Bollywood Razzies 2007

As 2007 comes to an end, its time to roll out the red carpets, open the envelopes and beat the pulp out of those movies that kept on coming back to you and haunted you this year and made you shiver with disgust at the most odd hours of the day/night.These movies go down in the history of this list as the Bollywood Razzies, aka the Worst Movies of the Years as well as Performances. It is no easy job to make it to this list. You need to be utterly creative in some way, as in if you actually intended to make a tragedy, you ensure it looks like Mr.Bean’s Holiday. And if the original script pitched plans of a comedy, the end product should make all of the crew weep. Now that’s what we call (F)ART. Only few movies have been able to qualify for the coveted “award” this year, and choosing the righteous winner among them has been a tiring effort for me. It has taken me sleepless nights, intense hours of soul searching and some barrels of Budweisers to arrive at the “Winners”. So here we go.

Breakthrough Performance of the Year Male:-

The Shaved and Waxed chest, a Peek at what’s behind the Diesel Cap, The Nasal takes a big leap beyond the lands of Narnia, and well, He finally smiles. Ladies and Gentlemen, bow to his Majesty, Himessssss….Surooooor….Reshammiya. A Star is Born? Ahem Ahem! Sorry, I just choked on me words. Read More

Music Mughals 2007

Bollywood Music has just left me drained completely. This has been a year where I got variety , versatility and above all, quality music that transcends all definitions and spans across all possible genres from Qawwali to Rock to Jazz to Blues to even Hindustani Classical. This has been a year which has excelled all of my expectations, mostly in the later part of the year with the kicking in of the major blockbusters accompanied by their equally explosive soundtracks. It has been quite a journey for me listing out these gems and in no way I can accurately opt for the winners, but then, some are more equal than the others.

So well the Nominees are:-

A.R. Rahman – GURU

Guru Wallpaper

From the Arabic belly dancing ritual number, Mayya Mayya, to the very Folk –Barso Re Megha, the signature Rahman sound in Tere Bina , the heart melting Hairat-e-Aashiqui which transforms into a Scottish Pipers song and then back to a Ghazal, and to top it all, a Soul Stirring choir singing in unison – Jaage Hai Der Tak Humein….GURU had it all. Bow down Mister, to the current GURU of Music. Read More

Movie Review: Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par

In everyway possible, Ishaan of Taare Zameen Par (TZP) miraculously brings the mirror in front of me and makes me look back with nostalgia at the fond memories and even at some of the childhood dilemmas that I faced, along with the utter peer pressure which we have always been subjected to, right from Day 1 of School.The untied shoe laces, the uncombed hair, the shirts with the buttons out, and the free spirit crying and trying to let free from the shackles of the “conformity” and social compatibility. But then, this is not a personal confession, but the movie review (but a bit personal in a way) of TZP. Read More

One Knight Stands

In the words of the great Scorpions, “Here I am, Rock you like a Hurricane”. This is it, January 3rd of the year 2008, when One Knight Stands a.k.a. OKS goes live and all ready to kick butt. OKS is where you will find Movie reviews like never before, Music finding definition in words, popular culture being questioned and Breaking News being dumped-all under the same roof. Yeah, of course with a tinge of my personal spices and some sprinkled sauces of rumors. It has been a tiring journey so far to set up the blog, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my very good techie friends- Ashwin and Ravindra. Special thanks to Brajeshwar for the help he has extended to me right from buying the domain to hosting it to even answering my silly queries.

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without some powerful forces who keep my lamp burning. My Inspirado- Sujoy Chatterjee, my parents who couldn’t understand what I was upto but are supportive nonetheless, and my badass roomies who keep asking for the hit counts everyday.

Thanks for visiting OKS and Seasons Greetings for a prosperous New Year. I hope you enjoy the ride. Security, where are the belts?