Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 8- Elton John and Take That

Just a week to go for the Semi-Finals now. And we are still stuck with Lloyd, and tonight we get to bear him twice. Yes, singing Elton John and Take That songs are the Quarter Finalists of The X Factor tonight. Last week, we finally saw the farewell of the Irish legends that were – John & Edward, ‘lovingly’ known as Jedward. With just two weeks away from the finale, tensions rising. And with the Christmas season on full swing, the X Factor publicity team is going full on with the merchandising. Look what I found today at Bh’s.

Well, I was actually tempted to buy the Milk Chocolate Bar – coz they looked like Malteser’s [my fav].But that’d have meant more money in Simon’s pockets. So, I said hmm. NO.

Anywho, coming back to the liveblog tonight, the acts are singing Elton John and Take That songs. Continue after the jump to find the playlist for tonight’s acts, and the liveblog and discussion all goes live at 8pm London time. C u there!

Playlist for the night:

Something About The Way You Look Tonight – Elton John

Rule The World – Take That

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word – Elton John

Could It Be Magic – Take That

I’m Still Standing – Elton John

Million Love Songs – Take That

Your Song – Elton John

Relight My Fire – Take That

Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) – Elton John

Love Ain’t Here Anymore – Take That


Right, we are on with the show. The announcer says – the competition is now serious. Hehe!! So everyone knows Jedward were all farce and no talent. Simon says – everyone deserves to be here, now is the time to prove themselves as stars. Let’s start with the Quarter Finals people. Each contestant sings two songs tonight. The judges have entered the studio. And as usual – Cheryl has put on some weird looking Golden Wrap-what she calls as Dress of the night. Look at Simon giggling away.

The contestants will be singing Take That songs first. Kicking off the show is Danyl. Singing – Relight My Fire.

Some promotion of the new X Factor charity single hitting the charts as the new no.1. This is named as Danyl Johnson’s first dance number. His first up-tempo number. Anywho, over to the performance. His voice is sounding extremely stylish. I am not sure I like to see him making those funny expressions. And he does sound a bit nasal. But dude, he’s dancing. The choreography is working, but the voice doesn’t impress me in this song. I’d rather listen to Danyl singing Careless Whisper. But who cares, he seems to have a good time. And he has shown he can dance, and sing, not necessarily in the same performance though.

Judges verdict:

Louis: What a great start to the show. You can sing, you can dance. I’m glad that you got the Mojo back.

Danny: Amazing production, amazing performance. But that body-role. Errmmm

Cheryl: You made that look pretty effortless.

Simon: You were foot-perfect, you were note-perfect. I am very very happy with that performance.

His code: 01. Vote people. Make Danyl reach the Semis.

Up next: Lloyd Daniels. He’s singing – Million Love Songs.

Oh God, help me. He’s singing two songs tonight. He’s singing a ballad for Christ sake. And he’s drained out all the melody from it. All I can hear is the tween crowd screaming loud so that pretty Lloyd doesn’t feel embarrassed over his poor vocals. It is the same crowd which thronged at the theatres screening Twilight making one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Ok, I am a bit lost tonight. I don’t know where I am going with this performance. I think I have turned a deaf ear to his performance. I just don’t appreciate him at all.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I think singing was pretty good, but not great.

Danny: Don’t complicate your melodies at all. You’re making things tougher for yourself.

Simon: Great choice of song. Its a teen pop song. On the second song I need to see more effort.

Cheryl: They just loved that (pointing to the tweens).

His code: 02. Time for a break, and Olly coming up next. C u in a bit


We are back from the break. Next up – Olly Murs  singing Love Ain’t Here Anymore.

His voice has failed to impress me over the last two weeks. Please make me think otherwise. He’s singing a ballad for a change. And yes, he’s singing a lot better than he was last week. It’s actually a good performance. Best performance of the night so far. And he’s ended that with a great long note. Great job.

Judges verdict:

Louis: That song totally suited you. I think you deserve to be in the final 3.

Danny: Sparkle was not quite in the eyes of that performance.

Cheryl: I am looking forward to hearing you sing in Round2.

Simon: You did a great job tonight. No sulking, no complaining, you just got on with it.

Well, we can hear the audience going mad about him. His code: 03. He’s definitely going to be in the Semis.

Second of the boys up next: Joe McElderry: Singing – Could It Be Magic.

He’s definitely the best male vocalist on the show. But his song choice demands him to hit the high notes. Let’s see how he does it. Every single time he sings, its pitch perfect. There has not been a single performance where his voice was pitchy or flat. The choreography is a cross between West End musical and Lady Ga-Ga. 😛 And well, did you hear that Long Ass High Note. Ok, lemme say it again – Best One of the Night.

