Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Semi Final Results Live

Okie dokie. Tonight is results night – and not just any result night – It is the Semi Final results. 4 semi-finalists performed MJ songs and a song chosen by their mentor. And tonight, one performance goes home, just short of one show from the finals. And judging by the performances last night, I predict that it is going to be Olly who’ll be heading home tonight.

The show kicks off early tonight at 7.30 pm London time, and Lady Gaga and Janet Jackson perform on the show. We’ll be there to reveal it all as it happens. See you there!!

Okie dokie people. It’s 7.30pm. And we are live with the Semi-Final results of the X Factor.

The finalists will be revealed tonight. And so will Lady Gaga n Janet Jackson perform tonight. The judges are  here. Voting Lines still open. On with the ensemble performance – Wanna Be Starting Something. I hate Danyl’s microphone juggling technique. And why didn’t anyone sing this last night?

Ooh, another medley- Please don’t stop the music (Rihanna). Awesome one!

Recapping last night:


Olly: Meh! Silly dance.

Joe: Beautiful.

Stacey: Woo Woo!!!

Danyl: Global Warming over Man in the Mirror!


Olly: Better than 1st.  But still meh!

Joe: Nailed it. Simon sez this is becoming Joe McElderry show.

Stacey:Blew us away!!

Danyl: That was actually good!

Time for a break. Lady Gaga performs next! C u in a bit


So we are back with the show. Lady Gaga performing – Bad Romance. And as expected from the Queen of Over-The-Top, she is dressed in something which can only be stated as – Cubism. And oh those are detachable. And she and her dancers are dancing in a Bath Tub – massive one. And she’s got Spock ears 😛 The choreography of the routine is very Catwoman. Not one of my favourite singles of her – I like Poker Face and Let’s Dance. Even Paparazzi is quite awesome. But I do get the feeling that Lady Gaga concerts should be absolutely crazy.

Danny and Cheryl show a standing ovation. Lady Gaga says the bath is Simon’s. Hehe!! Lady Gaga has been nominated for 5 Grammies, and she’s gonna perform at London O2 next year for two shows. Hmm, worth considering–maybe!

Awright. Back in the show, time for a break and voting lines close after the break. And Janet Jackson performs. C u in a bit


Back to the show. Voting lines are now closed. The finalists have been decided as the votes are being counted.

And now Janet performs to her hit – All For You. And then her new single – Make Me. Ugh!! The mime and lipsync…so awful. The dance is awesome as usual. But what’s with the miming? Applause for the dancing.

Awww…Dermot directly breaks into saying that X factor results are up next. No short interview for Janet 🙁 That sucks.

So we’ll be seeing the finalists being revealed after the break. BRB!


Back with the thing that matters. The Semi Final results. Are you biting your nails? No? Good, coz that’s bad thing for your nails. 😛 Cheryl is right – Nobody deserves it more than Joe. The votes have been counted. It’s time to face the results.

The judges are here onstage with their acts – Cheryl with Joe, Danny with Stacey and Simon with Danyl & Olly. The three acts who go through to the finals.

First act to go through: Olly….O Oh!!! [ Bless, he’s crying]

2nd act: Joe ..Wooo Hooo!!!

3rd act: Stacey ..YESSSS!!!!

So Danyl Johnson oes home tonight!!

The X Factor finalists are – Stacey, Joe and Olly. Haha, Simon calls Danyl – a graceful loser.

His first audition was excellent. But his acts that have followed after that have been a bit not as strong. He has faced a lot of negative press too. BTW, What About Now – Daughtry was briefly playing 🙂

Danyl Johnson sings for the last time on the show. He’s closing tonight’s Semi Final results show with – Man In The Mirror. Simon looks upset. Coz he knows that Olly cannot win the X Factor for him.

Anywho, there you go people. From the 200,000 who applied, we have the final 3 – Olly, Stacey and Joe.  Olly is still crying. And so is Stacey ..aww!! Joe seems the most confident.

The Big one is on next week. The BIG FINALE – Next week Saturday 12 Dec – 7:30 pm London time. C u there!!

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10 thoughts to “Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Semi Final Results Live”

  1. Won't watch anymore. Please keep your singers in England. That includes, Danni and Cheryl. Danyl was that real prospect; the others are replicas of what is already being heard.


  2. Awww… You seem upset with Danyl's elimination. Clearly he didn't get the majority votes. But look at the brighter side – he made it to the Top 4. And Simon being his mentor, he will surely be releasing a record. Look fwd to tht. And pls keep watchin X Factor 🙂

    For starters, if it wasn't for the show, you wouldn't have got to know of Danyl.


  3. Oh Owen dear, keep the faith. We'll definitely see more of Danyl in the near future. And clearly, the others were deserving finalists as well – except for maybe Olly. And it was all down to the votes. Thank God we don't have Jedward or Lloyd in the finals 😛

    I disagree with your point of the other acts being replicas of already heard artistes.
    Joe is absolutely original and I don't think we have such a strong young vocalist in the music industry.


  4. Hi Everyone From The X Factor How Are You Today Are You Feeling Ok Today Are You
    Working Hard On THE x FACTOR Just To Say That I Love Joe He Is A Good Singer And
    I Think That Joe Will Win This Year He Diserve To Win My Name Stuart Beaumont
    From Manchester i Got A Qunstion To Ask To Joe Do Think That Should You Win This Year On The X Factor And You Are A Brillinet Singer And I Love You To Bits
    And Gave You A Lot OF Supourt And I Kepp On Voteing For You Joe And I Don.t
    Like Olly Murs Because He IS Having Few Misstakes When Hes Singing Ps Love Stuart


  5. Wow, I thought i was the only one that thought Olly's dancing was slightly akward. In the beggining his dancing was different and cool but now it just looks strange. Aww..Danyl left, I was expecting it though, because with him it was either you loved him or hated him, even Simon said that in judges house's. Thank you so much for blogging this, it has been a pleasure reading. 🙂


  6. Oh yes, his audition dance was OK. Everything after tht was just plain silly. Much like a drunk uncle at a wedding trying his go at Michael Jackson's thriller. Pffft!

    As for Danyl, we all know tht people love him or hate him- nothing in between. But surely with his talent, and Simon;s backing , we'll get to see more of him in the future

    Thanks for reading and glad you liked it


  7. Yeah, can't wait for that. I'm sure he's going to be an International Star. Because most of his fans are like out of England. Almost everyone adores him here but with the silly rule only England may vote made him go out of the competition. Danyl is the real deal in the xfactor so is Joe. Joe for the win now !


  8. Oh and BTW his first audition rocked so were all his other performances. I don't get how you think the other performances of him were not so strong. If u check out what Danyl brought up compared with the other contestants then I (like Simon always says) Genuinely believe Danyl was always number 1 with the live shows.


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