Prison Break-End of Season 3

Michael ScoffieldMy site has been down due to database problems. Techkeyla hasn’t come up yet and I am a bit upset about it. Nevertheless, in the meanwhile, I got to watch the final two episodes of Prison Break’s cut short Season 3. And the plot was racing through my head. Michael Scoffield’s genius keeps my jaw dropping every season and sometimes in every plan that he executes. This time, it was indeed yummy. Episode 11- Under and Out had left off when rain had forced Michael and the team to get the escape time ahead of the schedule. The escape team had actually become too crowded with Bellick and McGrady joining in. But Michael had other plans.


Episode 12- begins with Lincoln bashing off the power supply tower with a bus. The power went off and off go Lechero, Bellick and T-Bag into No Man’s Land. What they didn’t know of was Scoffield’s plan. The generator backup wasn’t supposed to come up before 30 seconds which actually did. But there was no turning back. Lechero runs even when the searchlights are on him, and he gets shot. T-Bag and Bellick are caught. The trucks come up, and No Man’s Land is crowded now. And Michael escapes NOW with Mahone, Whistler and McGrady. Looks too easy, but it’s ok. I am so happy that they made out of sweaty Sona finally. Lechero knows that he has been betrayed. Bellick gets the beating of his life and T-Bag gets his beans fried. Whereas Michael and the team escape to the beach where they meet Lincoln. And oh! they have Oxygen cylinders there. They hide underwater and wait for Sucre who’s supposed to bring the boat. Meanwhile Sucre gets messed up as T-Bag recognises him. I feel so sorry about Sucre man. And I want to see Maricruz back in season 4. Anyway, Sucre doesn’t turn up, but McGrady’s dad comes to the rescue. And once they reach shore, they change clothes, and part ways with McGrady. McGrady reaches Home Sweet Home in Colombia, which I am really happy about. C’mon in 3 seasons, someone’s finally got a happy ending.

Prison Break season 3

Meanwhile, Linc calls up Gretchen to bring LJ and Sofia for exchange. Mahone wants to take off but Linc thinks its time to take revenge upon his father’s murder. But Whistler escapes, and so does Mahone. Michael and Linc chase Whistler and finally get hold of him. Gretchen comes all loaded with snipers and gunned men. But Michael outsmarts her again. She looks such a bitch. Episode -13 shows some more of Michael’s skills. He calls Gretchen for the exchange in a museum, which has metal detectors at the entrance, and so she is forced to leave her guns and just bring in LJ and Sofia. Michael also knows about her plan of placing all her gunned army at the exits. Once the exchange is done, things get a little emotional between Whistler and Sofia. Whistler finally reveals there are NO co-ordinates. Sofia is ticked off and she cries. Michael has another plan for getting out- TOGETHER. He breaks one of the antics and the ALARM goes off. They all walk out together, until Gretchen makes his men fire on someone, which actually hit Sofia. Whistler and Gretchen and her men escape. Lincoln and Michael also need to take off , while LJ takes Sofia to the hospital. She is safe, and so everyone’s happy. LJ says that there’s something more to Whistler and Michael and Linc go to Whistler’s apartment to find a file of documents. Ugh!!! so many more questions raised. Michael decides to hunt down Gretchen and the company.On the other hand, Whistler comes up to meet Mahone at a bar, and asks if he is IN or not. Mahone says he is IN. Obviously in the Company’s next venture . What will that be? Oh! but Mahone doesn’t forget to remind Whistler of what Michael could possibly do. Back in Sona, Lechero is murdered by T-Bag, and with help from Lechero’s outside contacts, he gets some financial aid, and now poses to be the Democratic Messiah of Sona. And Bellick remains shit scared. Sucre’s origins have now been recognised, and after a lot of ‘interrogation’, he is put into Sona.

Season 3 ends with a montage featuring the song ‘Llorando’ by Rebekah Del Rio. Season 3 closes with Sucre in Sona, Bellick and T-Bag with him. Mahone and Whistler have joined forces. McGrady looks at the BasketBall Basket and smiles. And Michael drives along a highway in Panama, with the origami rose that he had given to Sara and Linc’s gun by his side. Season 4 has a lot of questions to answer- most importantly, what the fuck is the COMPANY?

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