Sketch – L (DeathNote)

Here’s my second one from DeathNote. For everyone who hasn’t seen it, go and watch it. Not the movie, the anime. Puhleeeeeeeez !!!!!!!!!
Here’s the sketch of L, the greatest detective in the world.


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8 thoughts to “Sketch – L (DeathNote)”

  1. Amazing Sketch…
    tumhara yeh talent tum kya udhar chupa ke rakkha tha kya???

    btw on a funny note….you can do the same work in any position…ask Mohit
    sorry but i found it funny…

    Great Sketch mate..really great..i m proud of you…


  2. Dude,
    This is the pose to do what you are known for. i dont think i need to mention it here [:)]. And who else than me can understand better threats or aftermath of this pose


  3. abe wahan bhi chaalu ho gaya…classes itne boring hain ki phir se purane harkat karne laga…saamne mirror rahk ke sketching kar raha tha kya?? indian ishtyle!!!
    btw good one….


  4. I really love that hair, I know someone already said that but the hair looks fantastic – definitely the strongest aspect of the drawing which lifts the entire piece!


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