Sketch: Wolverine – I

You know I have been showing off my digital art with the aid of my new Tablet – The Trust TB 7300. And I have been particularly interested in drawing the white on black stuff. It somehow gives an edge over conventional black on white. And I hate colouring. But, the Frank Miller style of art seen in Sin City series, is brilliant. I did get a lot of positive response for my previous sketch of Kira. But, people kept on complaining that I was too inclined towards Jap anime characters, and DC -Marvel Universe is getting neglected. So, here we go. Starting with this one. I have attempted to do a sketch of Wolverine.

Here’s work in Progress – a sketch of the head. Looks like Rorsach’s mask 😛

After the Jump, the full High-Resolution pic of the Sketch of Wolverine. And a Diwali Bonus

Click on the picture for the Higher Resolution Version.

…And the Diwali Bumper Bonus is..

Another Sin City inspired sketch..

I know its a bit rough and needs more cleaning up. But anyway, Happy Diwali.

Shout it out in the comments section if you liked them, hated them or just think it wasn’t good enough. Cheerio!

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3 thoughts to “Sketch: Wolverine – I”

  1. Like I once said, my knowledge of art is limited to drawing dirty diagrams in my biology classes.

    But this looks nice.. You can try a Hellboy in this too.. your tablet is being put to good use.. 🙂



    Sujoy Reply:

    Dirty Diagrams…ROFL…those were the learning scrolls of human anatomy on benches 😛

    Hellboy is up next for sure.


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