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All that’s awesome about Rekha, all throughout October.

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Rekha - Khubsoorat

Khubsoorat is a gem in every sense of the word. It is mindblowingly entertaining with effervescent enthusiasm of Rekha’s character – Manju and a brilliant ensemble cast which supports this enthusiasm. Brilliantly written and executed by none other than the maestro of middle-class common man Indian cinema – Hrishida (Hrishikesh Mukherjee ). I almost feel incapable of expressing correctly, how much I love this movie. It is beyond any comparison and any adjective to put it into words. So, I will just point out why I love this movie so much, and why I crown this as the BEST REKHA MOVIE EVER. Needless to say, this process will be aided by a big lineup of screenshots, so hold on to your seat-belts. I officially declare #Rekhatober open. Let the celebrations begin.

So many reasons to love Khubsoorat

P.S. Spoilers if you haven’t watched this legendary movie already. In which case, I suggest you to run like the wind and grab the DVD for this. And P.S.2 LONG POST.

Let’s begin with ..

Nirmala Gupta and the Gupta family breakfast

Guptas Breakfast - Khubsoorat

Dina Pathak rules this movie with her spot-on portrayal of the strict-mum of the house –  Nirmala Gupta. Not even her husband is spared from her disciplinary code of conduct. Everyone eats breakfast together, and at 8.30 am in the morning. And no one dares to make the dining hall dirty. And if someone does it, he/she has to rectify it. Not even her husband is allowed to break the rule. It all establishes the fact that the Guptas are a very disciplined bunch and the head of the family is Mommy Nirmala . But well, Dadamoni cannot let go of his playful naughtyness 🙂

And in the opposite corner, is the Dayal family..

Exactly poles apart from the strict and regulated Guptas, the Dayals are a happy rhyming bunch, dropping limericks in their daily speech. The daughters – Manju (Rekha) and Anju and their dad (Ram Dayal ) discuss daily politics in rhyme (how awesome is that, and what a wonderful introduction scene. Jeeyo Hrishida!) Not to forget, even their house cook – Ashrafi Laal (Keshto Mukherji ) contributes to this awesome rhyming atmosphere. Baajre ki Roti aur Masoor ki Daal 🙂

Keshto Mukherjee - Khubsoorat

Sun Sun Sun Didi tere Liye

Anju’s rishta comes along, by the help of common friend – Uma Shanker, who never shys away from ‘taking guarantee’ [You’ll know this if you have watched the movie ] . Manju is not happy that Anju agreed so readily to the whole ladkewaale dekhne aa rahe hai scenario. She says – Aay Haay! Ye Kyun Nahi Kehti ki Shaadi karne ke liye Tadap rahi hai 😛 [ Why don’t you say that you’re dying to get married! ] . And she promises that she’ll dress up her sister in a Banarasi brocade wali sari to make her look like – Jhamila Baano’s Qawwali. Whoever wrote those lines is a legend for me.  And of course, this whole song that follows, reminds me of the scene from Sholay, when Jai goes to Chachijee to ask for Basanti’s ‘haath’ for Veeru.

Sun sun sun Didi tere liye - Khubsoorat

You know, how he sells Veeru with all his talents and habits in geometric progression. Gulzar made that into this song.

The Ladki dekhne waali scene.

One of my favourite scenes in this movie. But then, there a lot of such favourite moments in this movie. This is the scene where the Dayals have come to do some rishta-pakka business between the second son of the family – Sundar, and the eldest daughter in the Dayal family – Anju. Check out how Jagan (Ranjit Chowdhry ) quickly responds to what his strict mum had instructed –  Humare Yaha Striyo ki hi Zyada Chalti hai 😛 . Always gives me a chuckle.

Jagan - Khubsoorat

And when  Jagan refuses any Mithai for his Pappa, Dad Dwarka Prasad Gupta ( Dadamoni Ashok Kumar) gets angry and calls him – Maa ka jaasoos ( Mum’s spy 😛 )

Maa Ka Jasoos Jagan - Khubsoorat

Oh, don’t forget, how when Dwarka Prasad asks the Dayals to hurry up a bit, and when Ram Dayal cries out loud to the girls to get ready soon, Dwarka Prasad is surprised by the volume levels at which the Dayals communicate 😛

Let the invasion of Manju begin

Manju and Papa Dayal are feeling lonely. Even Ashrafi Laal feels sad that the Kafiya routine can’t continue. So, Manju sets off to pay a surprise visit to her sister’s Sasuraal. And bam! She  makes a cracking explosive entry. Please give it up for immortal lines such as – Mooh hi Dhula hua hai Auntyjee 🙂

Mooh hi Dhula Hua hai - Khubsoorat

And of course, the cracking clash of the titans in the kitchen over Apple kheer.


Ranjit Chowdhury as Jagan is one of the major reasons why I love Khubsoorat. His portrayal of the rough-haired, lanky and careless Jagan is spot on. And the perfect comic timing with smart lines such as – Maine to Shaadi kar li hai… Sangeet se 🙂 make me chuckle every time I watch it.

Jagan - Sangeet se..

Also, Jagan and Manju form a very strong and cracking alliance to crack down what all the other members of the Gupta family secretly enjoy doing.