Judges verdict:

Louis: Could it be magic, It was magic.

Danny: Joe, you are flying high. You absolutely smashed it. I can see you in the final.

Simon: It was absolutely brilliant. That production was absolutely fantastic. You were the star of that performance.

Cheryl: Listen to that reaction.

I loved that performance. His code: 04. He’ll deffo make it in the Semi-Finals.

Time for another break – Coming back after the break – Stacey Solomon. C u in a bit!


Back from the break. Up next – Stacey Solomon singing – Rule The World.

What a statement that is!!  Its such fun to just watch her prep out-take videos. And its a delight to hear her sing. Over to the performance. Perfect song choice for her. Right now, we are witnessing a Star being born. Right, the vocalists are belting out their Long High Notes. And Stacey did hers. Bad Ass, Kick Ass!! Awesome performance.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I think you are getting better and better. You absolutely did it for me.

Cheryl: You’re the only girl left. Represent.

Simon: I thought it was very believable, perfect song choice.

Danny: That was an amazing performance. Incredible support for Dagenham’s Diva!!

We are voting for you Stacey. Her code: 05. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Round 1 is over. Voting lines are now Open.

A quick recap of the performances so far:

Danyl: I think he didn’t have enough energy to carry off the choreography.

Lloyd: Still crap at second viewing.

Olly: Stylish, very classy!

Joe: Effortless, but Just AWESOME!

Stacey: For the Win!!!

After the break – Round 2 commences with Elton John hits


Back from the break. Louis believes Joe knocked everyone out in Round 1. Off to Round 2. To kick off Round 2 – Lloyd Daniels singing – I’m Still Standing. Some cheeky comments by Louis Walsh. But then that’s Louis being himself. Over to the performance. That’s a very Chiago-esque routine. But again, where the eff is the music, where is the melody???? Sounds like he’s already given up. It’ s a joyous song. I think Cheryl desperately created that obstacle to say that he overcame it.

Judges verdict:

Louis: That was just about Karaoke.

Danny: A fantastic production. Vocally, still shaking in bits. Better than the first one.

Simon: It didn’t suit you. Amateur drama production.

Cheryl: I am very proud of you for coming out every week and performing.

Lloyd’s code: 02

Next up: Danyl Johnson – singing “Your Song”.

A very very high note to kick off the song. Ok, I have heard him a lot of song over the period of this competition. And I can say this now comfortably. That Danyl is a great singer, but I don’t think that I like his flavour of vocals. I won’t be buying his records, or buying tickets to see him at a Live concert. It’s a better performance than his first one. No dance, more singing. But there’s something annoying about the way he pronounces his words. Just doesn’t work for me I guess. That was a good performance though. And even Cheryl is giving him a standing ovation.

Judges verdict:

Louis: It wasn’t karaoke. I loved everything about it, except the choir.

Danny: A really good version of the song, much better than the first one.

Cheryl: It was good, you look confident.

Simon: That wasn’t good, that was sensational.

Ugh! Louis and his rule book. Anywho. Danyl’s code: still no.1

Time for a break. Up next Olly and Joe. C u in a bit

Okay, next up – Olly Murs singing Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting). Simon calls it the only Butch song by Elton John.

The routine’s theme has made Olly look like an announcer at a Boxing match. He’s in the ring, with the mike hanging from the top, and chicks in two pieces displaying Round No banners. Its a good performance actually. But the loud chorus makes me feel suspicious about who’s singing the chorus line. But it’s a good performance – quite sexy to be honest.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I like your funny dancing, but there was something missing.

Danny: Round 1 was okay, Round 2 was absolute fun! Absolutely a Smash.

Cheryl: Knock out performance.

Simon: It was the Olly we really loved back in the competition. Very very happy with you.

His code: 03. That was a very good performance. Great job.

Cheryl introduces – Joe. A bit of a ridicule of Louis. Great fun! But back to Joe singing – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

This is one of those iconic Elton John songs. I have heard this been sung by Elton John, and in another dimension by Fantasia (American Idol winner). And now been sung by Joe, just brings back all those memories when I first heard those versions. He’s got such a bloody brilliant voice. He’s the act the beat. He’s definitely nailed it – every fraking time.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You won Round 1 for me. With that performance, you won Round 2.

Danny: There hasn’t been a song sung in this competition with that amount of emotion, as that performance.

Simon: I am absolutely godsmacked by that. I really am. What you did with that song was so simple, but it was so beautiful.

Cheryl: I am so proud of you. You deserve your place in the final.

Boy Oh Boy. I would definitely watch that performance on repeat (I donno how many times) tonight. That was the best performance in the competition of the night.

A very tough act to follow. Up next Stacey. After a short break. C u soon!!

