thank you for calling.

Mark asks what face cream does Louis use. Louis must have something done to him. 😛

Oh yeah, Simon reveals that the winning song has been decided; But they haven’t revealed it yet.

I am tired of this. I better get out now and watch True Blood. We’ll be back for the Liveblog of the Live results tomorrow night at 8pm. Tata!

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8 thoughts to “Liveblogging:The X Factor 2009-Live Show 7-Wham Week”

  1. John&Edward have to go out to the compatition!!! My favorite was Lucie, and I'm very angry for the twins…:S They haven't got voice, they have got only big shows… it's crap… They are the worst in this show!!!


  2. I am more angry with Louis Walsh than the twins. The twins are just young guys having fun.

    Louis moans and nags the other performances about not being good etc etc, and what the frak is he backing – John & Edward. Seriously Louis, get a reality check


  3. Lol what has John&Edward done wrong ? And Louis is just backing up his own acts wich is very normal. And Jedward are kinda getting better every live show. And once again a Supperrrrrr performance of Danyl ! HE HAS TO BE THE WINNER !

    BTW Sujoy u just made Stacey a shemale lol -> I just love hearing him talk, sing, perform.
    It's below her picture 😛
    I just read everything u write xD

    Once again thanks for the liveblog ! <3
    cheerssss mate


  4. Danyl nailed his performance last night I agree. As for Jedward, I just don't want them to win. The entire credibility of a talent show of such a stature will only be reduced if this happens.

    And thanks for the headsup. I will edit the post. Thanks for reading everything in so much detail. You know the pressure of liveblogging. I don't get the option of proof reading before hitting “Publish”.

    And glad to see you back on the comments 🙂

    Do get back for the results show liveblog tonight. Cheerio


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