My First Sketch on OKS – Ryuk (Deathnote)

Deathnote-It’s my most favorite anime of all times. Coz, unlike others which fill up weeks after weeks with fillers and absolutely no movement in the characters for ages, Deathnote is a story told in 37 episodes. Each episode an epic. More about may be later, but here is a ball point pen sketch of Ryuk. Took me almost 3 hours to complete. Kinda amateurish, cos I am self-taught. Messed up in  a few portions, the apple (yeah, that’s an apple, no red pens sorry!), and the other hand’s fingers as well. And as it was a ball-pen sketch, so no editing whatsoever. But that’s the fun part actually. No turning back. Ok, I should just shut up, and let you guys judge me after all.


For the High-Resolution Full pic, click the link after the Jump.

**For High Resolution Link for Ryuk’s Sketch, Click HERE **

Pretty Scary innit !! Loved drawing the eyes, and that’s my favorite part as well. Didn’t use any fancy ball-point pen. Just regular ones. Comments are open. More sketches to come in the near future. 🙂

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12 thoughts to “My First Sketch on OKS – Ryuk (Deathnote)”

  1. Dude, This is a talent which was completely hidden in past 3 Yrs. Is this a newly-found hobby or something which was in stealth for all these years?


  2. @ Sethi darling,

    I dont believe that u havent noticed me drawing all those anime characters, i really did those when i was in Pune as well….Deeeyuuuud!!!..

    thanks for the appreciative comments..cheers


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