Rewind: O Sajana (Parakh-1960)

Nostalgia is a great feeling. Especially when it takes you back to those days when you started listening to music. In my case, my musical education started with my Dad playing tunes of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd.Rafi in our old Philips Audio Cassette Player. I can’t remember how old I was at that time, but those were the tunes which still give me chills when I listen to them. This new tag of Rewind is entirely dedicated to the ” Shwet Shyam” ( Black and White ) and the EastmanColour generation of Hindi Cinema; to the Rangolis and the Chitrahaars; to Shammi Kapoor, Sadhana, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Kishore Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Nargis and the immortals of that era.

Dad’s audio cassette collection had only three brands: HMV, EMI and T-Series (only for the Anup Jalota bhajans). And all the “Best Of” collections were often on HMV. One of these collection cassettes was a Best of Lata which had the song: O Sajana from the 1960 movie by Bimal Roy, Parakh. Dad also had the Bengali version of it: Naa Jeona. A brilliant composition of Salil Chowdhury, O Sajana finds glory in the lyrical simplicity of Shailendra and the immensely moving voice of Lata Mangeshkar. And then, coated with the innocence of Sadhana, this is when immortality is achieved on earth.

My favourite part of the song is in the second verse:
“Aise RimJhim Main O Sajan,
Pyaase Pyaase Mere Nayan..
Tere Hi …Khwaab Main…Kho Gaye..”

(Attempt at Translation: In this rain, O my Love; My eyes are thirsty; I am lost in dreams of you)

The Bengali version has an entirely different meaning, when it comes to the lyrics.
‘O Sajana’ talks about longing for one’s love in the rainy season. Whereas, the Bengali version: Naa Jeona talks about asking one’s love not to leave.

A bit from the Bengali lyrics:
Aami Je Tumari Shudhu, Jeebone Morone
Dhoriya Raakhite Chaahee Noyone Noyone

(Attempt at Translation: I am only yours in life and death, I wish to hold you in my eyes)

Simply put, it is just one of those legendary compositions that can never be recreated.

AFTER THE BREAK: The 3 , yes 3 versions of the song.

The above video playlist contains the following versions:
1. O Sajana: from the 1960 movie Parakh
2. Naa Jeona: Bengali version by Lata Mangeshkar
3. A medley of O Sajana and Naa Jeona by Aishwarya in Star Voice of India:Chhote Ustaad.

P.S. The live medley by Aishwarya speaks volumes about how talented Aishwarya is. She is a Gujrati and she has sung both the versions, especially the Bengali one, with absolute perfection. Comments appreciated on my first post on Rewind.

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7 thoughts to “Rewind: O Sajana (Parakh-1960)”

  1. Oh, this is a lovely song. And know what, I too,was listening to it on a Philips Audio Player 😛

    lookin’ fwd to ur series. I miss Rangoli and Chitrahar too. Ahh, the old days.


  2. @ BollywoodDeewana:
    Thanks for the visit mate. And yes, this is indeed a gem of a song.

    Haha, philips audio player match!!! Rewind is a new category of sorts on OKS, but I shall introduce some new ones as well. Keep watching this space.



  3. Uff! Love this song 🙂 And Sadhna looks like a million bucks in the vid. And yes, my fave bit is also the bit where her voice dips to ‘Aise rimjhim mein’… 🙂 You and Darshit are both feeding my b/w music obsession 😉


  4. Ooh, and I have to add that the movie ‘Parakh’ also has another lovely song- ‘Mila hai kisi ka jhumka’. It’s awesome. Hmm, how come *I* never find ‘sachhe moti wala jhumka, thande thande hare hare neem tale’?

    Check it out on youtube 🙂


  5. I would suggest you to write on “The melodies of Sadhana”. She has a lot of great songs to her credit.

    As far as this post is concerned, I am absolutely moved. Thanks for such a great post.

    Cheers, Ashu


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