Rewind: Piya Banwari-Khubsoorat (1980)

**Ni Sa Re Sa Ni Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa**

**Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa Ni Dha Pa**

Someday soon, I’ll sit down to write a long post on Khubsoorat. No, not the Urmila Matondkar and Sanjay Dutt starrer which was also quite enjoyable, but not as much as this 1980 -Hrishikesh Mukherjee gem of a film which won Rekha her first Filmfare Best Actress Award. I have watched Khubsoorat almost 5-6 times and every time I watch it again, I still find something new and fresh in it. I love the Natkhat Manju (Rekha) who plays pranks with everyone and cleverly manages to win over everyone by manipulating them (in a good way). And on the other side of the fence is Nirmala Gupta, a strict disciplinarian played immaculately by Dina Pathak. I love them both and I fail to decide whom I like more. And of course, there’s the very loveable Dada Moni Ashok Kumar as Dwarka Prasad Gupta. Yes, I will sit down to write a long post on this movie and its loveable characters, not to forget its chuckleworthy scenes. But for now, let me quickly rant on this one song which has been playing continuously on my playlist for the last couple of days. It is Piya Banwari sung by one of my all time favourite singer -Her Excellency, Asha Bhosle.

Composed by none other than Panchamda, and lyrics by Gulzar, Piya Banwari is an extremely melodious Indian classical song beautifully woven into a movie soundtrack. It is based on Raaga Bihagda ( in which we get Raaga Bihag and Khamaaj ). Now why do I love this song. C’mon hit the jump and let the awesomeness be unveiled.

a) Her Majesty, Rekha jee.
She is not in one of her OTT glamsham roles. All she wears throughout the movie is a simple sari, simple make-up and her ‘do-choti’ looks. And she dances away, and trust me when I say this, no one can replicate this level of grace and poise and beauty. She is my definition of Diva. And here, she doesn’t even try to be one. She dances with Shashikala on this, and it is such a visual treat. It is just another level of Umrao Jaan which Rekha personifies in Piya Banwari. You have to see it to to understand what I mean here. No wonder Dalip Tahil was totally ‘Mast‘ over Rekha [ I hope you get this movie reference]

Watch it here:

Piya Bawari – Khoobsurat – 1980

b) What an Antara!!

The sitar piece which transforms into the long Aalaap by Asha jee and then the lyrics take over. I better not talk and just make you listen to what I am saying. Here is the lyrics of one of the Antaras. Just very simple rhyming yet so pretty.

Kaale Kaale Piya Saawan ke Baadal Chune
Baadal Chunke. Aankho mein Kaajal Ghule

Translation: My loved one chose the dark clouds, .. And those chosen dark shades have decorated my eyes

c) And then of course, Dada Moni’s rap.
I don’t mean rap as in Yo Yo homie. Just listen to the video embedded above, and get back to me if you think it ain’t cool, coz you need a friend who should tell you what is right, and what is wrong.

d) And the Rest:

Of course, there are other minor things which happen in this song which make me love it even more. Such as –

Rekha dancing with Shashikala

Or Papa Roshan’s Line Maaro-ing over a Carrom game

Or Natkhat Manju patao-ing future Sasurjee by giving tips about Good fertilizers

And lastly a strategic game of rummy 🙂

I really can’t get enough of this song, and I beg you to listen to this RIGHT NOW. And if you haven’t seen Khubsoorat, what is stopping you? Go watch it. And then come back soon, coz I’ll be discussing the movie pretty soon here. Cheerio!

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16 thoughts to “Rewind: Piya Banwari-Khubsoorat (1980)”

  1. OMG I love this movie!! And I love all the songs esp this one and 'Sare niyam tod do' which is a founding principle of Pitustan. In this song, I love when Asha sings: “Sapno ki jhaalar buni… hui baawari hui baawri….”.. love it! Other faves in the movie:

    1) Maine to shaadi kar li hai! Sangeet se 😉
    2) The argument b/w Ashok and Dina – Gulab hoga to kaante bhi honge!
    3) I love when Dina reprimands Rekha – Haath to tum dhoti hain, kamsekam seb to dho liya karo. Rekha: Koi zaroorat nahi Auntyji, mooh to dhula hua hai!

    Also, Rekha has an amazing voice. She's sung 'Kayda Kayda' herself 😀

    And I just quoted 'Chai to Cheen des ki tulsi hai' on Twitter. LOL!

    Lovely post Sujoyji!


  2. Hahaha Pituji..Saare niyam bilkul tod do.. Niyam bane hi hai todne ke liye.. Asha jee didn't get nominated for the song which is a shame..

    1981 ka list dekho:
    1981 Nazia Hassan – “Aap Jaisa Koi” from Qurbani
    Chandrani Mukherjee – “Pehchan To Thi” from Griha Pravesh
    Hemlata – “Tu Is Tarah Se” from Aap To Aise Na The
    Kumari Kanchan Dinkerao Mail – “Laila O Laila” from Qurbani
    Usha Uthup – “Hari Om Hari” from Pyaara Dushman

    Those scenes are ekdum awesome. Ranjit Chowdhry to itna hilarious character hai.. Maine to shaadi kar li hai.. Sangeet se..hehehehehehe

    I didn't know Kayda was sung by Rekha herself. Awesome trivia. I will HAVE to write a post soon on the awesomeness of Khubsoorat.

    Thanks Pitujee 🙂


  3. Matlab kya hai tumhara.. ki hum nikhattu hai… aive hi waqt zaya karte hai aise articles likhke.. not good Vats

    Time management bhi koi cheez hoti hai, and it starts by sleeping 6 hours .. 🙂


  4. Superb song! I have seen Khoobsurat n no. of times myself (courtesy our channel's matinee movies) and yes, the movie is lovable. Rekha absolutely steals the show with her effortless portrayal of Manju.


  5. Reakha is sucha beautiful dancer and Shahsikala's moving nicely too, i think i'd have to rewatch this film, i saw it in my early bollywood fan days and thought it was boring, maybe i'd think differently about it now


  6. Superb song! I have seen Khoobsurat n no. of times myself (courtesy our channel’s matinee movies) and yes, the movie is lovable. Rekha absolutely steals the show with her effortless portrayal of Manju.


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