Closing the night – Stacey Solomon singing Something About The Way You Look Tonight

Accompanied by the Piano, and looking gorgeous in a red dress. Her voice is stunning, STUNNING. I think that is Celine Dion stuff. Serious! And the fans on the hair, the smoke, the little moves – all add up to the sexiness. And the vocals – NAILED IT.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You certainly deserve to be in the Final 3. But Round 1 more than Round 2.

Cheryl: You did a great job there.

Simon: You’re not a singer like Leona and Alexandra. That to me doesn’t do you justice.

Danny: That was brilliant Stacey

Stacey sez: I don’t wanna be a Wedding Singer . No offense! HAHAHAHA!!!

We will definitely see her in the Final 3. Lloyd will go home 2moro. Fo Sho!!!


A quick recap of all the performances:

Round1: Dance Dance, meh!
Round2: Good vocally, not a fan of the vocals.

Round1:Go Home.
Round2:Go Home. Seriously!

Round1: Classy vocals.
Round2: Up beat, very Brit pop!

Round1: Awesome Awesome
Round2: Best on X Factor. Eva!! [I think]

Round1: Fiery. Brilliant!!
Round2: A Star is born.

5acts remain, in 24 hrs, 5 will become 4. On the results night tomorrow – Rihanna and Alicia Keys. Off to ITV2 for the XTra Factor now. Don’t go away yet. Go on, shout it out in the comments what you thought about the performances.


Watching ITV2 XTra Factor now. Will be posting a few gossip and scoops from the audience calls for the Judges. BTW, Hollie’s eye make-up is a bit Egyptian. Hollie feels the night belongs to Joe, and so does Louis – by a mile – followed by Danyl and Stacey.

Someone called Jenny left 100 messages on XFactor answer machine.
Jenny asks Stacey being the only girl in the competition, it is unfair to make her sing Elton John and Take That songs. Jenny feels sorry for Stacey. Awww!! She’s voting for Jenny! Yayyy!!

Louis is being criticised for being overtly critical about Lloyd. Well, he’s a bit pants to be honest. So there you go.

Oh yeah, there is a rumour about Eminem being a guest judge. And officially Simon says it – Em, the job’s yours!

Jayme asks Louis what he does in his spare time now that he doesn’t have any acts in the show. And Jayme also says – Stacey to win!!!

Okay, enough of liveblogging. We’ll see you guys at the Liveblog of the results tomorrow night. Be there to see who makes it to the Semi-Finals. Cheerio!!

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7 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009: Live Show 8- Elton John and Take That”

  1. Who do you think will have a successful future coming out from this competition do you think that the winner will? how about john and edward? –
    I loved danyl since his first preformance, but now I kind of get what you mean, he has been out of pitch alot. Do you think danyl will get anything out of this? Simon likes him alot.

    -P.S. love the way you blog this


  2. I believe that Jamie has a very good future. Joe – even if he doesn't win, will hv an awesome run at the West End and Broadway. And Stacey, she needs some good mentoring, but she can become a diva. I don't like Danyl, so can't say about him.


  3. I don't get you guys talking about Danyl like that :S
    He's the best singer in the competition ever. He comes out every week giving a 100% to entertain you guys ! To me he has to most bright future and I do maybe think Joe to.
    But if someone deserves it then it should be Danyl johnson no doubt about that.
    Just like they said best singer ever stood in the competition. He can dance, sing he has the looks everything 😀
    For the first time I didn't like your comments about Danyl 🙁
    Anyway thanks for Blogging again ! <3


  4. Aww. Did I upset you? Sorry abt that.
    There is no denying that he is a wonderful singer, and that he can sing his lungs off.
    BUT…I don't like his vocal quality. There is a bit of a nasal twang to it.
    Say for e.g. Andrea Boccelli, he's got brilliant vocal talent, and he CAN sing,
    BUT – I just don't like him, as in- I wouldn't go for an Andrea Boccelli concert.

    As for dancing, hmm, again, that's relative. Lemme tell you this, compared to Olly's silly moves – Danyl can surely dance much better.

    As for who deserves to win it – Stacey or Joe. Both are BRILLIANT 🙂
    But again, those are all personal opinions Rojhat, don't worry. It's all down to the British public as to who they want to win it this year.

    Thanks for your comments, and I appreciate you showing your thoughts on my post.

    BTW, did you see Itachi vs Sasuke? Oh man, it was AWESOME


  5. Yeah ABSOLUTELY , but I read the manga XD
    Too muuucchhhh fillers at the anime that I just stopped watching the episodes and started to read the manga but when some bad ass fights gets in the episodes I always watch it. And btw I don't get upset or something but yeah ur true everyone has a different taste of music. If you don't like him then u don't 😀


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