Sketch: Kira -Deathnote

I have been randomly experimenting with my new tablet. And one of the many things which I wanted to test on it was the signature Frank Miller style of art [as seen in Sin City]. And I interpreted it in a Kira aka Yagami Light sketch. The hair leaves a lot to be done. But trust me, it was getting messy. Thank God for Ctrl+Z. I will try out doing Sin City and other Anime characters in the Frank Miller mode [ that’s what I’m gonna call it – White on Black ]. But for now, have a look at my work, and do lemme know what did you think about it in the comments.

For the higher resolution image,  click the pic above.

Also, suggestions for characters etc are very welcome. Ciao!

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11 thoughts to “Sketch: Kira -Deathnote”

  1. You will not get to use the washing machine. You never told us about this talent when you were with us and now I can’t understand how you can be so good at this and not tell us.
    I should actually kill you for this, but I am just taking away the washing machine.


    Sujoy Reply:

    Dho daala. Hehe. Abbe, humko tab fursat hi nahi hoti thee drawing karne ki. Kasam Se.

    Hum college mein bahut chitrakaari kiya karte the. Lekin fir IBM mein jabse aaye, tab se tumhare saath jugalbandi ho gayee, aur sangeetkari karne lage.

    Ab hum sangeetkari nahi karte to tumko aur zyada bura lagta ,..hai ki nahi bolo.

    Washing machine hum installment mein le lenge. Thanks for still keeping daal, chaawal and internet


    Vatsal Reply:

    printer/scanner/copier bhi use kar sakte ho.
    jab tak aaoge tab tak king size sofa
    aur joey-chandler chairs bhi hongi


    Sujoy Reply:

    rosida…joey ka chair….chandler ke chair ka kya naam tha?

  2. Gr8 one. I want Dexter in his lab .. Also some Indian characters plz 🙂


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks Joshi jee. Yu wudnt believe but I was watching Dexter’s Lab yesterday. I’d like to do a Dexter vs. Mandark sketch in sometime.

    Indian characters..hmm…who can be so dark…I hate drawing characters who wear a chaddi outside…

    But well, I can always draw a closeup. Innit!


    Darshit Reply:

    ahh, well. You can draw Supandi in Korea 😛
    .-= Darshit’s last blog ..:Kurbaan : First Trailer =-.


  3. suzi bhai……..i am aware of this latent talent you possess….= )
    but even then its quite something 🙂

    as far as my request for some other character….

    it would be

    Dr. Jackal from the getbackers
    and yeah Orochimaru of course


    Sujoy Reply:

    Thanks man..means a lot coming from a Deathnote fan like u…

    Orochimaru is deffo on the cards..

    Hvnt seen the Getbackers…Is it good? Do lemme know abt new anime dude!

    Hv started watching Bleach btw..and its good.


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