Movie Review: Seven Days

My education of Korean cinema is limited to Chan Wook Park’s Vengeance trilogy [ Read my review of the Vengeance trilogy]. Of course, besides that K-movies are known worldwide for their indulgence with romance and rom-coms. However, director Shin-yeon Won’s crime thriller ‘Seven Days’ starring Kim Yunjin [ of Lost fame ] is a gloomy and dark tale revealed in a who-dunnit fashion. But the after effect of the movie is more thought provoking. And that is where Seven Days scores. It is a movie beyond the 125 minutes that it plays. Yes it is a relatively long movie, but the tension never loses grip and when the climax hits you, you leave still trying to fit together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

The movie begins with criminal lawyer Yu Ji-yeon’s daughter getting kidnapped. The ransom demanded by the kidnapper is to defend and prove a rapist-murderer as innocent within the next seven days. The only ally that she gets is a cop friend while the murder victim’s mother and a corrupt would-be politician want the murderer to be executed. What follows next is a mind-boggling list of puzzles being revealed clue after clue as the body count keeps increasing. And wait till the end when you get the mother of all twists (pun intended, to understand it, watch the flick)

So what did I like about the movie?

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Naruto Shippuuden: Sasuke vs Deidara-Recap 121 -125

Oh boy! The last ten episodes have been exploding with action filled to the brim. But it is so much to handle in one single post, I have split them into two: Part 1 is the Sasuke vs. Deidara portion, and part 2 is still awaiting future episodes, but it will be awesome I can say already. It will be Jiraiya vs. Pain. So glad that Naruto Shippuuden has finally pushed it to the limits. No more boring recaps, and thank God for no stupid filler story arcs. We have moved away from the utterly stupid arc of Yukimaru and Guren and all the sexual tension between Naruto and Yukimaru. Add to that, Sasuke has killed Orochimaru and absorbed his abilities, and is now on the move to seek his revenge against his elder brother Uchiha Itachi. What I absolutely love in this part is the emergence of Akatsuki’s immensely powerful Ninjas and the extreme mystical characterisation of them. No one knows about their abilities and yet there is so much sickness that surrounds them. Remember Hidan and Kakuzu who killed Asuma. Thank God for Shikamaru. But Kakuzu had one sick ability of a Voo-dooish black magic using the blood of the opponent. We also got a short flashback arc of how Kakashi got his left eye Sharingan. But there is so much more history about Konoha which needs to be explained faster. Anyway, coming back to the last ten episodes – 121 to 131. Sasuke is on the move, has collected three really crazy and strong Ninjas to team up for his mission to kill Itachi [ yeah right!]. The team is called Taka and the members are –


We don’t know much about him other than he was a test subject captured by Orochimaru and kept in a huge bottle filled with liquid, much like Neo was kept [ remember Matrix? ]. Sasuke freed him and has skills with the sword, and now he possesses Zabuza’s blade, Kubikiri Bocho. He can transform into water, and hence, has instantaneous healing power and also can transform and elongate his body parts [ like Mr.Fantastic]. He aims to take on Akatsuki member and Itachi’s mate- Kisame Hoshigake and then capture his Samehada. Read More

Sketch: Kira -Deathnote

I have been randomly experimenting with my new tablet. And one of the many things which I wanted to test on it was the signature Frank Miller style of art [as seen in Sin City]. And I interpreted it in a Kira aka Yagami Light sketch. The hair leaves a lot to be done. But trust me, it was getting messy. Thank God for Ctrl+Z. I will try out doing Sin City and other Anime characters in the Frank Miller mode [ that’s what I’m gonna call it – White on Black ]. But for now, have a look at my work, and do lemme know what did you think about it in the comments.

For the higher resolution image,  click the pic above.

Also, suggestions for characters etc are very welcome. Ciao!

Voldemort vs. Orochimaru:

Watching The Half Blood Prince made me realise a lot of things. One of them was that how an almost 3 hour movie with wizardry, dark-lords, death, and zombies could be turned into a 2.5 hours soap-opera. I mean, give me a break from the Love potioned Ron Weasley, or the Harry-Hermione emotional atyachar! I paid friggin 11 quid for this seat. Now just blast my eyes with some fireworks already! And yes, when you choose certain scenes for 3D over others, please try and select the ones which could be termed ‘sexy’ rather than plain-ol conversations in the hallway, or a lounge chair morphing into Mr.Jim Broadbent. #fail #fail #fail.

But yes, one of the other things which has emerged from the many discussions I have been having with my friends [especially that David bloke], is that how similar Voldemort – the ultimate dark lord, and the ultimate dark-Ninja we know of – Orochimaru are. So here I am, doing my analysis of their similarities and the differences as well. Whether, Harry Potter inspired Naruto [as in JK Rowling inspired Kishimoto] is a very sensitive debate which is out of the scope of this argument. We will be restricting our analysis to whether Voldemort and Orochimaru are indeed similar or not. Part 2 of the Analysis will be trying to answer a Kick-Ass question, literally – In a duel, who will kick who’s butt [and who will eat the dust] -Voldemort or Orochimaru. Pick your side!

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