Separated At Birth – III

My absence from OKS often gets broken by the storm of Amrish Puri excavations. The Salaakhen 70s avatar in my previous SAB (Separated At Birth) post was a huge hit, and I got responses from the far east to the motherland. Hehe , not quite. But it sure was blood pumping, hormone thumping and what not. And well, here it happens all over again. History, as they say, repeats itself.

In the Red Corner, we have the man, the myth, the legend himself – Mr. Jack Nicholson. Academy Award Winner, Jack Nicholson in one of his most signature performances as the Clowney, White and Weirdly grinning Joker from the 1989 Tim Burton Movie – Batman.

And in the Blue Corner we have the man who spells Evil in Hindi Cinema. yes, it is Amrish Puri yet again, and I am surprised by the body of his work that I come across every day. This picture is courtesy FILMFARE magazine’s twitpic [ The link is here ]. No idea of the origin of this picture, as in the movie and the director who convinced Mr.Puri to get all this done to his face. Of course, we have seen Mr.Puri do all sortsa stuff, and Mogambo was just one side of it.

Jack Nicholson vs. Amrish Puri

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post.
I am trying to work on some posts now and then, when I can squeeze out some time. I have received some life-threatening mails to write some more on India’s Got Talent, which I will be doing soon, before the announcements of the Semi-Finalists for the Live Shows.
Apart from that I will be posting some other posts on Bollywood and Anime-Central very soon. Until then, Adios Amigos!

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7 thoughts to “Separated At Birth – III”

  1. According to my filmfare issue, the Amrish Puri Picture is from a scrapped movie called Bajrang (1990) what a pity the film was shelved because i know Amrish puri would have given a fantastic performance


  2. Thanks for the entry Sujoy 🙂
    The film for which Amrish Puri did the makeup was called Bajrang. It was supposed to be some kinda Indian Superhero movie with Sunny Deol playing the lead. Unfortunately the movie was canned. Though, we hear that Amrish Puri’s character had a different set of mad dance moves every time he killed someone and was happy.


    Sujoy Reply:

    @Filmfare: Anyday, a world with a movie called Bajrang is better than a world with Bajrang Dal. LOL.
    Sunny Deol as Indian Superhero makes me imagine the doors that it could open. Literally. Without any sort of super power, by the sheer power of Dolles, he could take on at least 73 guys [ statistically proved ]. Imagine the power he can display, once he puts his underwear outside the trousers. \m/

    Yes, imagine if the movie would have seen the light of the day!! Would Jack Nicholson be sued for plagiarism, for getting inspired, and that too a year before the original. :O
    As filmfare mentions, Amrish Jee’s character did a different set of mad dances every time he killed someone and was Happy. Hello…!! Aaah. a movie way ahead of its time. LOL


  3. Hey, celebrity you are. Filmfare has commented here !!
    Quite similar.

    I wonder, tum pichhle janam mein Hospital ke nurse they kya? ki saare seperated at birth ko ikkathha kar rahe ho?? 😛


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