Sketch: Anime Girl

First attempt at Sketching on my new Tablet: Trust Slim Widescreen TB-7300

I know the hair is all messed up, and it looks like it has been hurried. And yes, it was. I just wanted to get it done. But surely, there will be more sketches pouring out once I get my hand working on my new Tablet. I have improved since yesterday, and in a couple of weeks, I will be on a roll. Do leave your suggestions as to what you would want me to draw. Lemme just inform you though, that I am very much inclined towards Jap-anime or Chibi characters and Superheroes/Heroines. One thing I don’t like is to invest time in coloring. So, most of my stuff will be B&W, unless I just can’t resist.

Also shout out at the comments section if you liked this one (or otherwise).

And yes, for all you gadget lovers, you can drool over the unboxing of my new Trust Tablet over here ( in my tech-blog Techkeyla). Peace..out!

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