Movie Review: Vantage Point

No Silly Point

Vantage PointNow as the movie posters read out loud and clear, Vantage Point is what it sets out to be. 8 Strangers, 8 Points of view .1 Truth. Clearly it’s all about a conspiracy theory, and predictably a mole in the US Defense System and lots of action. But as I actually had expected, this is not 8 points of view contradicting each other, but just a replay of a time slot of 25 mins from the point of view of 8 separate people of the assassination of the POTUS (I really feel sorry the President of the US being referred to with a nickname that sounds so close to Poop) which include the secret service agent Joseph Barnes (Dennis Quaid ) who comes back to the service of the POTUS after taking a bullet in the line of duty, the ever curious Howard (Forrest Whitaker) who sticks to his handycam and might have caught the assassination on tape and Enrique (Eduardo Noriega ), a cop who is being set up. I would keep this review as spoiler free as possible, but it goes without saying that nothing is what it seems.

The speed of the movie keeps everyone on their edge of the seats. More so, it seems like 24 on a Bourne route. The jerky cameras aren’t as Blair Witchy but yes, very much Bourne especially the crowd stampedes, the car chases and of course the bang bang. Sigourney Weaver plays a News Producer, directing the cameras covering the Live Coverage of the President’s peace summit speech. These footages eventually help Barnes in solving the puzzle and putting it all together. It might come across to most as gimmicky, but even with all the insanity onscreen at a pace of 250 miles per hour, this is nevertheless very ridiculously entertaining. Yes, may be it gets on the nerves a bit by the time of the 5th rewind. But then, after all the rewinds are done, the story does move ahead to a defined climax, a sort of a screwed up one. Just can’t believe that all that excitement was leading to a very dissatisfying climax.

What I take home with me after watching Vantage Point is that it is a very tough job being the POTUS. You need to handle diabolic plots of your assassinations in Spain, even confront the terrorists yourself if required, and sometimes when Hollywood demands, face Aliens too. And of course, wrap up the show with a heart-winning speech. But yeah, Vantage Point doesn’t include that speech. Instead it lets the mayor of Salamanca do the honors. Nevertheless it’s definitely fun to watch a film based around politics without being preachy and doesn’t have any sort of agenda. Instead, it lets the action take centrestage.My vote of thanks to the Director Pete Travis, to have kept the pace of the movie so crisp. The breed of smart action thrillers seems to be quite non existent in today’s cinema, where Vantage Point breathes new life to it. Last but not the least, summing up the hour of rewinds with a butt kicking car chase, Vantage Point rocked me. AWESOME is what I say. Watch it at the movies only!!

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