Movie Review: Chori Chori (2003)

I recently caught this flick – Chori Chori – starring Ajay Devgan and Rani Mukherjee on Star Gold. I had originally given it a miss when it was released in 2003, coz the vibe that the movie’s publicity and trailers generated didn’t attract me. Except for the promotional – emo ride that is – Aate Aate Aa Gaye Paas Hum, the trailers did not offer much. And a few years later, I caught a glimpse of the first 10 minutes of the movie again on Star Gold [ when I was back in India], and to see Khushi (Rani) lead a solitary and independent life in Delhi as a catering agent , being an orphan and raised by her Taau and Taae, and one who talks to her monkey called Jonathon – all of it summed up to me as a female version of Mr.Bean. But then, Rani is far more pretty (with no offence to Mr. Rowan Atkinson 🙂 ).

And then, I read Memsaab sing praise of this flick in her review. And so I knew that I had to watch it. For the sake of Rani. And so I did. And to be honest, I wasn’t moved but pleasantly entertained.

Well, let’s just spit out the bad ones. To begin with, I love rom-coms. But Chori Chori gets a bit OTT cheesy ( In my tweet to Beth, I wrote: Chori Chori is the place where all the cheese was moved to ). Khushi’s Taaujee worries that she is very generous, and assures her that

” Koi Shehzada Aayega Tere Liye Safed Ghode Pe”.

Translation: Some Prince will come for you on a White Horse
In the real world, if I hear anyone’s Taujee say so, I’d seriously throw up. But then, this is Sadda Bollywood. The far-fetched plot of an orphan girl from Delhi picking up all her bag and baggage and shifting to Simla on the basis of a rough sketch on a tissue is just silly and way too convenient. And not to forget, Khushi staying at her supposed-fiance’s place even with a traditional joint family like the Malhotra’s with their Babuji and Maaji and Beeji – is a bit too liberal. Or should I say – Way to go Beeji. And then the family meeting session was like a lesson of – Unity in Diversity: Sardars, Mullahs and Babuji 🙂

Last but not the least, the silly characters which keep popping up – Satish Shah as an Architecture Firm honcho and ex- Military Officer – loud drinker, smoking cigars and just unnecessary. And Sadashiv and Shashikala as the drinking weirdos in army uniform is unheard of. They don’t even tickle me.

Enough of the cringing and whining. Time for the good stuff. First up – Ajay Devgan. Baba, he plays confused really well. He’s certainly confused about who he actually loves and what he aspires for. All throughout the movie, the house was a metaphor of the man in Ranbir ( Ajay ) which gets decorated and groomed by Khushi. And in the end, it is finished :P, I mean completed. [ Was that a Spoiler? C’mon this is 2003 movie] Add to that Sonali Bendre as Ranbir’s ex is just spot on. Sonali exudes confidence in this role and shows – Less is More, and no, for a change I am not talking of her clothes. She has very few scenes compared to others, but her character has been well defined and her confusion, desperation and jealousy are all on screen with spot on clarity.

But the crown of the movie goes to Rani Mukherjee. After all the sillyness that the movie’s premise packs, it is only Rani’s impeccable charm and craziness that makes me forget about everything else and which actually made this movie entertaining. I love watching her smile, and my heart melts to see her cry. Her innocence is rightly matched with her naughty side – when she performs Haai Sharmau, Kis Kisko Batau in her green towel. And oh, – Kaanta Laga too.

As for the soundtrack of the movie – it is only two tracks which are mentionable –
1. Aate Aate, Aaa Gaye Paas Hum
2. Mehndi Mehndi
And Tiku Talsania paying tribute to Padosan’s immortal Guru (played by Kishore Kumar remember?) in a Baangdu role made me chuckle. But the same character singing Qawwali in an Adnan Sami voice is quite hilarious, and not in a good way .
All in all, this was a fun movie to watch, and it did deliver what it was supposed to – Entertainment. Watch it – for Rani, Rani and Rani.

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4 thoughts to “Movie Review: Chori Chori (2003)”

  1. Rani Rani Rani! Zindabad! That sums up all I really remember from this (and I've even seen it twice, once on my own because Rani was in it and again after I heard multiple people rave about it) 🙂


  2. I am also a big fan of Rani. But her recent works – Dil Bole Hadippa, Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic, Tara Rum Pum were all disappointing.

    I love the Rani of Saathiya, Bunty n Bubli and of course Yuva. But surprisingly, Khushi in Chori Chori has shades of Bubli. I don't think I would watch it twice 😛


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