Rewind: Suniyo Jee Araj Mhaariyo – Lekin (1990)

I have a love/hate relationship with the rains. I love the rain when it means a relief from the scorching heat that burns the day. At the same time, rain also means floods, damp and battered roads and splish splash on clothes. I hate going to work when it rains. None of this makes any sense with the title of the post. So, I’ll try and explain.

Suniyo Jee Araj Mhaariyo from Lekin(1990) is one of those rare songs which create a rain-like ambience with extreme ease. It is not a Raag Malhaar song . Based on Raaga Maand, this song depicts of the pathos and longing of a woman longing for her beloved. It is the rainy season – Saawan, which has been portrayed as the season of love, and with the advent of the season, the woman pleads to her lover to take her home. The sensuousness and feeling of loneliness occupy the emotional outcry of the woman.

Now when one speaks of Lekin, the song “Yaara Seeli Seeli” immediately pops up in everyone’s head. But trust me on this. There is no reason, one should miss this one out. Dimple Kapadia gives the performance of her lifetime.

And then, there’s Alok Nath looking as miserable as humanly possible. Legend goes, that Alok Nath eats the same Aatta as A K Hangal and hence stopped ageing at 50. He’s been 50 since he was actually 20. Go figure.

On a serious note, the earthy lyrics by Gulzar saab are absolutely brilliant. Have a go at this.

Bhije Bhije Angana ki.. Yaad Jo Aaave

Rukhi Rukhi Ankhiyo mein.. Reti Udaave

Sooni Sooni.. Kori Ankhiya.. Bhejiyo Phuhaar


I remember those memories of the wet courtyard

In the dry eyes, the desert sands are blowing

For my lonely, white eyes, send a fountain ]

And with Bhije Bhije Anngana.. Hema Malini gives an appearance. I won’t give out the spoilers on this one. Go and watch it.

Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s music in Lekin is unparallel. Right from the intro Sitars which create the ambience of the rainy season in an instant, to the flawless aalaps throughout the song, Lata jee and Hridaynath have created what can be best expressed as magical melody.

As Mr. Bachchan would say – Adwitiya! A very well deserved National Award for Best Music director.

I have embedded three versions of the song in a well-crafted Youtube playlist.

1) The original Lata Mangeshkar version from Lekin.

2) A lil-bit off but still brilliant live-performance by Sonali Rathod joined by Roopkumar Rathod at Mission Ustad

3) Shreya Ghoshal in her teens, performing Sunio Ji live @ ” Sa Re Ga Ma”  – the good ol’ days when Sonu Nigam used to host it. At the judges panel – Kalyanji Anandji.

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2 thoughts to “Rewind: Suniyo Jee Araj Mhaariyo – Lekin (1990)”

  1. Hi Sujoy,
    Completely agree … an awesome song form the ever talented Pandit Hridyanath Mangeshkar…every time I listen this song it kind of transforms … the music, the pathos in the Lataji’s voice is something that no singer can touch …making the song more sublime and etheral….someone said somewhere that this should have been the swan song for the songstress as after this she hardly managed to grasp one’s attention….albiet using ARRehman’s technological wizardy….


    Sujoy Reply:

    I don’t agree with Lata ji’s swan song being Lekin. Otherwise we would’ve never got her other gems.. as for Rahman’s technological wizardry, I’d also like to point out – Lukka Chuppi from Rang de Basanti, it has a very bare minimum arrangement, and yet it is so heart wrenching. Don’t you agree? Rahman is indeed a wizard.. and knows exactly where less can be so much more


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