Manju loves Cards

Everyone who plays Bridge knows about the addiction, irrespective of whether it involves gambling or not. And I can pretty much trace back my roots, as in what inspired me to learn playing Bridge, to this movie. I loved it how all the sons in the Gupta family secretly play Bridge after work, and how opportunist Jagan got to make a profit out of the situation 😛 On the other hand, the Dayals are pretty bindaas about their Bridge skills. Needless to mention, Anju and Manju are manipulative smart gals with their Hukum ki Mem and Do Chaar Paan moves 🙂

Piya Banwari

All you people already know about my undying love for this song. To read more about this, hit this post link where I have written in more details  about this song, and my love for it.

Piya Banwari - Khubsoorat

But for the uninitiated, let me just quickly add that this is probably one of Panchamda and Asha Bhonsle’s best tracks, and coupled with Rekha dancing Kathak on it with Shashikala and Dadamoni Ashok Kumar rhyming the bol – Khelata Bhuja Melata , Lapata Jhapata Radha, Chandra … Main Haari Jaa Jaa Ri –  all of it narrates the beautiful Ras Leela between Lord Shri Krishna and Radha and the Gopis in a very lyrical way.

Kaayda Todke

Who doesn’t love a rebel song? Yes, Sampooran Singh aka Gulzar saab had already been there , done that grunge thing of the 90’s in the Bollywood of 80’s  – Kaayda Todke, Socho Ek Din. And yes, Rekha sang this one. You didn’t know that, did you?

Kaayda Todke - Khubsoorat

Of course, this is not about breaking the guitar, being suicidal or getting burnt out kaput. It’s more about ermm… floating cookies, rivulets of milk and trees bearing chocolates as fruits. Same difference!

Chaai to Cheen Desh ki Tulsi Hai

This HAS to be the dialogue of the millenium. It happens when Manju is in the kitchen when Nirmala Gupta asks if she’s like to eat something. Manju requests her for a tea. Nirmala answers back – Is this the time for tea?

chai-to-cheen-desh-ki-tulsi-hai - Khubsoorat

Chai to cheen des ki tulsi hai 😛

Awesomeness download- 100% complete.

Manju’s PR Skills

If you look at it from a managerial point of view, Manju’s people convincing and public relationship skills are impeccable and unmatched. How she handles all of the Guptas is beyond me.

Rekha - Khubsoorat

She smartly manipulates her own likings to match and sometimes uncover the hidden likes and dislikes of the controlled and disciplined Guptas. She does not even spare her future Sasurjee Dwarka Prasad Gupta, by pataoing him with her affection for gobar and manure 😛 All thanks to Jagan for insider information. All this,  while she secretly falls in love with Indar. Maate, aap dhanya ho ! And if you still are not convinced about Manju’s PR skills, I’ll give you this duh look of Jagan.

Jagan  - Khubsoorat

Love blooms

Speaking of love, although the romance and the love-hate relationship isn’t necessarily the centre of gravity of this plot, yet, it is quite essential. To be noted here is how romance can happen over a game of carrom-board.

Papa Roshan Line Lagao

Man, this movie does preach the message of the importance of extra-curricular activities and sports .


And once all the hidden Niyam Tod do campaign is exposed, Nirmala Gupta confronts Manju . And all this happens whilst all the members of Gupta family have to leave for a particular event. But Dwarka Prasad suffers a heart attack, and Manju proves that she excels in being a Bahurani too. Oh, and she gives a good ‘verbal spanking’ to Pune’s best heart specialist – Om Shivpuri. And did you see that frame of 1980’s Pune Railway Station.

Pune Railway Station

[ Aankh mein aasoo aa gaye ]

Climax dialogue – Manju refuses to be called girlfriend by sasurjee 😛

I am kind of exhausted of pointing out the many reasons that make this movie such an awesome masterpiece. So, I am just gonna lay back, and let the GIFs take over. Let’s just sit back and let Manju take over. 🙂

Manju appreciates Shashikala's Kathak


Apple Kheer - Khubsoorat

Manju's laughter

And of course, this post will not be complete without Dadamoni’s awesome confrontation of Nirmala Gupta with…

Phool Tum Kaanta Main - Khubsoorat

And then, of course, the most important character of the movie – you know, Nirmal Anand !!!! 😛

Nirmal Anand - Khubsoorat

Gimme a shout if you discovered any further reasons that I could add to this mammoth list. Now, let me go back and play Piya Banwari again!

And OKS wishes



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10 thoughts to “Rekha-Tober: Khubsoorat–1980, Best Rekha movie ever”

  1. Happy belated Birthday rekha -ji and what a lovely write up you have done here, i don’t know if i’m convinced this is the best rekha movie ever, i recalled watching it once and the whole thing was way too subtle and restrained for my taste, dare i even say boring. I’ll give it another go and keep your review in mind while watching perhaps that might help


    Sujoy Reply:


    Thanks BD. Hmm, I guess it all gets a bit lost in translation. The main appeal of this movie is in the pure Hindi dialogues, which I don’t think can be properly expressed through English subtitles. But even after that, Rekha as Manju is so hyper, lively and smart, that you can’t stop falling in love with her 🙂


  2. EFFING AWESOME!! Sujoyji aap dhanya ho. Aap mahan ho. Aapke jaisa aur koi pankha nahi. ATI SUNDAR ATI SUNDAR ATI SUNDAR!!


    Sujoy Reply:

    Dhanyawaad pitujee. When I started preparing this post, I thought to myself, there is no way I can capture the dynamics of this movie with still pictures. And that’s how all that GIFs had to be made.

    Am very pleased with it 🙂


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