Separated At Birth – V

Haven’t done this for a while. So I have put on my observation glasses which see in a different dimension than your normal bi-focals. After all, I am not your regular mango people (aam-aadmi, ok, I ruined the joke).
Now, I did come up with this a long time back, but having seen one of the ladies recently in a very beautiful avatar, I couldn’t help but just spill the beans.
Hint 1: Marion Cotillard. Oh! I was supposed to give a hint. Eh! Ever since I saw her first in La Vie En Rose ( her Oscar winning role as Edith Piaf), I haven’t stopped loving her. And now that I have seen her play the menacing subconscious (oh noes spoiler?) of Mr.Cobb in Inception, I cannot stop thinking about her (and the movie). So, in the Red corner, here’s Marion Cotillard.

Hint 2: Now who could look like Miss Cotillard possibly. C’mon think! I don’t think this is going to be tough. C’mon, I know you must have thought the same too. A Bollywood connection? Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for Miss Universe 1994, and one of the most elegant beauties of Bollywood – Sushmita Sen. WHOA!

Didn’t you figure it out? Have a look below.

Do you guys agree with my observation? Shout it out in the comments.

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4 thoughts to “Separated At Birth – V”

  1. I agree with Mansi that the only similarity is the b/w pic. Personally I think Marion Cotillard is more attractive. I just like woman who don’t pile on the makeup.

    BTW…there is an image above your Google Ads asking people to click the links. Be careful cause that is a violation of Googles TOS and can get you banned from Adsense.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Oh c’mon. They both look quite similar to me. Although the debate is still out there as to who is more attractive. I really can’t decide.

    Thanks for pointing out the Google adsense thingie. Have removed it.
    Thanks for the visit and hope you find my other posts interesting as well. Cheerio!


  2. both look like twins. not in the picture ofcourse. but when i saw Marion in midnight in paris or be it any other movie of hers, it’s just like seeing sush in a hollywood avatar.


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