Music Review: Bhram the Illusion

Okay, first things first. I really hate the concept of attaching English tails to movie titles. It completely disgusts me. Moving on, this is the music review of Bhram (won’t include the tail anymore). Let’s just skip the intro part, and let’s get down to business- one track at a time. Yeah?

Track 1:-Jaane Kaise – the acoustic guitar, good bass and Shaan- this is trademark Pritam, the Indian rock touch and whoa,the muted clean Electric guitars. I really like this track. The acoustic rhythms accompany the vocals with absolute fluidity. This sounds very much like Dino Morea standing at the backseat of his jeep with the rooftop opened up and singing his lungs out. Its an open spirit song and if this was filmed on perhaps Ranbir Kapoor, this could probably win the Filmfare (C’mon Jab Se Tere Naina can win the Filmfare for Shaan, then this surely can). This actually isn’t rock, but very much Pop, and I can totaly hear the college fests being infected with this, and anyone who can strum his acoustic box is being found busy trying to find the chords.

Personally I hate Techno and Electric bangs. I am a Bad Boy is Arabic strings fused in Hip Hop. I find it harsh and vocals are quite annoying. Boom and all. This is so Club and ….shake it aah,….over here gal…and put your hands over here gal…how pathetic lyrics…..the sound will definitely creep into the DJ circle.I do find Pritam uses the Bass Guitar to the fullest.The Arabic Strings is definitely ON.This sets out actually to sound close to the VH1 Hip Hop Hustle and very urban…but all it sounds to me is …meh…meh!!! If you are into Club Music, you might find an ear for it actually.

Track 3 Meri Akhiyaan starts with some sort of Daphlee, and from the 1st second, it did demand Richa Sharma’s vocals. Somewhat like Zindagi Main Koi Aaye Na Rabba. The lyrics include the essential flavor of Punjabi with Tere Naal et al. The track is nothing blockbuster material. Pretty average actually. I have heard Richa Sharma spell magic and this one’s not it. Not even close. But it’s neither bad. I expected more from this.

Teri Ankhon Ki Narmi– The drum beat begins and I know I am gonna love this- So what if it has some ridiculous lyrics with inclusion of Sohniye in a rock song and yes, chorus going crazy with Sha Na Na Na Na. But hell yeah, this one’s catchy by all means. This is actually more Pop than Bryan Adams ,even if the lyrics would have depicted a war. But no complaints. C’mon, I can’t demand something out of the blues in a Hindi Movie soundtrack. And for a Hindi movie, this song does bring back a bit of ass-kicking back into the CD after the dissappointing Track 2 and 3.

Lagdaa Naa Lagdaa is the most annoying track of the CD. I hate Techno and specially when there is the Latino guitaring going on. Oh, that’s KK. What happened to him? I know, the tracks would appeal to a lot of people thronging the dance floor, losing themselves to the rhythm and all that. But I really think that if this song was arranged in a different way (and I know Pritam can do it), this could have been absolutely awesome. But given the shape it has in the CD, this is my pick for the Darth Vader of the Album.

And if Lagdaa Naa Lagdaa was Darth Vader, meet Luke Skywalker- Sonu Nigam in Jaane Kyun Tanhaa. He literally seems to be taking revenge on KK and James and the whole lot of rock singing people who have featured on Pritam’s compositions. He shows it, that if he can sing Soona Soona (Classically Mild, if you haven’t heard it, you MUST), he can sing a rock ballad much much better than anyone around. The pain and anguish is as tangible as it can be in Sonu Nigam’s vocals and Pritam’s inclusion of the essential clean guitar solo is just chilling to say the least. At times, it does sound similar to Bheegi Bheegi, which again points to another fact-that it might have been INSPIRED from another Bangla Rock song. Screw technicality. This track rules the soundtrack.

All in all, the Bhram Soundtrack is a CD to own only for Jaane Kyu Tanha and Jaane Kaise. You’d love these tracks,I bet. Yeah but, my mom wouldn’t. Yes, this soundtrack comes with the age tag:Suitable for ages 18 to 35. Quite a decent soundtrack for a thriller movie. I can’t get over Sonu Nigam’s Jaane Kyun Tanhaa, and so I’d give this CD a 3 on 5.

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