Idol Finale- Adam vs. Kris – Who will win it?

American Idol Season 8 Finale

It is one of those things which cannot escape you. [ Sort of that song by Kylie Minogue -Can’t get you outta my head..for sure] You try and try, not to watch Idol every year, after the gimmicky horrendous weirdos at display year after year after year. But at last, somehow you just tend to give in. This year, I hardly followed Idol. The entire season8 of Idol was almost neglected by me like the children of slums in that Millionaire movie. But I could not help taking notice of some performances -worthy to mention are viz. Adam Lambert’s Crying (Aerosmith), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin), Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf) and Black or White (MJ). Yes, this season has been all about Adam Lambert. His vocals are flying all over the place. Not only is he flamboyant, stylish and has that extra edge of an image to carry the weight of a showbiz icon, he can sing his lungs out. His vocals remind me of Rob Halford (Judas Priest) I swear. And peeps might comment that he overdoes that. Well, lemme just say that you need to sell what you do best, innit! There were other horrors this season like Danny Gokey’s butchering of Dream On (Aerosmith) which might even make Cacophonix deaf. And then there was the Indian connection . But coming back to the final 2- Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, how did they perform at the first part of the Season 8 finale. Here we go:

It is indeed a shame how this entire season (after all the great performances that I recently caught up through the power of the Internet) has to be sucked into an awful finale night of awful songs written by the most awful judge in the American Idol History (including guest judges)-yeah, that Kara lady. Anyway, getting back to the performances; the two contestants were to perform three songs each; 1-Encore from a previously performed song on Idol; 2- Song chosen by Idol honcho Simon Fuller; 3-Winner’s single-Written by Kara.

Adam Lambert - American Idol Season 8 finale - Mad World

Adam Lambert goes first with –Mad World (Tears for Fears)

Judges verdict:
Randy: Loved the fog and the long coat
Kara: You are an incredible artist
Paula: You gave us a theatrical taste
Simon: It was a bit over theatrical — it reminded me of Phantom of the Opera

My call: It was a bit OTT theatrical, something on the lines of Dracula meets the musical. Did no justice for Adam’s vocal range and definitely not for his finale showcase. The staging overshadowed the vocals and the performance, and the arrangement wasn’t exciting enough. Too many complaints from this performance but we love Adam anyway!!

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American Idol Season 7. And the winner is David..

Cook Versus Archie

Yes, it is the season finale. And we have had some disappointments to have finally arrived at this stage where we witness the showdown of the Davids. The second finale to have two males, the only one with both finalists sharing the same first name, and yes, the race seems to be pretty tight. And looking back at the

season, it seems like these two are the only ones who have consistently tried to better every performance and in a way were actually in here to win unlike the others. So enough said, it’s the NOKIA theatre. How many times have to listen that from Randy? I miss the Kodak. Ryan is in make up. Check out his glowing skin and yeah, he plucked his eyebrows. And he welcomes the 7000 members of the crowd, the three judges, and the final Two- Archuleta and Cook. What was so lame about the finale today was the Boxing Metaphor. Oh, that was so much in bad taste, but then, it wouldn’t be Idol otherwise.

So here we go. Round one: Clive Davis: CEO, Sony BMG chooses.
David Cook begins: “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – U2
Very good song choice. Loved his performance and he seemed quite confident on this one. Now this is what I’m talking about. Cook is much better of a performer , may be Archuleta is the better singer. But then, I can already say Cook is ready to sell records. He is what actually Idol is all about. And yes he winds up with “rock out” stretching vocals. Yeah!!!.

Archuleta goes in next: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” – Elton John
Umm hmm. Sir Elton is a brilliant vocalist. To sing this song live is really something. And Archuleta does it. Very smooth and very very Archie. Bravo Clive Davis for the song choice. To me, Cook takes round 1, but then, I knew that Randy is going to love this one more. Paula remains the diplomatic one that she is. And Simon calls this one the best of Archuleta, and also declares round 1 to him. WTF! Read More

American Idol Season 7- so far- so near

American Idol Top 5

The Top 5 have been revealed. And am I happy with it? There has been one major setback/upset which I shall be talking about at length in a while. But first, the Top 5. It comprises of the frontrunners- The Davids -Cook and Archuleta, and the rest- Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro and Brooke White. For one, I do believe that Jason and Brooke just don’t have it in them to be winners and even eventually go ahead and sell records.Firstly Jason, who is just banking on his “blue eyes” and the cute guy smile to woo all those American teen chicks to vote for him. He is just a very repetitive singer, and throughout the competition his performances have all been acoustic.Nothing wrong about that. He even gave some good ones – Hallelujah and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. But the rest of them are just as repetitive. Brooke on the other hand looks like a very weak performer.She messed up onstage twice, has a very vulnerable quality to her vocals, which means her vocals break down too often and they have gone off-pitch at many instances. Add to that I can’t remember a single performance of hers which was remarkable. So I just do not bother if she leaves the competition next week, or even if Jason left. I’d also not be yupset if it was Syesha to leave next week, unless she belts out a killer Neil Diamond song. Read More

American Idol -The Top 9

Idol Bottom 3

There are ways you can avoid wasting your Thursday Nights in India from watching American Idol Results night. There are reasons why you shouldn’t be watching them. For starters, it isn’t live and of course no matter how much you want your favorite to stick around, unfortunately you can’t do anything about it. So it is much better to just go to or for the Results update and switch on to your other favorite shows on Thursday night.Coming back to the topic- The American Idol Season 7 Top 9 has been revealed and Chikezie has been eliminated. His wrong song choice on last night’s show (Luther Vandross – If Only for One Night) showed him the exit door. What was surprising was the Bottom 3. The Bottom 3 consisted of Randy’s fav – Syesha Mercado. C’mon after that stellar performance of “If I were Your Woman” she manages to go into that damned Bottom 3. Personally I felt, Carly and Ramiele should have been in the bottom 3. The girls in this season haven’t been as strong as the boys. Ramiele’s song was as rightly put by Simon, too big for her and Carly, even though I love her tatoo, her run in the end was on the verge of shouting. On the other hand, Jason Castro was the weakest one among the boys. Chikezie’s one bad night made him to go. Read More