American Idol -The Top 12 sing the Beatles

Top 12 American Idol

Let me begin with OMFG. The Top 12 are finally performing in front of a huge stage, an enthusiastic mosh pit, the three judges – Simon, Paula and Randy, and of course not only America, but viewers from across the world – thanks to syndicated Television. And what can be bigger than that, it’s Beatles special tonite. The Idol Top 12 performed to the tunes of McCartney and Lennon one after another and blew me away. Some of them not quite there, some of them I hated, but I loved most of them. At this point of them, I am still quite confused to pick my favorite. Talk about last season – I had none. LOL. So, after Ryan Seacrest unveils the Top 12, we get to see a montage on the works of Paul and John, and yes, I love it.The performances:- Syesha goes in first with “Got to Get You into my Life“. What an entry and what an intro to the Top 12 of this season. I am already feeling that this Top 12 rocks more than any previous season. She deserves all the praise she got from the judges and she definitely is one of the strongest voices. Next in-Chikezie with “She’s a Woman”. He nailed it. Randy loved the intro with the Southern groove and what he did with the rock arrangement. “Chikezie smashed it”. Yeah! Ramiele didn’t go very strong with her performance of “In My Life”. Simon and Randy thought it was boring and so did I. C’mon we are talking about Top 12 where you gotta go out there and sing your heart out and bring the house down. Following Chikezie was a mess, especially with that song choice. She might be in danger tomorrow. Read More

American Idol Season 7-The Top 12 results

David ArchuletaYeah, so my prediction of the Top 6 guys did seem quite accurate, except for it’s Luke Menard who is leaving in place of David Hernandez. Meh! It’s ok. All the other 5 did fit in the Top 6. As for the ladies, I hardly got the time to predict, before the Top 12 results are out. Thanks to the 12 hour delay in broadcast ( I watch American Idol in India, after 12 hours of the original broadcast in the US, and thanks to Rickey, I get all the results as and when it happens).

No surprises with the ladies Top 6 though. All my favorites are very much here. Brooke White, Syesha, pinoy Ramiele Malubay (she’s such a short hottie), Carly Smithson, Amanda Overmyer, Kristy Lee Cook are in. The one’s who were out were quite predictable from Simon’s comments on their performances. Kady Malloy did a very uninspiring version of Queen’s anthemic “Who wants to live forever?”. I can still remember Katherine McPhee perform thatin Season 5 in the Queen special. This wasn’t even close. On the other hand, Asia’h Epperson’s song choice was way too big for her. Whitney Houston- “I wanna dance with Somebody”; the song showed you the exit.

Looking at the Top 12 however, I definitely think, that it’s the gyus who are here to stay, and definitely a guy who is becoming the Idol. I have my bets on David Cook, David Archuleta, and  Jason Castro out of which Archuleta seems to be the favorite of the crowd as well as the judges. But Cook is definitely cooking it up with his rock spices and it sure sounds yummy. Can’t wait to watch the Top 12 perform in front of a larger audience and a huge stage. Woohooo.

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American Idol Season 7-Who will be in the Top 6 guys?

Yeah. Since I was on a hiatus, I managed to miss the Hollywood rounds and two episodes after the Top 24. But this week’s Top 16 with 8 guys competing to make a place in the final 12 (only 6 seats for the Guys) just blew me. I have to say, season 7 looks much better than the dead Season 6 with Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks in the finals ugh! And oh the uproar about Sanjaya Malakar. Sanjaya did sing good in his audition (Stevie Wander-Signed Sealed Delivered) but that was actually his best. Coming back to this season, the guys this year really have some REAL thing going on. And this is not based on just one episode. I have seen some of the recap performances online and here’s my bet on who will finally make it to the Top 6 guys.

Michael JohnsMichael Johns: The Aussie from LA , actually brings in the thunder from down under. Look at his playlist till now. Light my Fire -Doors, Go Your Own way -Fleetwood Mac, Don’t You (Forget About Me)-Simple Mind. This guy plays it cool and definitely is Idol Material. He is at ease on the stage, loves to PERFORM, ain’t shy and of course, sings his heart out.


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