Saturday Night at Bangalore circa March 2008

STYX entrance

If you are a rock-addict( I mean music, and nothing related to Geology or Paleontology) in India, and you love Beer and the subsequent alcoholic preparations, and your wardrobe fashion is dominated by those Black tees flaunting the GnR, Metallica and Sabbath prints, you know which is the best place to hang out. It is Bangalore! Especially when it’s concert season. I was there for the “Rock in India” concert and the air was breathing and smelling rock , I mean grass, I mean the fragrance of beer burps, I mean all of that. We’ll talk about the concert later, here we are talking about the eternal escapism for a Rocker like me, on a Rock weekend at the Rock Mecca of India-Bangalore.The journey begins on 15th March 2008, a day after the Big-Rock in India Concert-at 6 pm from my friends’ place at Jayanagar. There’s rain and there’s Bangy’s infamous,static and most irritating traffic jams. But I was more than ready to brave all of them for the Booze, the Bass, the Beeotches at the Bar and of course Bang Bang Headbanging. Do you know the concept of Party hopping where you are so restless enough to be at more than one party on a single night. Try that when 5 glasses of LAGER are already down your throat. Anyway, first venue- STYX at MG Road. It’s still raining. Thanks to my pal’s Raincoat, I am 70% drenched. I am waiting for my friends -Praxy and Harshal to arrive.And here they are (see pic below, I am the chinki guy).

Me, Praxy and Harshal aka WALF

A cover charge of 200 bucks on a Saturday Night-pretty decent. And as we walk up the stairs, I can see a few chicks trying hard to speak on the phone and a few others staring at them. The doors open and I am hit by a WALL of shreddding guitars. It’s Hetfield and his army and the black tee brigade with the long hairs is echoing -Master ! Master! Instant reaction : Yeah with a devil’s horns Up!!! Walk straight to the Bar. There’s hardly any room here to stand. The seats are filled and there are some firang backpackers too. Next song (that I can remember)- predictably Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction, and the crowd just goes berserk. I gulped down the chorus line with a Smirnoff blended with Tropicana Orange. And that was when my entire gang joined in -Enter Ravikanth, Mandal and Satya. Next up-Bora, Mohanty and Barik(I have to mention their names or else I might get slaughtered SAW style). More beers with Chilly Chickens and some more vodka shots, I get my first kick already. All this while we were being hit by the Metal of Slayer, more Megadeth, Godsmack, Soulfly and Sepultura. Special Mentions: We got to see a new video: A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold. Have a look at the video and you’ll get a new mashed up enlightenment of animated gore and gothic rock with growls.

It was time for us to hit to Party Zone 2. No rickshaws in the vicinity and we had to walk to Purple Haze at Brigade Road. It was already 9:25 pm and the only bad thing about Bangalore’s ( I will NOT call it Bengaluru) night life, the upper limit of 11:00pm, was hanging on our heads. The clock was ticking, the beer was gurgling in our bellies as we tried to WALK to Purple Haze. I see a lot of BRANDED showrooms with Kannada hoardings. And I could only make them out with their Logos. Seemed like a visual round at a Brand Equity Quiz. Nevertheless, we reached there in almost 20 min, at around 9:45pm. Another 300 bucks for the cover charges, taken care of by my extremely generous friends. And as we walk in, we are greeted by Mr.Robert Plant on the vocals and Mr.Jimmy Page on the Guitars, exclaiming – Wanna Whole Lotta Love!!!!!

If STYX was heavy, this was ROCK. Rock as I Love it most. Oh, I can see some familiar junta from aamchi Pune who have come to Bangy on the same bus, for the concert. Purple Haze belted out the quintessential Rock playlist featuring : Metallica- Unforgiven II(I had my Metallica Tee on, see the pic), Cranberries-Zombie, REM-Losing my Religion, Pearl Jam- Alive, Deep Purple- Smoke on The Water and God I can’t remember anymore. Coz I was already too drunk. The only mishap that happened -Harshal’s credit card got swiped thrice and he signed only once, but he was debited for all of them. Dispute raised but case not resolved yet. The damned clock struck 11 and all the music was shunned. Bollocks!!!!

I could still see people getting really jubilant, and some not so jubilant. Even at an elevated state of mind, my analytical brain was surveying the workings of the drunk rocker. And trust me, it is a delight! Either they do get extra happy and extra generous while paying off the bills, or they get extremely selfish and act sloshed and sit in the corner -acting depressed. I can also see some loser crying. Ugh! why? And oh, there’s yet another aspect that I haven’t covered. And that is Mohanty. For him, when he gets drunk, all he does is crack jokes, and not just simple plain jokes, but the most filthiest ones and of course the jokes are on the person next to him. Beware of him when he has the slightest amount of alcohol content and he strolls near you. You could be his next victim. It was like literally he was on a roll, as if some nuclear reactor was providing him a non-exhausting source of energy of Jokes. And this continued right through dinner and the walk on Brigade Road, until Mohanty’s mouth started forming foams and Barik was eternally humiliated with the color jokes.( BTW Mohanty ridiculed about my website saying: Click the pic. We’re gonna be on OKS. We’re gonna be famous. Now who’s laughing?) That’s the infamous Mohanty in orange with the specs next to me. Look at Bora.Don’t go by his looks, he is completely sober.


I know, I know. This is a closed-circuit post and I might not quite find any potential readers taking interest. but c’mon. No matter the city, no matter the names, you’d always be able to identify the characters mentioned and the events depicted. Just replace that Mohanty with a Juan or a Pablo or an LC Saikia, and Purple Haze at Bangalore with probably some bar at some street at some city. And there you go, you have your drunk Saturday Night with your drunk mates and your drunk self, banged heavily to the Rock Anthems and the Molten Hot Metal. Oh look at me so satisfied.

And that's me walking down Brigade Road

Confession: For me “Rock in India” was the curtain raiser to the Saturday Night Blast . Peace. \m/

Image courtesy: Praxy’s PICASA Album.

Venue Courtesy: STYX, Purple Haze.

Hospitality Partners: Satya Swaroop Sharma, Sidhharth ‘the pudhiya rolling” Bora, Orindam Mandal, Ravekanth “Co-ordinator” Kosuru, Sarthak ” Kalaprasad” Barik, Swagat “@$%^&#” Mohanty and finally ,oh! I think the list just got exhausted.

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  1. Nice post dude an thanks for the names:-).dint know about Harshal’s card though and if anything needs to be done do let us know.anyway we surely had a great time.\m/


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