Liveblogging: X Factor 2009: Live Show 1- Top 12

As with the Britain’s Got Talent series, I’ll be liveblogging the X-Factor show this year. I have been abstaining from blogging the audition shows, but I have certainly been watching it very closely. I have my favourites already in the show, and they will be revealed in the course of this post. The auditions have been very exciting , and throughout the auditions, I found Simon Cowell to be quite toned down, as if someone deliberately switched off some key on him. He is more polite and far less offensive than he was before. Louis is just as funny and weird, and Cheryl and Danny add to the well-rounded judge panel. I do miss Sharon Osbourne on the chair. Nevertheless, after the extremely grilling rounds of auditions, we are here with the lucky final twelve. The Live show starts at 8:00 PM . Be there with us to catch all the action, as it happens.

Here we are, the first Live Show of X Factor 2009. Woohooo!!! 200,00 applied and now just 12 remain, and tonight they sing live before the audience in the studio and millions on Telly. Danny and the Girls, Cheryl and the Guys, Louis and the Groups and Simon with the Over 25s: They battle it out tonight. As Louis puts it: Let the battle commence, I’m ready. And so are we. Live from London, it’s the X-Factor. Host Dermot O’ Leary welcomes the judges and the excitement in the audience is through the roof. Alexandra and Robbie Williams will be performing on tomorrows result show. And oh yeah! Happy Birthday Simon Cowell. Tonight’s show is about Superstars. The one to start the show is from Danny’s girls :- Rachel Adedeji

Rachel Adedeji: She looks like Rihanna in that outfit. She is singing Robbie Williams : Let Me Entertain You accompanied by dancers in Kiss make-up. The choreography is very tacky and the vocals is getting overshadowed by the music arrangement. But she is a very confident performer. Her performance was the perfect start for this X-Factor season. She actually kept her word-she did entertain us.

Judges verdict:

Louis: Its like Rihanna sings Robbie

Cheryl: Fantastic Job, well done.

Simon: That was a great performance. The make-up was repulsive.

Danny: I’m so proud of you. What an opening.

Her code is: 01. She deserves to stay on. It wasn’t awesome, but I do feel people will vote for her. Time for a break. Back with more.

We are back with the show. Time for the groups. Louis introduces: Kandy Rain. They are sexy, and they’ve negative press. Will their performance force people to look beyond their past and vote for their future? They are singing Tina Turner’s Addicted to Love. C’mon girls. Show us that you got it.

Kandy Rain: Compared to the previous performance, this looks very empty as far as the performance is concerned. Even a Tina Turner song is proving to be empty..that’s bad. Something is wrong with my eyes…one of the girls here looks like Rihanna (yet again). There is no originality in the arrangement, and I am not liking it much. It feels like I am forced to watch this. The vocals weren’t bad, but it was not good enough.

Judges verdict:

Danny: There was something that took the focus away from the singing.

Cherly (agress): You dressed provocatively, and did not prove yourselves with the singing.

Simon: I am gonna disagree with the girls. [ He had a debate going with Cheryl and Danny with Girls Aloud dancing half naked in videos. Cherly even challenged Simon to give them a record deal]

Louis: I agree with you Simon for a change.

Record deal, seriously? As Danny said it, if they want to put their past behind, why dress like it and show such a leather-clad provocative image. It only sends wrong signals. Their code is 02. But I don’t think people are gonna like them much. And badly so, they have already split the judges on this.

Next up: From Simon’s Over 25’s Olly Murs. He’s good. But he isn’t the winner of this show. I can totally say that. He is singing Robbie Williams – She’s the One. Can he do it in his first performance?

Olly Murs: Someone from the audience cheered ” Hello Sexy”. His vocals are awright. But his falsetto is a bit squeaky. His dance moves are cheesy, his lipstick and make-up is a bit much. And the performance is stereotypically pop to the last inch. May be it’s me, but I just don’t like it. But I know all the girls are on their cellphones already for him.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I think you are a talent.

Danny: You did it really well.

Cheryl: You’re a really genuinely nice guy.

Simon: You have the charm that reminds me of Robbie. (That’s huge)

The audience cheer is the loudest so far. And he’s friends with Robbie already. His code: 03. The crown prince of Essex: Olly Murs is certainly gonna be sailing through to next week. After the break, awesome performances expected from Stacy.

