I have been planning on sketching a good anime concept, and I found this one on a website which I can’t remember now. But I have edited the facial features from the original, and given it more defined hair and eyes. The wings got a bit messy, and the left hand as well. So, I had to resort to Photoshop to undo the harm. I wish I knew how to colour well in Photoshop to give this a real good technicolour feel. But, it will take some time-may be a year or two for me to come up with a colorful sketch, coz I know that I am shit when it comes to colouring. Last but not the least, I dedicate this sketch to one of my best friends – Rajkamal Roka, aka MAMA—Here’s to you bro!! Congrats for IIFT. Anyway, here we go. I am uploading two stages of the sketch. 

Stage 1: Without Wings. 

As the name suggests, the initial frame of the angel; her body.

For High Resolution Download: Click Here

Stage 2: With Wings. 

For High Resolution Download: Click Here

So, did you like it, or did it offend you somehow? 

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