Sketch: JOKER

Looks quite simplistic.Just the eyes and the lips on a white background. But IMHO, it captures the essence of the Joker. I love the menace in his eyes, and the mean smile on his lips. Somehow the dripping effect on his make-up makes it all the more evil. Hope you guys like it.

UPDATE: I know the date on the sketch is wrong. And I can edit, but frankly, I just ain’t bothered 😛

If you are curious about which software I used, FYI, I used GIMP 2.4.5 which perfectly syncs with my Trust TB-7300 Widescreen Tablet. So what do you think about the sketch? Shout out your comments below.

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15 thoughts to “Sketch: JOKER”

  1. Thanks! Its been quite a while since I really sketched so I thought of getting back to it. This was my first one of 2010. Did ya notice that the date entry is wrong 😛 Too lazy to edit it


  2. That is just plain perfect! And this might sound a little nerdy, but it makes it even better for me that you did it with GIMP a freeware program and not Photoshop.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Hehe. Thanks mate. Glad you liked it. I am not quite sure about the plain perfect thing coz I can see a lot of room for improvement in this one. Photoshop is a bit too complicated for my taste. I prefer the simplistic console of GIMP to do my sketches. Speaking of which I haven’t done one in a long while. Do check out my other sketch of Zuko here:



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