So we are back from the break now. Next up is from Cheryl’s guys: Rikki Loney singing Amy Winehouse’s Back in Black. C’mon Rikki. As Simon mentioned, he’s got to stop crying. Let’s see what he does.

Rikki Loney: I love the arrangement already. And the audience is clapping along. Perfect song choice. Awesome vocals. And yes, there is also a hat-trick thrown in. This performance has very less gimmicks and it’s all vocals. Very good I say. Loved it, and so did the audience.

Judges verdict:

Louis: It’s a very difficult song choice, but you need to gain more confidence.

Danny: I love the jazzyness in your voice.

Simon: Silly song choice for you. Silly hat. It had no star quality.

Cheryl: I’m right behind you.

Well, we don’t want all glitz and no substance. He did deliver that song. And yes, we will see him next week. His code 04.

Next up is from Danny’s girls: Stacy Solomon from Degenham. She’s such a sweet girl, and she speaks soooo fast. She’s got to deliver this song. She’s singing Coldplay – The Scientist. Danny says that she is falling in love with her, and the audience will see tonight why. Let’s see why!

Stacy Solomon: She’s gone for an acoustic version of “the Scientist”. Her vocals are brilliant. Just Brilliant. I don’t have anything lesser to say about her. Psstt…she’s one of my favourites to win this show this season.  Brilliant song choice, brilliant rendition and she has showed off her vocal range with that one. Absolutely awesome.

Judges verdict:

Louis: We love Stacy. You are a natural popstar. You’ve got it all.

Cheryl: You are just a genuinely lovely girl.

Simon: You have no idea how good you can potentially could be. To have come on a live show, and sing a Coldplay song is genius.

Danny: A huge thank you for coming out of your comfort zone on Show 1.

It was indeed a brilliant performance. And she’s such a lovely girl. She’s saying that her mouth is so dry. Hehehe. Her code is: 05. People, vote for her..puhleeeeeeeeeez. After the break, Jamie Archer aka Afro!!

Back from the break. Next up is from Louis’ groups- Miss Frank. They are indeed raw talent. The bar-girl needs to tone it down a bit because she takes a lot of centrestage. They have to show it that they are indeed a group. I have loved their previous performance, but tonight is the litmus test. And they are singing the Jackson 5’s : Who’s Loving you [ That’s huge].

Miss Frank: Frankly, I can’t get over Shaheen Jafargholi singing this at BGT. The performance was surprisingly good. A bit over the top vocals. But the song did demand them to show off their individual talents as well.

Danny: You are beautiful as individuals, and a powerhouse as a group.

Cheryl: There’s so much more to come from you.

Simon: I liked the song choice.

Louis: You are this year’s JLS.

I agree with Louis as far as believing that they are the strongest of the groups. But, they are not potential winners for sure. We’d love to see them do their rapping bit , and they promised to show more of what they’ve got subsequently. Their code: 06. Time for the next act. He’s from Simon’s Over 25’s: Jamie Archer.

Jamie Archer: He’s one of my favourites from first audition onwards. Louis has a thing against him, but c’mon, he is the one to win this. Serious. He’s singing: Get It On by Power Station.  I don’t like the start. His voice is on the low-key. But as soon as he went on the higher-key, he has hit it off. He’s taken off and he is showing off his natural rocker side. Awesome power vocals, lovely arrangement. There was nothing artificial in that showmanship, and Simon loves it.

Judges verdict:

Louis: I just hope that you can be more versatile.

Danny: Jamie, go with the fro! [ Smart line]. That was authentic.

Cheryl: I think you are absolutely fantastic.

Simon: It was a different league from something we have heard on this show.

[ Lovely debate between Simon and Louis on who knows about rock music better]. Lovely lovely performance by Jamie. His code: 07. Leaving his heavy make-up, that was a flawless performance. This was the winning performance of the night. People, go on, vote for Jamie.

Time for another break. Just 5 more acts to go. BRB!

We are back from the break for the XFactor Live show. The next is from Cheryl’s guys: Lloyd Daniels. He is taking on: Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a River”. He is struggling with the high notes. And look at his pic below. Is he already begging for votes? Will he deliver?

Lloyd Daniels: As Simon rightly mentioned, I don’t care if he’s 10 or 16. Either you can do it, or don’t. I love the acoustic arrangement. I am not a big fan of his vocals. Very very Karaoke so far, except for the little improvisations. And he hasn’t gone for the high-pitched chorus line. The choreography is silly, but that should not be taking into account as far as his performance is. That was just ok.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You are a born popstar.

