Liveblogging: The X Factor 2009 – Semi Finals – Michael Jackson Week

We have no Jedward. We have no Lloyd. And now, it is down to the top 4 acts – Joe, Stacey, Olly and Danyl to prove their worth and make a place in the elite Top 3 and sing in the Finals next week. Yes people, we are just one week away from seeing the winner of X Factor 2009. I kinda know already who’s gonna win this season – Joe McElderry. Simply for the reason that he’s flawless. Last week, we said goodbye to Lloyd Daniels, and I reckon this week we are going to say goodbye to either of Danyl or Olly. But that’s just my prediction.

The playlist is out for the night. Check it out after the jump!!

The show goes live at 8pm London time, and so does this liveblog. So hit the jump, and join this liveblog/discussion of the Semi-Final performances on X Factor tonight. See you soon

*** SEMI – FINALS***

Blog goes live at 8pm London Time. And tonight’s playlist is of course – Michael Jackson songs.

And here’s the playlist.

The Way You Make Me Feel

She’s Out Of My Life

Man In The Mirror

Can You Feel It

And also, a song to reach the Finale:

Somewhere – West Side Story

Open Arms – Journey

I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

We Can Work It Out – Stevie Wonder version

Phew. Lotsa songs. 2 each I mean. So who do you think is going to excel tonight?


Right. Semi-Finals. We are here. And so are you. Simon still has two acts – Olly and Danyl. Cheryl has Joe and Danny has Stacey. As I said before Joe outperforms everyone else in the competition. But only 3 places in the finals, it’s really nerve wrecking. And I hate when people [by that I mean Simon] say – they need to give their 150%. Ugh, that is bloody impossible. And btw, when did a 100% stop being complete. I’m just a bit too sensitive when it comes to statistics. Anywho! It’s Michael Jackson night tonight. Dermot and the judges have taken their positions. The judges enter to the music of Thriller. I like Cheryl’s hair, but what the eff is she wearing? And Danny has taken all of Santa’s cloth. A quick AV tribute of MJ right from his Jackson 5 days to Thriller to Billie Jean, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, Scream. 1958-2009. RIP.

Janet Jackson is performing tomorrow night. But to kick off the night – Olly Murs is singing – Can You Feel It!

It is indeed quite a bad feeling to think about someone leaving the competition at this stage. But let’s see how he performs.

His voice is pitchy, and shaky. Again, lemme put it straight. He CANNOT dance. And there is a Lady Gaga impersonator in the dance group who is totally stealing the thunder. And what was that in the name of a Moonwalk. Back to the singing – he sounds like he’s out of breathe. I don’t think it is a good song choice.

Now based on how much people like him, Olly isn’t going home.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You’re an all-round entertainer.

Danny: We can all feel it in the room. You HAVE to be in the final.

Cheryl: I hope to see you in the final.

Simon: I just cannot imagine you not being there in the final.

That was NOT a good performance at all by any standards. His audition performance of Superstition was way better. And please, for people who like his dancing, I think your standards are quite low.

Time for the first break of the night. C u in a bit.


And we are back with the show. Cheryl introduces – Joe Mc Elderry. He’s singing She’s Out Of My Life.

He is always note perfect. Don’t worry Joe – you’ll do awesome.

He emotes perfectly through his voice. His vocals is just so full of emotions. He is just in a totally different class. @Daximo sez: I’d buy his album tomorrow …..and pay for it as well 😛 There is one thing about Joe – when he sings, we shut up, and listen. That falsetto was AWESOME. That was FANTASTIC!! Bloody FaNTASTIC.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You absolutely made it your own. You can sell millions of records.

Danny: You just sing like a dream. I can hear you all over the radio.

Simon: You are just getting better and better and better. One of the best versions of the song. I’m really proud of you.

Cheryl: It was chilling.

You just can’t stay anything bad about him. Compare that with Olly. Pffft!! Joe FTW!!!

Next up: Danny introduces – Stacey Solomon singing The Way You Make Me Feel. Wooohoooo!!

That is my favourite Michael Jackson song of all time. I just want her to belt this out into an awesome awesome version.

Ooooh. Very Jazz cabaret! Love this arrangement. She is soooo IN THE FINALs!! I love the trumpet, love the hat, love the sexy image. But the backing singers are a bit pants. They are letting her down.

Just a bit pitchy in the end. I wished her to have gone a bit falsetto. But the routine was good.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I didn’t think the song suited you.

Cheryl: I disagree. Talk about Yummy Mommy!!

Simon: It was fine, it wasn’t just you. It was gimmicky, and silly. It was too cabaret.

Danny: This look suits you.

Get your eyes and ears checked Simon n Louis. That was way better than Olly. YES I MEAN IT. And bless her, she said she enjoyed performing the chair routine. Woohooo!!!!

Danyl performs next after the break. C u in a bit!!


Back to the show.  Danyl Johnson performs – Man In The Mirror.

That is indeed one of THE MJ songs. He has the right song. Let’s see if he nails it or blows his one chance.

He sounds unusually husky. The visual behind talks about Global Warming and climate changes. The choir accompanying him is awesome. And let me tell you, I think Danyl is totally nailing it. Very very groovy and he was totally into it. Great job.

Judges verdict:

Louis: This is a singing contest. On your vocal – Incredible.

Danny: I love that song. I was confused with the polar bear.

Cheryl: Was it the Earth song? But on to the performance – that was great.

Simon: That was incredible. Absolutely on the money.

