Shahid Kapoor’s tribute to MJ @ Filmfare

I know I am late to the party. But this was too awesome not to blog about. Shahid Kapoor performed a dancing tribute to a medley of MJ hits at the Filmfare Awards show. Now, it goes without saying that MJ is worshipped all across the world, and India and Bollywood included is no exception. And I think that Filmfare just pwned this year’s boring Oscars production [ Street dance with Best Original Score nominations – seriously WTF? ] with this routine. Well, although Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are million times better than the irritating duo of Saif n SRK.

Anywho, back to the MJ tribute dance routine. What I loved about the routine was that it was what it was meant to be. A simple fan of Michael Jackson dancing the way MJ showed us how to. It did start with a very Bollywood SRk-stretched arms out – trick as Shahid descends from nowhere to the stage – yeah yeah, he was on wires.

Catch the awesome video after the jump, and also the awesome segments screens after the jump.

Section 0: The Way You Make Me Feel.

Now, this is my favourite of all MJ songs. And it was great to see and hear this being featured in the medley as sort of a preface to the whole routine. The shadow sequence is of course signature MJ. And I loves it.

Section 1: Thriller.

Now we all love this. This has been performed like a gazillion times in weddings, in prisons, on talent shows and on Youtube’s most embarrassing moments home videos, and of course by Chiranjeevi Anna as well. But it never ceases to be awesome. And Shahid’s dance was just that – awesome. What annoys me is that how unimpressed the entire filmi junta look. Or is the editor’s fault to have joined in wrong sections in the video. Damn, can’t even verify coz Filmfare is never LIVE. Which raises another question in my mind, when will we have a Live FILM Awards show ever in India? [Except for the National Awards ]

Section 2: Scream.

I am guessing this was included after they saw Janet perform at last year’s VMA. Yeah, all that monitors in the back, and Shahid dancing in the front. But whatever, I love Scream -the song and the video. Especially the video. It is so sci fi, so stylish, and it has “EXPENSIVE” written all over it. And also cleared my confusion regarding Janet and Michael being the same person 😛

Yes, Shahid’s Scream performance was just ok I guess. But then, it was a short segment and it was all solo. Now he’s no Janet. But do notice how excited Hrithik gets by the end of this section.

Section 3: Dangerous.

This is the recreation of one of the most watched dance video – MJ’s 1995 MTV VMA performance on Dangerous. And each time someone else does it, you can’t help but look at it with awe and get inspired to may be give it a go, and marvel at the genius that was MJ. The gangster firing, the explosions, the yelling of “Dangerous… Dangerous” and beat-perfect coat sleeves rubbing – that’s what makes it so awesome.

And I love it. And oh, the Smooth Criminal mix is taken out. You know why? Coz, Shahid is doing it separately in a different section altogether. Woohooo!!

Section 4: Annie are you ok? Smooth Criminal

My favourite MJ video of all time. And no, not even Kanye West can stop me this time. Love the dance of course. And mostly love what happens in the end with Hrithik and Kajol shouting and screaming.

Whereas the rest of the industry yawns. Have a look at Dips and Bips. Seriously, if this does not excite them, I don’t know what else will.

But all of it doesn’t matter. At the end of Smooth Criminal, Shahid gives a kickass moonwalk and yeah, watch out for this.

So what did you think about the video? Lemme hear your thoughts. Go shout it out in the comments section below. Cheerio!

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2 thoughts to “Shahid Kapoor’s tribute to MJ @ Filmfare”

  1. what a perfomance sahid kapoor… are such wonderfull……..amasin perfomance…….and also sahid kapoor looking very nice…….& also m sahid’s big fan….sahid plzz come to baroda………we are lots of fan sahid…………….


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