Total Film’s Top 50 Bollywood Films – Seriously, WTF! [Review]

Kajol K3G Whatever Reaction

So apparently Total Film, one of the biggest movie mags of the UK (second only to Empire), did a top 50 list of Bollywood movies. And to my utter surprise, the list seems to be compiled by someone who watched exactly 50 Bollywood movies, which might have appeared on his/her Lovefilm queue. Otherwise, there is no other reason for something like THIS to have ended up in a Best of  list. The dilemma for me is, whether I should be angry at the inclusion of some of the movies which would NEVER appear on any Best of list, or at the exclusion of some of the obvious Bollywood classic, which even Lovefilm would recommend. The dissection continues after the jump, and if you’re wondering why I have included the GIF above, hover your mouse over it to know exactly how I feel about this list. Feel free to join the discussion in the comments.

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18th Screen Awards 2012 – Winners List [Review]

18th Screen Awards winners, review So, the Screen awards for 2012 got handed out in an elaborate awards function show last night. We’ll get to see more of it in a few weeks, when the heavily edited, and appropriately placed emoticons of Priyanka Chopra smiling at Shahid Kapoor’s jokes will be one of the highlights of the show. Because, if we talk about the awards, the final winners list looks more like a token give-away to anyone who attended the show. And just in case the blogosphere doesn’t explode with opposing comments over SRK winning an award in a year where he’s mostly done more publicity work than Times Square billboards, Screen has quite conveniently created new categories to make everyone a very happy family. Welcome to the Bollywood awards season – the season of egalitarian policy and where acting doesn’t matter.

Earlier in the month, we made some predictions. And by the looks of it, Screen actually managed to pull off a “ha-ha, gotcha! In your face everyone”. Hit the jump, as we review the winners, and also review our predictions vs. the final list of winners.


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Filmfare Awards Nominations – 2012 [Review and Predictions]

57th Filmfare Awards Nominations - 2012

The nominations for the 57th Filmfare Awards have been announced. And by the looks of it, the jury clearly did not watch a lot of movies. There is a clear omission of some of the most best movies in Bollywood of 2011. And a clear favouritism can be spotted as well, as you’d expect from the biggest movie awards in Bolly land. There is no clear consistency in the number of nominees (as in some have 5 nominees, and others 6 – e.g. Best Actor / Actress), and certain nominations are complete wtf-ery. The complete list can be found at the Filmfare awards website.

Hit the jump, as I discuss the nominations, and make my predictions.
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The Screen Awards 2012 Nominations [Review and Predictions]

18th Colors Screen Awards Nominations and Review

As the new year settles in, we are bombarded with the year’s first of many Bollywood awards – The 18th Annual Colors Screen Awards. The nominations are out, and in this post, I’ll be ranting a lot and trying to review the choices for the nominations of this year. Also, winner predictions will be made, and trust me, you can place your bets based on my predictions** (Only at your own risk)**.

The complete list of nominations can be found on Screen’s website here.

P.S., we won’t be discussing all the categories.. pfft. Way too many to even count. Hit the jump for the review.

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