Separated At Birth – I

Inspired by Memsaab’s Bollywood trivia section ‘Separated At Birth(SAB), as well as by the long forgotten ‘Separated At Birth’ column from Sunday Magazine (a weekly publication in the 90’s in India), this post brings together people who might have been born as twins/siblings in a parallel universe. But here on Planet Earth, they couldn’t have been more different (or alike!). I hope you get the idea. My first SAB post is dedicated to a highly regarded and acclaimed British actor and a ‘so-so’ regarded, not-so acclaimed actor from Tollywood. And yes, they even share a name.

In the Red corner, it’s Sir Derek George Jacobi- actor, director and has two knighthoods -Danish and British. [ More here] . And in the Blue corner, it’s George Baker- actor from Tollywood- Claim to fame: Chameli Memsaab(1975) co-starring Rakhi.  So you likey??

[George Baker Image Courtesy: ApunBindaas, screencap from movie: Devaki]

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4 thoughts to “Separated At Birth – I”

  1. George Baker is more from Assam than from Bengal…..
    speaks fluent Assamese, was a good boxer and a better swimmer in his days.
    And happens to be a very friendly person (met him the other day at a function where he even joined the Bihu troupe on stage).


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Sujoy for correcting me…

    I was very small when I watched Chameli Memsaab on Doordarshan,

    The only other memory of George Baker that I have is when I used to flip through channels and Bengali Channels Soap Operas featured a scene where he is being all melodramatic…and oh…cameo in Parineeta…and of course, the Blue Chaddi full on ‘performance’ with Moon Moon Sen in Bow Barracks…lol

    Thanks for the visit, from Sujoy


    mitu Reply:

    George Baker won the president’s award for the 1st (original Assamese version of Chameli Memsahib)..his acting is subtle and impactful. Obviously….you don’t know much of his back ground…and doubtful you have ever met him in person or seen his movies that have won his accolades…try it some time. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. As for being melodramatic…actors do as directed mon ami…grow


    Sujoy Reply:

    I did watch George Baker in Chameli Memsaab- the original Assamese one, when I was a kid. I did not know that he received the President’s award for the same.
    No I do not know his background, or his accolades, and I have definitely not met him.
    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – agreed. But did I really do anything to marr Mr. acclaimed George Baker? I said – in comparison to Derek Jacobi, George Baker is a so-so regarded and not-so acclaimed Tollywood actor..

    Seriously, if you do consider him to be acclaimed, please go through his recent works on Telly soaps etc. His biggest highlight of recent times is famous on Youtube as the “make-out scene in a blue underwear with Moon Moon sen”. Does that make you happy to call him as ‘acclaimed’?

    My pace of growing cannot be accelerated by external forces. But thanks for the comment.
    I do appreciate your passion regarding your favourite actor.

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