Say What? Iron Man

Okay, I loved it. (So did the masses and the critics.) Iron Man i.e. It was such a relief ,given that Spidey 3 sucked more than Eureka Forbes [ A vacuum cleaner brand; I am ruining my own jokes] . Robert Downey Jr. nailed it with his wit and the suit just perfectly suited him. The effects were visually seductive and the Taliban angle given to the kidnap of Tony Starks was really smart. I am not a big fan of this Marvel Superhero though. Went back to read the trivia behind Tony Stark and discovered that he is actually one of the most flamboyant, rich, suave, a bit of a casanova and yes, has no superhuman powers- much like the Dark Knight. And that is what makes it look REAL. Right, so this is no review as you must have already guessed it. Here’s the twist. Ladies n Gents, presenting the Brand New Season Premiere-Pilot Post of Say What. Here’s the Iron Man episode , and am sure everyone will enjoy it, in their own way. This is done with pure intention of creating a bit of humor and well that is it. Enjoy.

Iron Man 1

More Fun after the Jump

Iron Man 2

For the uninitiated, the above mentioned quote is an immortal adline from the Advert (I don’t know if it won any award at Cannes or even if it was nominated for any, but this was definitely on everyone’s minds) of ItchGuard (an ointment to prevent sweat-related itching problems). Makes Sense, doesn’t it.  And oh , the literal translation is : Where do I go, How do I scratch ?

Iron Man 3

Not in bad taste at all. The lady in the above picture is actually a stunt double of Gwyneth Paltrow to keep her safe from Verbal Offense.

And Lastly,

Iron Man 4

So how did you find the Pilot Post of Say What? The comments section is open and am waiting for your inputs, suggestions, abuses, whatever!! Peace.

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