Danny: This song was difficult for you. Choose something where you can put your stamp on it.

Simon: You are back on the map now. This song has made you young.

Cheryl: You are my lil popstar and you’re gonna make a lot of girls crying a lot of rivers.

He thanks everyone in his cute Welsh accent. His code is 08. I know the girls will be pouring their votes on this lad.

Next up is from Danny’s girls: Lucie from South Wales. She is again, one of my favourites of this competition from Day 1. She’s gonna sing: Leona Lewis- Footprints in the Sand. Phew! That’s a big one.

Lucie Jones: OMFG! Her vocals are absolutely spot on. You just know when you see a winner in the making. I can listen to her all day. She’s got the looks and the vocals to match. Low pitch or high, she can deliver.Now, this is totally a different league altogether. Brilliant [ You might find an overusage of this word in this post]

Judges verdict:

Louis: I would buy your record.

Cheryl: Your voice is absolutely stunning.

Simon: It’s a fantastic song. You’ve got a beautiful voice, but you have a ceiling.

Danny: It’s the first show and everybody loves Lucie already.

It’s unfair to expect Leona stuff on show 1. She was brilliant. And Simon, stop looking way too much into it. It was a brilliant performance period. Her code 09. People vote for her. Time for another break, and only 3 more acts to go. Next up, the utterly annoying brothers whom I call the “Twin Twats” – John and Edward. Yes, I am questioning Louis’ judging abilities right now. They are absolute bollocks as far as performance is concerned and they behave as pop legends already. Seriously, what was Louis thinking? They are singing: Rock DJ by Robbie. Simon puts it right: They’re not gonna last long. And they shouldn’t [ Please].

John and Edward: They missed the starting cue. There is an unfair advantage of the entire performance being upped by the whole glitz and sparkly performance. And the song is way too cool to be disliked. And there’s no vocal performances to be proved in this one. I’d repeat what they say: They are cocky and absolutely irritating personalities. And yes, the audience is booing too.

Judges Verdict:

Danny: You two have the nation talking. Great performance, but not good on the vocals.

Cheryl: Fact, you don’t have vocal talent. But it was a good performance.

Simon: The good thing is you two are thick skinned. You winning the competition would be a disaster. Louis put you through because you are Irish. But it wasn’t a musical nightmare.

Louis: Not all people on the charts are brilliant singers (True).

Their code: 10. Seriously, don’t vote for them. Pwease!

Anywho! Next up is from Cheryl’s guys: Joseph McElderry. He is a very nervous bloke. But his vocals are quite good. He needs to show off his talent. He’s taking on No Regrets- Robbie Williams. Will he be able to do justice to the song?

Joe McElderry: The song is not one of my favorites. But there’s so much to show off in this song. And he’s definitely singing his lungs off. Good performance Joe. Let’s see what the judges have to say.

Judges verdict:

Louis: Effortless vocals.

Danny: No regrets on that performance.

Simon: Absolutely brilliant. You got great melody in your voice. Perfect song choice.

Cheryl: That was a brilliant performance by you.

His code: 11. He’s definitely going to be in one of the top 5. Last act of the night is up next. Danyl Johnson.

Danyl’s first performance was brilliant. But every other performance of his has been a bit too OTT. Please please tone it down. His first performance was tagged by Simon as the best first audition he has ever seen. But he is a bit overenthusiastic. And he’s singing Jennifer Hudson – And I’m Telling You. That’s a very risky song choice.

Danyl Johnson:  I am waiting for his high and hard hitting vocals. I think this risk has paid off. He’s got range, and this song has the stuff for him to prove himself. That was an awesome show-down.

Judges verdict:

Louis: You absolutely pulled it off.

Danny: Fantastic performance.

Cheryl: You absolutely smashed it.

Simon: That was one of the best performances I have seen in my life.

Yes, that was vocally very very strong. His code: 12. But, come on, not one of the greatest. Simon is just promoting him for some unknown reason. The voting lines are now open.

Not predicting for now. But yes, the twins got to go. And Jamie Archer rocks!!! And so does Lucie. Bye guys, and we’ll be back for the Results show live tomorrow. Ciao!

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