Naruto Shippuden 051-052 :WTF????

Naruto Shippuden

Okay, I have been on a long long vacation from Naruto. The last episode I saw was Shippuden’s Episode 045 where Naruto, Sakura and Yamato are planning to explore the secret behind Sai’s diary. On the other hand, Sai is with Kabuto and Orochimaru and are on their way to Sasuke. It has been almost 5 episodes in between, and I saw Shippuden’s 051-052 special 40 min episode yesterday. And it seems I didn’t miss a thing. I am so very much furious now. Naruto used to be my favorite anime. Not only because of the Ninja fights but also because of the detailed characerisation of the different protagonists and the layers of complicated emotions embedded within. But this arc is getting on my nerves now. Wanna have a sneak peek of what happened in the episode : Sasuke’s Anticipated Appearance! The Emotional Naruto Shippuden Special. Read on.

Remember the first episode of Shippuden, where we actually got to see a teaser of Sasuke’s appearance. Naruto and Sakura running around a dark tunnel and then, an explosion. Naruto runs towards the light at the end of the tunnel,to find Sasuke standing on the top of a rock. Sai is already there. Sakura and Yamato enter next. And then Naruto and Sasuke exchange dialogues about why Sasuke didn’t kill Naruto, and all that bond blah blah! Yeah, all that happened in the first episode of Shippuden. And now, that happens here yet again at almost 1/3rd the pace. I am so irritated to the core now. These Tokyo TV people and Naruto makers need to tighten up the belts and nail some good episodes right away or the fan base is gonna be very upset (more than what it is now). I mean, the anticipated appearance of Sasuke special has been nothing more than an expanded version of the teaser. Nothing more, nothing less.

And if you think I am lying see it for yourself. Oh I forgot to mention, it contains more flashbacks -one of Sai, Naruto, Sasuke vs Itachi, Sasuke vs Naruto, Yamato, Sakura ugh!!!! I am completely fed up. Only addition to the story is the Kyuubi’s advice to Sasuke to not kill Naruto. He says that if Sasuke kills Naruto, he’ll live to regret it. Now wtf was that? Naruto not resorting to using the Kyuubi’s powers and Sasuke is totaly kicking everyone’s ass including Yamato’s wooden ones. I think I’m gonna start watching Claymore now. Naruto is becoming more and more of a mental burden to me which leaves me with utter dissatisfaction week after week after week. Kishimoto C’mooooooon!!!!!

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