Ugh, shut up you all. Let’s focus on the vocals. And with that performance, I think Olly is in danger.

But Round 1 goes to – definitely Joe McElderry.

Voting lines are OPEN now.

The codes:

01- Olly; 02-Joe; 03-Stacey;04-Danyl: Vote Vote Vote.

Time for another break. Round 2 commences after this.

[ Watching the recap of Round 1 performances, those chorus singers for Stacey’s song were really really BAD].

Round1 standings: Joe > Danyl > Stacey > Olly

Be back from the break.


Now back to Round 2. Mentors choose the ONE song for the finals. No theme. Just one song. [ Pffft, enough of build up]

Olly sings – We Can Work It Out by Stevie Wonder. This is the zone where Olly is most comfortable. The bass, the drums and the chorus to accompany his vocals. But someone tell him to make a fool of himself by dacing in those absolutely tight trousers and embarassing himself. And that mirror technique- that’s a gimmick Simon copied from Aidan Davis from Britain’s Got Talent. I think Olly is trying too hard, and he ran out of breathe. Thaaaat was yuck!!

Judges verdict:

Louis: It was really really good.

Danny: I’m not sure if that song showed your vocals. The dancing was spectacular [ What?]

Cheryl: I’ve always liked you.

Simon: You thoroughly deserve your place in the Finals next week.

Olly, straight advice – just bloody stop dancing. You CANNOT dance. Timberlake he can dance. Jackson – he can dance. Olly – you CANNOT dance. And do some breathing exercise. Anywho next up – Joe.

He is singing Open Arms – Journey. I love that song and I know that Joe can do wonders with this one. His voice is just on a totally different level than all other contestants.  There is not a single note that feels uncomfortable. As Simon once said [ in American Idol, or was it Randy Jackson] – You can sing the Phone Book [ I think it was Paula].

That LONG ASS note was kick ass. That vibrato was ready to be recorded and sold as a single.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You were born to do this. You deserve to be in the finals.

Danny: You’re making everyone love you.

Simon: It was brilliant. [ Simon is insulting Journey by saying no one knows that song. ]

Cheryl: I felt really nervous for you before this performance. You reminded everyone how consistently good you’ve been.

People you need to vote for him. VOTE VOTE VOTE for Joe!!

Time for another break. And oh!!! Sherlock Holmes releasing Boxing Day. WOW!!!


Next up – Stacey singing Somewhere – from West Side Story.

Let’s go for it Stacey. Ok, now if Louis and Simon complain about her being stuck at one place, I’ll go to the X Factor studio and give them one tight slap. You guys wanted vocals – You Got It. Holy Moly….Three Long Ass High Notes.

O M G!!!

Judges verdict:

Louis: The Diva from Dagenham

Cheryl: OMG Stacey, that gave me goosebumps.

Simon: You’re back in the game sweetheart!!

Danny: Perfect performance.

Phew! I feel my mouth is dry! Go Stacey! Go Stacey!!

Danyl sings the last performance of the Semi-Finals after the break.


Back to the show. Last performance – Danyl Johnson performing – I Have Nothing.

C’mon Danyl. Show us that you deserve that place in the Finals. It’s a risky song. I don’t know why Simon chose a Whitney song. I don’t like the performance. The voice is good, and all that. And yes he’s way better than Olly. But it is not a very likeable song at all.. by no means. Bad song choice.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You totally deserve to be in the finals.

Danny: Really really good performance.

Cheryl: I wish you the best to be in the finals.

Simon: I genuinely believe, you absolutely deserve your place in the finals.

Hmm, it is going to be a close race between Danyl and Olly to be knocked out from the competition [ Unless we have a major shocker in the results tomorrow].

And that is it for the Semi-Finals. Only 3 will be back for the Finals next week. One will be eliminated 2moro night.

A quick recap of the performances:


Olly: Silly dance and mediocre vocally.

Joe: Ace! ..of Spades!

Stacey: Oh Stacey! You made me feel in THAT way!

Danyl: Awesome song choice. Awesome performance. Except for the background AV.


Olly- Like it better than round 1- But again Silly dance

Joe- Smashing vocals …AGAIN!

Stacey-OMFG!! That was incredible!!

Danyl-Unsafe. Didn’t like it..Sorry!

Okie dokie. Lady Gaga performs tomorrow night, and so does Janet Jackson.

7:30pm tomorrow night the results will be revealed. Right now, that’s it from the performances. Over to ITV2 for some backstage gossip for a while. C u there!


Back with ITV2’s XTra Factor. They’ve got MJ’s real gloves. Matthew Horne joins in the studio. Joe’s Granny is being asked if she would consider Simon’s offer of appearing on any TV show 😛 The drama on this show never stops. Over to the judges questions.

Hannah thinks Louis is her favourite judge. Question to Simon – Is Simon arguing with Louis on Telly just for publicity, but in real life, they are actually good mates.

Sue thinks she is Simon’s nightmare. Sue thinks that it was Simon’s cunning way that he complemented Joe way too much to make people believe that he is anyway safe, and hence receive less votes. Cheeky Simon could be doing anything.

Anywho, I’m off now. Join us for the liveblog of the Semi Final results tomorrow night at 7:30pm London Time. C u guys. Shout out in the comments section what you thought about the performances tonight. Cheerio!!

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  1. Yo, I kinda got confused with the song choices people are saying that Danyl's own song choice will be Hello by Lionel Richie but the official site says 'I have Nothing by Whitney ?? I hope u know more xD


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