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Somewhere Back in Time – Mumbai GIG in Pictures

If you are one of those lazy bums who just can’t sit through the 1285 words of my previous post on the Maiden Gig in Mumbai, this is for you. And for those Maiden Maniacs like me, this is definitely for you. And for those who missed it, burn , burn, burn in ENVY!!!

The Story in Pictures .

The Pass

The Pass

The Prophet

The Place

The Playlist

The Playlist

The Percussions


The People

The Pandemonium

More Pics at Flickr.
Playlist Pic courtesy Slaytan 666
IMAGE COURTESY: abhijeetkin hpiramal Satya’s Multiply Site

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  1. @ Ravi:
    See the Image Courtesy Link at the end of the post

    @ Rahul,
    Folly you say! Dude, there are no taking chances with Maiden. Would you risk watching a thumbnail size Bruce Dickinson and a faint impression of Steve Hariss for an Iron Maiden Gig? Yeah, so you guys managed to get through, but what if you couldn’t?


  2. Nice pics.great review.
    It was a killer gig.the best night of my life.

    I’m copying your pics.hope they are not copyright[:d]


  3. @arjun:

    No dude, completely Opensource. Thanks. Feels great you liked the review. Be back for more. Peace!