LSD : Got me High

Don’t read into the title way too much. I’m not here to promote any “substance”. But yes, Dibakar Banerjee’s Love Sex Aur Dhokha aka LSD has the kicks, the oomph and the much awaited spark. He has set the bar yet again to a higher level than his own previous works – Khosla ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye.  And I never thought those movies could be ever exceeded. Glad that DeeBee da proved me and many others wrong.

Now before you accuse me of ranting away in true fanboy style about how awesome this movie is, lemme bring home three important points why I loved it so much as I did.

1: This is Real, not Reel:

It is posed to be “Real”. And it has been presented that way. No holds barred, and with zero pretence. Right from the dreamy eyed diploma filmmaker who believes life as a Yash Chopra movie to the chauvinist and cynical betrayer who sets up the cameras in Story 2, it is out there and it grabs you by the nuts. You forget that you are in fact “watching” something being enacted. It transcends the medium of cinema. Much like Cameron’s Pandora suspended our senses with its sheer beauty, LSD succeeds in making me a witness of the three interwoven stories. I felt as if I was a fly on the wall watching the events unfold. And yes, I have watched Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield and Blair Witch as well. And I loved them all.

2: The Love, The Sex and the Dhokha:

A heart-warming tribute to the YashRaj [ Adarniya Adi Chopra Sir!] school of filmmaking deserves nothing less than a big round of applause. Story 1: Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna was also my favourite of the lot because of its sheer innocence, and the belief of “Arre, Dilwale Hai Hum”. Rahul even has a Freudian slip when he calls Shruti as his “Simran” 😛

The way DeeBee manages to cleverly complete the circuit with the stories as its three key elements is absolutely excellent. And in no way it seems manipulative or forced unlike some flicks e.g. Kukunoor’s Teen Deewarein.

3: Lastly, it’s about the laughs. C’mon it’s a DeeBee film after all:

So we do get our fair share of laughter. DeeBee’s sense of humour has always been about laughing at the gritty details and nuances of life as it is. Be it Shruti’s Papa who still has a thing for acting, or Loki Local’s awesome ringtone. If I continue to write more on it, I’ll just end up revealing key details of the plot which would be wrong.

I know people have been complaining about the movie indulging in foul language and shit. I say fuck that shit! Ramanand Sagar and Rajshri productions do not produce superhits anymore and even Karan Johar movies have Lolo sporting a backless scene [Such a Kurbaani teehee!!].

I could be a true fanboy and just say, Bhai- the script demands it. But no, I won’t clarify or justify it. So fuck that shit. And if you are offended by that, go home, switch to some Saas Bahu Serial and be happy when some Dewarjee has an extra-marital affair with someone else’s Patni and the Naukrani puts rat poison in her tea. Quite ironically, K-Ekta Kapoor is the producer of LSD. But the hero of the film is Director Babu – Dibakar Banerjee. DeeBee da – take a bow. Phaataaphaati!!!

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5 thoughts to “LSD : Got me High”

  1. hey, wht that phataaphai means? Euphoria ke gaane mein suna tha…
    sahi mein, mazedaar movie hai. I too loved the story no.1. the girl was so real.

    have u read Trial screening no.32 – the blog of DeeBee on PFC ?? Its must read.


  2. Phaataphaati means ekdum visphotak..bole to Explosive in very awesome 😛
    Euphoria ka Palash is bong, hence the usage.
    Bahut badhiya movie. I need to revisit Khosla and Oye Lucky.

    I will read the post on PFC. Thanks for recommending


  3. Thanks Shakti jee. I believe that people tend to arrive at early conclusions by saying Deebee is all about Delhi. Well, although his 3 films till date have been about that, I believe it is more about his clever observations of urban life. And being a Delhite, what other city could he explore in a better way. Although I have read his next one is going to be based in Kolkata 🙂

    Jai ho Adarniya Deebee sir! [ In pure Rahul fashion ]


  4. absolutely Mr Bong….
    All characters played their bits well. I particularly liked the guy (fakester rich, MBA dude – can’t remember his name) in the second story…
    And yea, Shruti’s dad was a pakka dilliwala..

    The film certainly got its MOJO working!


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