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My first movie review of the year, and in a long long time. But first, throw away all those “Memento copycats” protest symbols. Ghajini is NOT Memento. Done! Ghajini is NOT pathbreaking cinema. What Ghajini is Aamir Khan’s full throttle, testosterone-in yo face-combat. Six packs-check! Growl with the triceps shining-check! Tatoos-check! Funky hairdo-check! A.R.Rahman-check! Brilliant movie-meh!
Ghajini could have been so much more, or is it coz I had too many expectations from it. Not because I am a Memento devotee (yes, I call Christopher Nolan the man who made Memento, not Dark Knight), but because I at least expected Ghajini to have some sense of ‘reality’ in it. And if someone did expect me to lock my brains home and then sit down to watch this popcorn muncher of a movie, someone was right. Right when I did try hard to leave all my logic and sense of common (aka common sense), I managed to like the entire experience. It was fun. (After the Jump…My random questions on Ghajini)

The premise is basically a revenge saga where the protagonist is Sanjay Singhania, US-return, Harvard Alumni, Chairperson, AirVoice Telecom-the country’s leading telecom company. Mr.Tycoon falls for bubbly girl next door who is a struggling ad model. But he keeps on hiding his identity (God knows why, just tell her dude! ) Anyway, girlfriend has a habit of helping people, and this gets her into trouble. Lotsa shit happens, and Mr.Tycoon becomes Mr.Mental. As Ghajini states- Short Term Memory Loss…Thaari Yaadass to Badi Kamjor Hai. By now, you must have guessed what shit happened, and it all boils down to Mental Hero vs. Clueless-Pointless-Villain. 

Yes, I would like to mention that the action scenes are pretty good to watch. Very well done. Very raw power, and very brutal at certain instances. (Seriously, they did show all that violence on women, the rods, stabbing and all that, Yayy!) Music seemed like jutting out of the parts of a revenge movie. When its vengeance you want to unleash, you don’t expect the hues exploding on the screen. But instead, we get to see Aamir in multiple avatars (who’s counting? ). Climax is predictable. Do you wanna know? Go watch it. Definitely recommended. But hang on! Here are a few random thoughts which errupted in my head while I was watching Ghajini.

1. Remember the scene when Sanjay and Kalpana are to enter their new flat, and Sanjay is asked to remove his shoes. Have a look at the heel of Aamir’s shoe. Boy that’s the secret!!!

2. Ghajini killed all of his foes and predicted enemies with guns and pistols. Is that why he ran out of bullets and had to resort to fighting with Sanjay in dirty man style.

3. What kind of a faaltu Chairman is Sanjay Singhania. He is single, US return and heads a telecom company. He must be splashed all across the newspaper. And even the police fail to identify him. Shame on …the Media.

4. Was Sanjay Singhania training under Kakashi and EroSenin Jiraiya for 2 years? Man, he’s got the moves.

5. Jia Khan, she definitely was buying deoderant after the chase, not nail-polish.

6. Why does the song ‘Guzarish’ start with the shot of Aamir’s waistline? Oh, body publicity huh! SPARTA style. I get it now.

7. Speaking of body, yeah, yeah, he must have joined some weird club at Harvard. Look what he wears to work. Of course, it is his company, but dude, seriously…THAT?

8. Last but not the least, Jia Khan serves as the transport for Sanjay. Takes him to the den. Flips out saying – “Ye Risky Area Lagta Hai. Hum Use Yahaa Nahi Maarte . Ghajini Ko Akele Main Maarte Hai”. Great plan! Seems like you ripped off those lines from your childhood days when you used to play Chor Police.

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6 thoughts to “Movie Review: Ghajini”

  1. harsh comments….but i liked the jokes 🙂
    Faltu Chairman ha ha ha ha.
    My view – To me movie started to kick only a few minutes before interval, before that it wasnt some revenge filled movie, for most of the time it was a Shahrukh Khan flick in Aamir style. And my god songs, we shouldnt even discuss, such patheticK lyrics.
    All in all movie kept me chained to my seat. So keeping excited for 3 hrs is not a joke these days.
    Movie had great moments and its week moments too.
    All in all, fantastic movie, but could have been much better. Done!


  2. ahem eight pack !! the last two are hard to get 🙂 well I don’t know why it is not mentioned but the movie is a tad bit long … the only reason why I sat all through it was Miss Jia Khan … Man the Baywatch moves were great the Run THE RUN !! cant get it out of my head seriously she could match Pamela any day with out a boob job (need confirmation for that)

    Aamir Khan as usual was good ,really liked the last action scene when we was growling like a dog the it isnt hard to compare (got back on the SRK thing he did).

    Asin was good and bubbly would have loved the movie if all the romantic shit would have been edited out and they would made a bad ass vendetta themed film … just an opinion :))


  3. Congrats on the new design and Happy new year.
    As far as Ghajini is concerned, dude, chill. Bollywood ko itna seriusly nahi lene ka!

    Liked the questions though!


  4. hey due..nice review…I was not able to swallow even the first 30 mins of this coz the Tamil version I saw was in back of my head and I was getting crazy!!


  5. “Ye Risky Area Lagta Hai. Hum Use Yahaa Nahi Maarte . Ghajini Ko Akele Main Maarte Hai”. Great plan! Seems like you ripped off those lines from your childhood days when you used to play Chor Police.

    Hilarious 🙂

    BTW, is it just me or has your top banner changed.. it has styles similar to GB though!!!


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