Liveblogging: X Factor 2009 : Live Results 1

After tonight, there’ll be only 11 finalist who will battle out next week. The 12 finalists have given their performances and some of them were in the league of excellent recording artistes. Some were stuck to the level of mediocrity and karaoke, and some were utterly rubbish. As mentioned in my liveblog post of the 1st Live Show, the best performers of the night [ of course, according to me] were Jamie Archer, Stacey Solomon and Lucie Jones. In the safe zone should be: Olly Murs, Rachel Adedeji, Miss Frank, Danyl Johnson and Joe McElderry. Rikki Loney and Lloyd Daniels do have the advantage of charming a large demographic and their performances weren’t bad either. But the ones deserving to leave the show right now are John & Edward. If they don’t leave the show tonight, the next contenders to leave the show tonight are: Kandy Rain. But, it all boils down to what the audience votes have decided. Tonight, one finalist goes home. Who will it be?

We’ll find out at 8pm London Time as we bring to you the results of the X Factor 2009, Live Results 1….And there were 11!

And don’t forget: Last year’s winner Alexandra and Robbie Williams will perform tonight. C u at 8!

So people, we are here for the Live Results; One act leaves us tonight and Alex and Robbie perform. Lemme just say first that I don’t watch XTra Factor, so really, I don’t have any scoop on what happened backstage after the show last night. But the results show are on live right now. RIP Stephen Gately. Louis Walsh is not on the show tonight. It is indeed a devastating news, and bravo Simon for your lovely words. The show indeed goes on.  The finalists are on now with their ensemble act – Tonight’s gonna be a Good Night. Is that the Black Eyed Peas track?? No idea. It is not a very good performance, and that to come out of the awesome performers of last night, is just unacceptable. Danyl’s opening vocals were atrocious.

Anywho!! We’re on with recap of the performance live show of last night right now.

Rachel was good.

Kandy Rain were provocative.

Olly Murs was charming.

Rikki’s performance was jazzy.

Stacey wowed us.

Miss Frank did justice to their song, but that was no match to Shaheen, but certainly they were the best group.

Jamie…what can I say about him…Go Go Go..Afro!!!

Lloyd Daniels needs to up his game and stop pouting. He was just ok. Lucie…phew! You take my breath away.

John & Edward – They go home tonight..Please ..please.

Joe McElderry was indeed a superstar on last night’s show. He was awesome.

But wait a minute. Danyl was brilliant. He nailed the final note. Nailed it. Pitch perfect.

It’s time for the first guest of the show. This time last week, she was praying to make it to week 2. Now, she is an international superstar. It’s Alexandra Burke with her latest single. Now that’s an entry. Very Beyonce-esque. I’m guessing the single is titled – Bad Boys. Give it a few frequent radio plays, and this song is gonna rise the charts. Don’t matter really if I like it or not  [ clearly, I don’t].  Add a provocative video with a rapper along with some bling bling, and we have a platinum single.  It’s funny seeing Simon clapping to this 🙂

Simon sex: That was absolutely incredible [ Of course, it sells ].

Time for some thanks to X-Factor. And thank you Alex for that performance. Time for the first break. After the break, the Lines close, and Robbie Williams performing with his latest single. BRB!


Back from the break we are. Vote lines are now closed. Danny apologizes for her silly,stupid comment about Danyl. And Simon is backing her. Anywho. Time for the performance of the night. This is Mr.Robbie Williams.

I was wrong about Alexandra before. This is what we call an entry. And you get to see why he’s Robbie.  He looks a bit older, but I love love love this track. It’s going to be this year’s hit single. In case, the XFactor winner single doesn’t overtake. Its got strings, a hip hop groove and also some elements of rock in it. Anyone knows the title of this track? And thank God, they didn’t bring out the unnecessary dancers on this track. The lightworks were heavy on this one. We love you Robbie. Huge round of applause from the audience.

Robbie picked a few names as his favorites – Rachel, Olly and Stacey. And also advises all of them to not read the tabloids. The new single is going to be released on Monday. So we’ll know it by then. The crowd roar is still on. Time for another break. And after this, the live results. We’ll be here. C u soon.


We’re back from the break. Time to reveal the Top 10, and then the Bottom 2. Danny’s Girls, Cheryl’s Guys, Simon’s Over 25’s and Louis’ groups are here. [ I am secretly praying to make the Twins John & Edward go away. ] The bottom 2 will have to sing again for a final showdown.

Hang on. The Top 10 are being revealed. And, in the Top 10 are.

1. John & Edward: WTF? Is the British public totally insane? Obviously they secured all of the Irish votes.

2. Lucie Jones. Wooohooo!!

3. Lloyd is also through.

4. Jamie Archer is in the Top 10.Awesome!

5. Singing next week as well is Rickey.

6. 6th act to perform next week is Stacey….yayyy!!!

7. Danyl is through. Thank God!!

8. Joe McElderry is through. So all of Cheryl’s guys are safe.

9. Miss Frank is safe. Good. They deserve to be in the finals.

10. Out of Rachel, Olly and Kandy Rain, one goes in the Top 10. And it’s Olly.

So all of Simon’s acts go to the Top 10.

After the break, Rachel and Kandy Rain sing to keep themselves in the competition. Phew! I am hoping that Rachel gives a wonderful competition and Kandy Rain goes home. We’ll be back from the break blogging the live results in a mo!


We’re back with the bottom 2 showdown. First up is: Rachel Adedeji. The crowd is cheering for her. Her song choice is Nobody Knows but me. She definitely toned it down, and gave an extremely powerful vocal performance. It was awesome. I think Kandy Rain cannot pull it off. It’s unfair though that Louis isn’t here.

Kandy Rain are singing Makes Me Stronger. Their performance was no where close to Rachel’s. The judges are gonna decide now who’s gonna go home.

Danny has decided to send Kandy Rain home.

Cheryl has decided to send Kandy Rain home.

Simon thinks that he’s surprised to see Rachel in the bottom 2. But he wants to give Kandy Rain a fair chance. Back to deadlock , that means back to public votes.

The act with the fewest votes, and which goes home tonight is : Kandy Rain. Phew!

Rachel Adedeji is safe and is going to perform next week. So there you go, Kandy Rain have been eliminated.

But seriously, why didn’t the Twins get eliminated. There you go guys. We’ll see you next week with the Liveblog of the 2nd Live show with the Top 11.

Cheryl Cole will be performing live next week. And yes, people, Whitney Houston is also live next week. Bye guys!!

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2 thoughts to “Liveblogging: X Factor 2009 : Live Results 1”

  1. 'secured the irish votes' . not so. For the first time since x-factor began, Irish people cannot vote. just for your info and to prevent you making an ass of yourself in future comments.


  2. What do you mean by Irish people not being able to vote? By Irish votes, I didn't mean people in Dublin only. There are millions of Irish people living in the UK. So r u saying that they are not allowed to vote coz they are Irish 😛


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