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Be Kind Rewind

If you love the movies, you better watch Be Kind Rewind.I am completely swept, Sweded and absolutely blown away. And if I may say, this is what movies should be in the first place. Let’s leave the reviewing part for a while, and take this moment to praise the creative genius that Mr. Michel Gondry is. He has given us one of the most heart wrenching romantic movies of all time (Eternal Sunshine..) and here, he has set out to do a light hearted movie, casted Jack Black and Mos Def in the lead, which even has an uncanny premise to it. Almost silly you might presume. But what happens next is best described as Brilliant with a capital B. And I really don’t care what the ratings are, what the critics say. In a year where the movies are divided into two segments chronologically- Summer Blockbusters and Thanksgiving season, there comes a movie which retells the tale and brings the moral upfront- that movies were all about the heart more than the moolah. And mind you, it IS inspirational in ways more than a million.The plot is pretty much present in a lot of websites already, and so wouldn’t at all qualify as a spoiler if I mention it here. Neither would it matter, because you really HAVE to watch this one to get what I say. Now listen carefully James!

Elroy Fletcher runs a video store which faces a demolition notice. In hope to get back in business he sets out to spy on the business of DVD rental chains while he leaves the store under the supervision of Mike (Mos Def). In a power plant mishap, Mike’s friend Jerry (Jack Black) gets magnetised (don’t think it’s silly, it IS SILLY, but yeah what the heck). He leaves all the VHS tapes in the store blank, and when the store’s (which is named Be Kind Rewind) most loyal customer-Miss Falewicz (Mia Farrow) asks for a tape of Ghostbusters, to ensure that she doesn’t complain to Fletcher, Mike and Jerry decide on making a version of Ghostbusters of their own. And so the journey begins. Yeah I know, the initial 30 minutes are a bit mediocre, so you really need to sit through it please, because it has all been built up for the moments you are going to experience next.

Ghostbusters -Sweded, here we come. What’s next? Mike says: I’m Bill Murray, you’re everybody else. Haha!! Ghostbusters version Sweded features hanging books, silver foils, the perfect location of a library, and even a soundtrack

Walking down the street
You see a little Ghost
What you’re gonna do about Ghostbusters

And with help from fellow assistant mechanic, smart photocopies, and final minute dubbing, Ghostbusters is ready in the Bootleg Sweded version. What Jerry n Mike did not know was that they were about to begin their journey of film making and explore/swede movies on demand of their local neighbourhood. YAYYYYY!!! And next level: Jerry refuses to kiss Wilson (required in an intimate scene of Rush Hour 2 sweded) and hence they start hunting for a female lead who is equally creative in all aspects and even has the negotiating powers of a movie producer. And once Jerry gets demagentised, they all need to get back to making some more movies. The list contains 2001:A Space Odyssey, Robocop, Men in Black and on and on and on. The only little complaint here is that the sweding procedure is being skimmed through. I would have loved to watch some more of it. Especially for King Kong and LOTR (both done by Peter Jackson, coincidence). The MIB stuff was really smart and you have to see it to believe. Well, I have included it in the screenshots below. And yes we know that Rush Hour has become a franchise now in a way, but it is not an integral part of our pop culture. Not enough to be sweded at least! I did like the Chinese Bamboo strong enough parody. LOL.

Be Kind Rewind

Fletcher returns to find that his video store has become the hub of a community video production which is doing way better business than it ever did. But he still faces a demolition deadline. They have to reach a target revenue of 60,000 USD ,and how do they do it? Make some more movies, fast and short. So they involve the local community to be a part of it. But then copyright infringement and IPR enforcement officials pay a visit and it is payback time. Fletcher has lost everything. His store faces demolition, the sweded movies are run over by a bulldozer as Mike and Jerry watch and they even face a lawsuit. But Jerry doesn’t give up , and they decide to make an original one. One of their own local hero – Jazz pianist Fast Waller. And this is where the movie moves from being just fun to a Big Tribute – to Filmmaking at its crude and unpolished best. Seven Days to shoot a biopic. And the process just narrates the cool factor of making movies, of creating stories that speak, and making people a part of the entire process in many ways.Not so surprisingly, I was instantly reminded of the school plays I had been involved with, mostly in the script part. It inspires and educates you about the passion, dedication and love required to understand this art form and that it is ART to make movies, perhaps way more than an oil paint, and that moving pictures tell better stories and they can make you laugh, cry, smile and experience and express jubilance even when life is tough. That is why movies still exist in a world where we have numerous options of escapism. That is why we Love Movies.

The climax is a bit incomplete because we do not get to know what happens of Be Kind Rewind. But then it would be silly to have a fairy tale happy ending, and hence better kept open. And when movies move me, I can’t help clapping, and even giving a very desi-seetee (whistle blow). This movie deserved three of it!! Just forget all the logic if magnetism can be drained away in pee. Forget Sigourney Weaver.Have a look at JB.Jack Black does what he does best, and minus the irritating overdose of fart jokes (which I love except when it is just way too much ). He reminds me of his other ‘really good’ movie- High Fidelity. This is the High Fidelity of VHS. LOL. Mos Def is just so much fun to watch. But the winning vote goes to Mr.Gondry for giving us a winner which not only entertains us through and through, but even somehow made me rework on my budget to buy a handycam. Youtube here I come!! Till the time I replace Spielberg and Tarantino you enjoy the screenshots.

Screenshots Here.

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  1. Man, this movie was really cool. Loved Jack Black through and through. You almost wrote evry thought of mine of ths movie. Looved the review.



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