Sketch: Uchiha Sasuke

I think it has been an aeon and a half since I spent some time with my TB7300 to do some sketching. It just laziness I presume, or just procrastination on my part. I have so many ideas and sketches that I’ve thought of, but never went through even the initial pencil stage. This time around though, I thought that I would do it from start to finish in one session itself. Took me 3+ hours, just because I kept on losing concentration. Nevertheless, the final result is here.

Uchiha Sasuke

This is a sketch of Uchiha Sasuke from the Naruto era (pre-Shippudden). Back in those days when he was just getting used to Orochimaru’s curse.

Click the picture for the higher resolution pic.

This was the first time that I used Photoshop CS5 instead of my old and friendly GIMP. If you are interested, please check out my previous sketches at this tag


The Long Ass List of TV Meme. I can haz life?

I saw this idea at a post by my good friend Lee at Quit Your Day Job and I couldn’t resist the idea of doing it on my blog. Now we all know by now that I love Television. I love it so much that someday I might even marry it. Although, there are speculations of a divorce between me and Live TV [ which I only watch in case I am liveblogging reality TV shows like X Factor or BGT], yet even while watching recorded Telly, the relation between me and the telly is quite strong. And it has been so for the last ‘I-donno-how-many’ years.

Let’s cut to the chase and explain the concept of this post. I will be enlisting all the US,UK, Aussie etc. TV shows below[not Indian telly basically] that I have seen. The list template was provided by Lee, but it still has some shows to be added. So there are some additions.


  • Bold all of the following TV shows which you’ve ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
  • Italicize a show if you’re positive you’ve seen every episode of it.
  • Highlight new additions with an Underline.

Coolio. So, here we go. Hit the Jump to be overwhelmed by the sheer length of Telly addiction. Now I know where I missed all my lectures 😛

[BTW, please don’t judge me. Yes, I do have a life, and a job, and I don’t sit at home, on a smelly leather couch, drinking beer for lunch. KTHXBYE!]

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Naruto Shippuuden: Sasuke vs Deidara-Recap 121 -125

Oh boy! The last ten episodes have been exploding with action filled to the brim. But it is so much to handle in one single post, I have split them into two: Part 1 is the Sasuke vs. Deidara portion, and part 2 is still awaiting future episodes, but it will be awesome I can say already. It will be Jiraiya vs. Pain. So glad that Naruto Shippuuden has finally pushed it to the limits. No more boring recaps, and thank God for no stupid filler story arcs. We have moved away from the utterly stupid arc of Yukimaru and Guren and all the sexual tension between Naruto and Yukimaru. Add to that, Sasuke has killed Orochimaru and absorbed his abilities, and is now on the move to seek his revenge against his elder brother Uchiha Itachi. What I absolutely love in this part is the emergence of Akatsuki’s immensely powerful Ninjas and the extreme mystical characterisation of them. No one knows about their abilities and yet there is so much sickness that surrounds them. Remember Hidan and Kakuzu who killed Asuma. Thank God for Shikamaru. But Kakuzu had one sick ability of a Voo-dooish black magic using the blood of the opponent. We also got a short flashback arc of how Kakashi got his left eye Sharingan. But there is so much more history about Konoha which needs to be explained faster. Anyway, coming back to the last ten episodes – 121 to 131. Sasuke is on the move, has collected three really crazy and strong Ninjas to team up for his mission to kill Itachi [ yeah right!]. The team is called Taka and the members are –


We don’t know much about him other than he was a test subject captured by Orochimaru and kept in a huge bottle filled with liquid, much like Neo was kept [ remember Matrix? ]. Sasuke freed him and has skills with the sword, and now he possesses Zabuza’s blade, Kubikiri Bocho. He can transform into water, and hence, has instantaneous healing power and also can transform and elongate his body parts [ like Mr.Fantastic]. He aims to take on Akatsuki member and Itachi’s mate- Kisame Hoshigake and then capture his Samehada. Read More

Sketch: Kira -Deathnote

I have been randomly experimenting with my new tablet. And one of the many things which I wanted to test on it was the signature Frank Miller style of art [as seen in Sin City]. And I interpreted it in a Kira aka Yagami Light sketch. The hair leaves a lot to be done. But trust me, it was getting messy. Thank God for Ctrl+Z. I will try out doing Sin City and other Anime characters in the Frank Miller mode [ that’s what I’m gonna call it – White on Black ]. But for now, have a look at my work, and do lemme know what did you think about it in the comments.

For the higher resolution image,  click the pic above.

Also, suggestions for characters etc are very welcome. Ciao!